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June Moodboard : Chinoiserie - roomfortuesday.com
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If you follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed a particular furniture style I’ve been thrifting lately. I’m on a MAJOR chinoiserie kick lately… kudos to those of you who called me out. Haha! I definitely don’t hate that I’m gravitating and feeling very attracted to this aesthetic. I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite classic options in this month’s moodboard. Blue and white also felt appropriate for June, as we officially make our way into summer tomorrow. Click through to see my finds!

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01: floral ceramic jar // 02: table lamps // 03: wall mirror // 04: patio umbrella // 05: toile wallpaper // 06: hand knotted rug // 07: floral jar // 08: chinoiserie wall mural // 09: blue regency dining chair // 10: indochine cocktail napkins // 11: dragon umbrella stand // 12: skirted ottoman

Gone are the days of rooms completely covered in toile from floor-to-ceiling, but I do love sprinkling it in here and there! I’ve really been feeling Asian-inspired furniture, chippendale pieces, toile, regency styles, and all things chinoiserie.

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I’m also still very attracted to blue hues… even after getting my fix and covering our guest bathroom in that pretty hue. Is anyone else on the light blue and medium blue train with me? I hope so!

June Moodboard : Chinoiserie - roomfortuesday.com
via The Makerista

My friend Gwen is the queen of thrifting and she always scores the best chinoiserie pieces. I love the way she grouped three temple / ginger jars together on her countertop (the intro image), and above- she layered a garden stool in front of her bedside chest to add depth. It’s really a pretty punch of pattern AND color.

June Moodboard : Chinoiserie - roomfortuesday.com
via Emily Henderson

Even if you’re only digging this trend in small doses, you could easily style in a single item like Emily did in her kitchen pictured above. Spoiler alert… I bought multiple chinoiserie pieces for our new kitchen! I can’t wait to style that space in a couple weeks. Wooohoo!

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  1. I’m sitting on my recently-scored rust and black vintage chinoiserie sectional, resting my coffee on an etched brass chinoiserie garden stool. Oh yeah, I’m into it! Love that pagoda mirror above; hmmm, you do have several other bathrooms to do, right?😉 And I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I would mind a room completely covered in toile! If it’s good enough for Lee Radziwill… Styling your kitchen in a few weeks? Exciting!!! (Some blue & white will really sing in that moody space!)

    1. Oooohhh that sounds GORGEOUS!! I know… I thought that mirror would be pretty perfect in the powder room. It’s stunning. I don’t think I would mind a toile room either. I know it’s not the norm anymore, but I still dig it :) Hope you’re having a happy and relaxing summer.

  2. Yes Sarah I’m totally feeling the blue. For me it’s a neutral, I simply can’t live without it actually. I’m on my third home over the past 20 years and every home the color scheme was dominated by blue in some way. It calming, refreshing and well my go to color. Love it 😍! Can’t wait to see it in your new kitchen, it’s going to be fabulous.

    1. Me too, Colleen! I love that you have blue in every room. I’m really excited for the kitchen. Countertops are getting finished today :)

  3. Michelle | Birds of Berwick says:

    I have a chinoiserie lamp in my entry hall, but I think it’s about all I can do. It’s a lot of pattern for me and just a little too blue, you know, but in small touches I do think it’s lovely.

    1. Your lamp sounds gorgeous! I do love a pop of color here and there :)