Laundry Room Inspiration

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

At this point, my home is pretty much finished, although I’m continually moving and rearranging things. I’d consider the main level to be in a good place, so I’ve been having fun helping Jacqueline brainstorm and plan ideas for her own renovation (coming soon). However, my basement has a ton of potential and I’d love to create a functional and beautiful laundry room. It’s the last space in this house that I want to tackle.

Lately, I’ve been saving laundry images like it’s my job. The following inspiration has me really excited about dreaming up a new room designated solely for my washer and dryer. I’m pretty sure I would be 90% more willing (and maybe even eager) to complete this mundane chore if my space looked like any of these. Maybe these laundry rooms are stretching what my basement could actually become, but hey- a girl’s gotta dream!

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

I’d really love to see wallpaper installed. How amazing is this dark floral pattern?

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

This tiny space looks really functional and just imagine what you could do to these bifold doors… did you see my door DIY?

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

We currently have two front load machines… and they’re blue. One year, I decided to become one of those crazy people who camp outside on black Friday for the deal of a lifetime. Ha! Well, Lowe’s had one really nice washer/dryer set for a ridiculous price and I was determined they would come home with me, despite their blue color. I convinced my mother tag along for moral support; we barely survived, but guess who ended up with that set? You guessed it! They now live in my sad basement (but hopefully not for long).

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

A tiled backsplash and laundry sink would be a dream a come true! The blue is actually starting to grow on me, especially after finding the above image. Cabinetry for storage would be an added bonus!

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

Laundry Room Inspiration | Room for Tuesday

In the spirit of laundry rooms, I created a tiny roundup of my favorite hampers. I currently have this one in my bathroom.

Laundry Hampers | Room for Tuesday

01: bamboo hamper // 02: lacquer hamper // 03: pop up hamper // 04: lines hamper // 05: rolling hamper // 06: crossways hamper // 07: lidded hamper // 08: kali hamper

What’s your favorite laundry space? Any images or hampers I should add to the roundup? Have a good Sunday!

image sources (in order): one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

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  1. Carmen Gomez (Lilly) says:

    These laundry rooms make me cry especially Julia’s laundry room (pic #6) My laundry room is in the unfinished basement and it’s dark and dreary. I really don’t like doing laundry because of it. But if my laundry room looked like one of these I think I would definitely look forward to doing the laundry. Can’t wait to see what your future laundry will look like!