July Moodboard: Red & Blue

July Moodboard: Red & Blue-roomfortuesday.com
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Good day, design friends. Peggi here. Happy July! We’re kicking off the month with a peppy, punchy moodboard. If you have noticed that I don’t shy away from color (hints here and here), you won’t be surprised to find today’s post presents not one, but two lovely hues- red & blue. While this pairing is aptly timed for a certain US holiday, let’s think beyond that patriotic association. Imagine perfectly faded denim and a cherry wool blazer. A bold ruby lip and bright cornflower eyes. A brilliant autumn maple under the clear cerulean sky. Now are you with me? Click through if you’d like to see this vibrant duo featured in classic interiors and find inspiration for incorporating red & blue into your own home.

July Moodboard: Red & Blue-roomfortuesday.com
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First, let’s discuss the range of reds and blues that I’m especially digging. No way around it, we need a true red for this look. The color can lean slightly warmer or cooler depending on the context (and your preference!),but bold is what we want. The blue is where you get to play! I like everything from chambray to turquoise to cobalt. Two shades of blue make a scheme extra rich. The final element is the neutral which helps solidify a style. Bright white reads high-contrast preppy or coastal. Creamy ivory moves toward cottage or casual. Black brings the drama. Warm woods, wicker, and sisal balance this palette perfectly. Do any of these red & blue designs speak to you?

July Moodboard: Red & Blue-roomfortuesday.com
via cynthia Ferguson designs

If you can tear your eyes away from the stunningly dramatic entry above (that Fornasetti wallpaper?!), check out the red & blue moodboard below.

Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds.

01: suzani tablecloth // 02: striped pillow // 03: toile pillow // 04: artichoke quilt // 05: linen dots napkins // 06: op art poster // 07: vintage pottery vase // 08: leather tassel keychain // 09: vintage drip glaze vase // 10: vintage italian bowl // 11: protea tray // 12: checkered rug // 13: mark d sikes slipper chair //

Zingy, right? Ready for my top 3? The suzani cloth (#1) would anchor a show-stopping tablescape! If you’re worried about food stains, drape that gorgeousness over a headboard or the back of a sofa. The lovely drip glaze vase (#9) is pretty enough to style even without flowers, but imagine it filled with a loose lavender and white arrangement! And the piece I find completely mesmerizing? The op art poster (#6)! I am picturing three different spots in my home for it right this minute. Ha. Tabletop, vessels, art. My favorite effortless (read temporary) ways to experiment with new or intimidating colors.

July Moodboard: Red & Blue-roomfortuesday.com
via zoe feldman design

Would you look at all of the glorious variations on red & blue in this wallpaper? Add some caramel, gold and brass, and boom. Powder room perfection.

July Moodboard: Red & Blue-roomfortuesday.com
via sarah bartholomew

This very traditional bedroom above illustrates several genius ideas for adding punches of red to a blue and white zone. Tape trim! Typical placements include pillows, duvet, drapes or blinds, and lampshades. Bonus points for outlining the entire room with it! Seriously, I need to try this. Another fab trick? Painted frames! What a simple but impactful way to unify collection of (thrifted) frames. I adore this lively look for a group of black and white photos or charcoal sketches. Simple touches that add kick. What do you think?

July Moodboard: Red & Blue-roomfortuesday.com
via anna spiro design

I’ll end our colorful sojourn today with this primo example of our winsome twosome- red & blue. That outrageous blue lamp against the red wallpaper and millwork fairly glows. The shape of the light slays me, but the room’s palette makes the vignette next level. Tell me what you think, friends. Heck, yes…or not a chance? I’m here for the discourse, of course. Have yourselves an outstanding weekend; enjoy your extra day if you get one! May your barbecues be sunny and your neighbors’ fireworks be finished by 11pm. Ha. Until next time!

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  1. I surprisingly LOVE all this blue & white… it makes me want a cottage- I could totally see this palette existing there. I enjoy your writing so much, Peggi! You are so talented! Have an amazing long weekend ahead :) xo

    1. Thanks, Sarah! You’re so sweet! Always dreaming of a camp on a lake over here. Sigh. Today we’re off in search of a local waterfall and swimming hole! Happy Pizza Friday, and here’s wishing you a fab weekend, too!XO

  2. Ay chihuahua Peggi!! It’s not even 6am and you have me drooling over these palettes. I don’t know how you managed to dig up several examples I could completely get behind, but the eye candy contained here is unstoppable. The scene grabbing headboard vignette with that oversized blue glass lamp dropped my jaw. I need that lamp! The casual look of the warm neutral tones hits spot on. The entryway…delicious. I love the shade of blue used here and the orange pop from the wallpaper against the brass sputnick light fixture is everything. Your roundup is a hallelujah, just sayin. #1- that’s a big ole heck yes from me. #4 draped at the foot of a bed or resting on a bed bench; #7 because can you even??! Last but not least, completely with you on #9- that drippy dream is stunning and the shade of blue impeccable. The second-to-last bedroom is everything. I’m definitely on board with the color pop frames and gawking at all the gorgeous tape trim. Also taking side notes on the fabric covered books in the bookcase and the stunning chest of drawers-peep that marble top. The examples you’ve shown here are harking back to the first iteration of our primary that was adorned in a rich navy, burgundy and gold palette. Had I seen examples like this I’d likely have never switched things up. Where you and Sarah are in love with green, such is my love affair with blue when it comes to interiors. You have me wanting to pull out the paint deck. Cheers to the long weekend ahead my friend- not a chance on fireworks ending before 2am here, but we can always cross our fingers can’t we? Haha, have a lovely 4th! Xoxo

    1. 😍- had to come back to subscribe to comments.

    2. Good morning, Lauren! It’s an eye-opener of a palette, but I love it! So glad you’re into it, too. Funny that we both have lamp lust from the images! What is it about lamps? That trad bedroom has SO many great details, doesn’t it? I’m really searching for tape trim (that isn’t $20 a yard) to outline my room. Blue is such a classically beautiful color; it’s all over my house! I say bust out that paint deck! Ha. I know the fireworks will be “enthusiastic” as always around here. Oh well. Happy Pizza Friday and have a stupendous long weekend!XO

  3. Happy Pizza Friday Peggi! This July Moodboard is very festive for the season and full of interesting rooms! Sarah Bartholomew’s bedroom design is full of layers and it is my favorite! Of course, I did a closer look at this room on her web page and it is so well done.
    While I love color, I tend to keep blues & reds in my wardrobe. My favorite is denim right now. I have read that you should put the colors you look best in in your home. Not sure where I read this but it is an interesting concept.
    As always your perceptive on things is delightful and a joy to read. Hope your long holiday is wonderful!

    1. Hello, Danna! Thank you kindly. The layers in that Sarah Bartholomew room are amazing; it definitely deserves a closer look. I’ve also heard you should decorate your home in colors that favor you. I have to say that my home and my closet are very similar-lots of color and pattern, mostly classic shapes with a few modern accessories and a fearless mix. I just like what I like. Ha. Thanks for popping in on this sunny Pizza Friday! Cheers to a fab weekend, friend!

  4. Your writing today was as delightful as the color scheme! Red is a bold decision and when added with the blue really does make me think of a cottage by the lake. I have red “ish” couches in my main living room to “warm up the space” my designer said. I’ve struggled for years to decorate with them, maybe I’ll just move them to our cabin, add blue and call it done!

    1. Hello, Teri! What a sweet compliment! Thank you! I’m a little bummed that your red couches have been a source of struggle. That’s frustrating, but I love the idea of them (and some blue) heading to your lake cabin. Who am I kidding? I just like the idea of a lake cabin! Ha. But seriously, then you can find couches that you love for your primary space! Win, win. Thank you for sharing today! I hope you have a lovely weekend! (maybe at the lake?)

  5. Peggi, you had me at that Fornasetti wallpaper!

    1. Hello, Jennifer! Ha! I just adore that paper. The monkeys! And…I just realized that every image has wallpaper except for one, and it has stunning perused oak. Clearly, I am Team Pattern. I hope your weekend is off to a delicious, relaxing and lovely start! Cheers.