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June Moodboard : Floral Prints - roomfortuesday.com
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Guys… I don’t really know what happened (life), but I totally spaced on creating a Monthly Moodboard for May. Moodboards are one of my favorite reoccurring monthly posts to create and share, so I’m bummed that I blew it last month. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened in years! Anyway, I’m redeeming myself, having a little fun today (cheers to Friday!!), and am getting back into the swing of things with a BOLD, unexpected moodboard for June. Click through for the monthly moodboard, and to see what I’ve pattern I’ve been attracted to this month… it just might surprise you. 

June Moodboard : Floral Prints - roomfortuesday.com
via alice lane interiors

Are you wondering what is going on in my brain with all these floral prints?! While traditional and maximalism is making a big comeback and becoming more trendy in the interior realm, I have to say… I’m embracing it. While some of it is a little much for my liking, I’d love to start layering in some florals in more subtle ways- floral wall art, floral wallpaper in a closet or niche (like my friend Kyla did!), floral textiles (pillows, blankets, bedding, etc), and even small pieces of upholstered furniture, like an ottoman or bench. I love the way the Alice Lane showroom styled the oversized garden pillows on the bed below. That’s an easy, casual way to bring a small pop of pattern into your home, if you’re intimidated by too much print… plus it simplifies the bed making process. It feels very fresh, feminine, designerly, and fun. I feel like I could use all of those things right now!

June Moodboard : Floral Prints - roomfortuesday.com
via alice lane home

Something about all of these floral prints is making me smile lately. I’m honestly really digging them and am trying to figure out which ones make the most sense to bring into our home, how I do that, and where. Regardless- there are so many good options and they have me excited. Ready to see what I found this month? Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop… 

01: spring stool // 02: blooms bed // 03: round ottoman // 04: asian flower // 05: sketched floral wallpaper // 06: birds and floral art // 07: garden pilllow // 08: flora pillow // 09: bougainvillea // 10: tiger lily pillow // 11: tablecloth // 12: settee

I know it looks kind of scary having all those prints existing in the same collage, but imagine them individually or try to envision which single one would fit best your home!

June Moodboard : Floral Prints - roomfortuesday.com
via gal meets glam

I’ll never forget a pair of stunning chairs my friend Jenny scored, probably five or six years ago… she calls them the Barney’s chairs because they came from a Barney’s fitting room (I think), and she purchased them secondhand. I know she still has them! Anyway- ever since seeing those, I feel like I got very into floral patterns, forgot about them for a bit, and now the obsession has returned. Floral prints will always be timeless, in my opinion, it’s just a matter of how you style them that makes it feel more classic or trendy.

June Moodboard : Floral Prints - roomfortuesday.com
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Ok… I hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed. Haha! I feel like all of the pattern crammed together in this single post is a little overwhelming, but I think pulling it out and inserting pattern into certain areas of your home is really beautiful. Anyway, I’m into it! Florals have been a big source of inspiration for me lately, and I’m determined to find a way to fit a little floral print into my aesthetic this summer. Are you a fan of floral patterns?

What is everyone up to this weekend? We’re planning to grill out, work on the shed build, I’m hoping to wallpaper the guest bedroom, and hopefully knock out some projects and cross items off the to-do list. Oh- and homemade pizza Friday is definitely happening tonight! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend. See you back here on Monday?

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  1. Yes, yes yes! I love anything botanical and think it is a timeless print that will look great with your aesthetic. I realize you just had them done, but I think a floral would have been great on your dining room chairs (a busy pattern hides stains). Another option would be floral head chairs. Can’t wait to see what you come with!

    1. Wooohoo!! I’m excited to style more of it into my home :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Melissa! xo

  2. Sarah!! Pink in the FBMP round up; now florals! Love it. I was doing a mental checklist as I read, and I have florals in 5 rooms…mostly in art and textiles. (3 stunning floral prints like #4 that I thrifted for $8 each?!) I would love to do floral wallpaper in our bedroom. In fact, I was thinking that all of the items in your collage would make a killer room; maybe just add a geometric rug for contrast. kidding-not kidding. The Designers Guild website is my happy place. Maybe you could find a beautiful floral for your guest bed? A no-brainer with that lovely green. Regardless, I’ll be looking for florals to be popping up in your house!(#peerpressure)🤣
    Now that the rain has stopped, we’re tackling the patio today. Negronis in the sun for Pizza Friday! Have a beautiful weekend, friend!🌸🌺💐🌻💜

    1. I know, I know. Who am I?!! You’re really rubbing off on me. Your floral prints sound gorgeous and I cannot believe your thrifting luck. Those prices are incredible! I also love the Designers Guild site. I’m thinking the guest room will definitely get a pop of floral pattern somewhere. Happy patio tackling day today! Negronis and pizza sounds like the PERFECT combo… in fact, I may mimic your plan and do it too :) Have an awesome weekend!! xo

  3. Melanie T says:

    Love floral patterns! Very cottage-y in large doses but I love how well they can blend effortlessly with stripes and geometrics. The Barney chairs were gorgeous! What a great provenance story to share with company. I just fell in love with a performance fabric that is abstact floral and birds that I will use to reupholster a chair I found on FBMP. Wish I could upload an image to share. Have a good weekend.

    1. Totally agree, Melanie! I think smaller doses is more my vibe, but I do love the print on print in a lot these images. Performance fabric is always a good idea and I love that you’re reupholstering a vintage find… it doesn’t get better than that! Hope you have an amazing and restful weekend :) xo

  4. I’m about to Matthew McConaughey you; “Alright, alright, alright!” 😂 I’m so on board Sarah!! I have always loved the way florals can add an element of drama. I love the large floral patterns most. I especially love the way stripes and florals look together…it reminds me of a Wingback chair I saw once with the most beautiful striped back leading into the floral seat…I should have bought that chair, now you’ve got me kicking myself! I find it extremely difficult to mix florals into my home over the years. Now you have me thinking that some floral art might be the way to go. That first image stopped me in my tracks. I love everything about that room. I have a feeling you’ll be bringing floral into the guest bedroom! Now that I think about it, Peggi is right; there’s been a lot of blush tones popping up in your blog the last month…I’m here for it! Lol. I’m plugging away at the bathroom this weekend and we are headed out to get our patio dining set!! 😁 Happy Friday friend!

    1. Haha!!! I love that :) Made my morning with that one, Lauren. For some reason, I also sometimes find it difficult to style in floral print, but challenge accepted. I’m going for it over here! I feel like art would be super easy… or throw pillows. I do think the guest room needs something floral! I don’t know who I’ve turned into with all the blush lately. Ha! Keep up the good work on your bathroom renovation and enjoy setting up your patio with the beautiful new dining set. Have an amazing weekend! xo