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July Moodboard : Smoked Glass - roomfortuesday.com
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Hello, RFT friends! Peggi here for another post. This time I am trying my hand at a moodboard. I always love Sarah’s, so the bar is set high! This month’s design infatuation began innocently enough with a lovely candle holder from Sarah’s shop, Tuesday Made. That sultry, smoked glass had me smitten! An epic internet shopping expedition ensued. A pictorial detour to the misty, moody Maine coast followed. The journey culminated in a subtly swanky collection of finds. Feeling adventurous? Click through for details of this virtual exploration and the resulting July moodboard.

July Moodboard : Smoked Glass - roomfortuesday.comSmoked glass. I just kept returning to that smoldering, mysterious glow. But, do shades of gray really scream summer? I wondered. Don’t folks imagine turquoise water and sparkling sand? Then I remembered my last trip home to Maine. Photos from an amazing July day spent exploring Acadia National Park suggest that somber hues, indeed, inhabit even the sunny season. Behold the steely sea, mysterious fog and dramatic stony beach. Inspiration struck!

Why not use these beautiful seascapes to spark interior design? Mother nature creates the most stunning palettes. I decided to search for smoked glass items in all of its marvelous muted tones. A moody moodboard, if you will. So many smoky finds!

July Moodboard : Smoked Glass - roomfortuesday.com
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Aside: Speaking of palettes, have you explored ColorSnap from Sherwin Williams? You can upload any image and find Sherwin Williams’ color matches! Not at all addicting. 

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… 

01: salmar sconce // 02: brass sofa table // 03: domenica vase // 04: smoked glass wall mirror // 05: smoked glassware // 06: smoked glass table lamp // 07: highball glasses // 08: glass knot // 09: smoked glass end table // 10: etched cocktail glass // 11: match cloche // 12: smoked glass candle holder // 13: ribbed glass // 14: charcoal candleholders // 15: smoked glass hurricanes // 16: vintage sconces // 17: decanter // 18: smoked glass demiliune tables

Lighting, styling accessories, glassware, even furniture! I was thrilled to discover such a lovely variety. If I had to choose favorites, I would say numbers 2, 8, 16, all the barware and the candlesticks. Ha. That doesn’t really narrow it down. I love the contrast of the brass with the smoky glass on several of the items, but that console is classy perfection. Can’t you envision that in a most sophisticated entry? I don’t own many pieces strictly for styling, nor do I possess stacks of paper in need of weighting. Nevertheless, I adore #8. Maybe it’s the marvel of knotted glass?

My attraction to those swinging vintage sconces is no puzzle. Twisty brass, smoky glass droplets, and well out of my price range. Ha. It was love at first sight. Seriously though, wouldn’t they be fab flanking a bed or highlighting a serious bar situation? Speaking of which, despite my devotion to colorful glasses, I can picture an entire bar stocked with all manner of charcoal vessels. Dare I say… sexy?

Of course, I can’t forget the candle holder that ignited this smoky obsession. Do you notice how #14 resembles the stone totems in my beach photo? And #12 definitely mimics the smooth, round boulders. An assemblage of those on a mantle or buffet would be a delight.

Now tell me, does anything in the roundup speak to you?

July Moodboard : Smoked Glass - roomfortuesday.com
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Although my examples of smoked glass include accessories and furniture, its use in larger interior applications can be stellar. What do think of the glass in these uppers? I love the understated effect, especially with the black cabinets and gray blue walls. A shadowy je ne sais quoi. Could you imagine a similar use in your home?

July Moodboard : Smoked Glass - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it, friends, my first mood board. What do you think of smoked glass? Do you feel the pull of its mysterious, moody allure? Are you ever inspired by color play in the landscape? Have you visited my magnificent home state, Maine? I would love to hear your thoughts. Stay cool out there!

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  1. Well done Peggi! I loved the inspiration photos and learning the thought process “behind the scenes”. While you found some lovely examples, as a child of the 70’s I think I still have smoked glass PTSD. Although I can totally get behind the cocktail glasses!

    1. Haha. Melissa, I definitely felt the 70s vibes as I followed my smoked glass path. I wondered if anyone would mention it. I appreciate the “scarring” of some long gone trends (avocado green appliances 🤢), but I embrace the Studio 54 aspects of the era. I hope your week is heading smoothly toward the weekend!

  2. Yay Peggi 🥳 I’m totally digging the smoked glass moodboard. I love Smokey greys and smoked glass definitely adds a glam factor I can totally relate to. #1 Anthropolgie wall sconce would totally work in my current kitchen, it would definitely add some wow 🤩 which it definitely needs ☺️ The candlestick holder #12 from Tuesday Made is also very pretty and would suit my decor perfectly and #15 ribbed hurricanes from CB2 are absolutely stunning 😍
    I’ve been to Maine and of course love it’s rugged beauty and it’s so reminiscent of my native home Newfoundland ❤️ So this post captured my love of grey perfectly 🥰
    Have a super fab Wednesday friend 🥂

    1. Good day to you, Colleen. I’m glad to find a fellow smoked glass fan. Aren’t those sconces awesome? I can definitely picture them in a beautiful kitchen. While I do love a sunny beach, my heart belongs to a rocky coast. I’m on my way home from the dramatic coast of Alaska this very moment! I hope you are enjoying some excellent summer weather, friend!

    2. I need to visit both Maine and Newfoundland… two places I’d love to go, but have never been. I’ve got to move those to the top of my list :)

  3. Drop it like it’s HOT Peggi!!! Everything in this mood board is exactly your word: sexy! I have never been to Maine, but it is one of my bucket list travel destinations. The misty, foggy, pebbled beach vibes are definitely inspiring, and I’m thrilled to see the ways in which your creativity is sparked. #1, 2, 12, 14, 15, 16 & 18 are my favorites-and I’d gladly incorporate any of the barware in my home. Those sconces are indeed amazing, and had I the budget, they would be magic above the kitchen window and sink! Why do we fall the most in love with the items we can’t even consider?? That’s ok-I love seeing those pieces because it gives me ideas of what I love.
    I am completely infatuated with this mood board. Remember when you said there’s an edginess to my preferences? I think you have that same edginess my friend, and you just blasted all of it into the most incredible mood board I’ve ever laid eyes on! This vision is my entire soul-I don’t think I love bright and vivid color palettes as much as I love moody. Side note: Sherwin Williams Color Match is actually an adult video game, ha! At least for me it is. I often play with palettes on there when I’m feeling uninspired. I won’t need to be playing that today; you gave me a wonderful rabbit hole to jump right into when the timing is right! Although it will be awhile-we came home from SLC with a new pup, and he’s the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on! (She says as she hides all the good pillows). 😂🤣 Have a lovely day Peggi; this post was out of this world inspiring! Xoxo

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I suspected this edgy, sexiness might be your jam! You would be amazed at how many stellar finds exist. Ah yes, the dreaded champagne taste on a cerveza budget. Like yourself, I use those covetous experiences to hone my tastes and dream. Also, you never know when a rare score might appear on fbmp! But wait, let’s talk about the important news, a PUPPY?! What an exciting development!! Tell us all the deets…as soon as you’re done hiding all the pillows.🤣🐶🤷‍♀️ Thank you, as always, for the kind words and have a lovely day!

      1. I’ve been pining for a big boy since my Chino passed 3 years ago. My sister and BIL keep scratching that itch, and while we were visiting the subject came up. She happened to be on FBMP while we were chatting and started looking at ads for dogs (such an instigator🤣). She found a 13 week old yellow Labrador at a local farm breeder. I said Jeff would never go for it, she responded by texting him the link. He said ok, I jumped up and said let’s go, and two hours later we had our boy! His name is Rocky- chosen by Jeff- and yes, inspired by the Rocky film franchise. I loved the name because it reminds me of my soul place-the mountains. So he has two theme songs: Eye of the Tiger, and Rocky Mountain High. Lol. He is the BEST dog! I can’t gush over him enough. I’ll post a few pics of him on my IG. So happy I’m not the only one stoked over new pups!!

        1. Awww, I know. Labs are so sweet! I had a black lab growing up and he was the best boy. Hey, you don’t have to tell you twice… Jeff says sure, Lauren hops in the car. Lol! I love his name. Rocky! Such a great classic, and very appropriate theme songs. I love hearing how happy you all are about him :) Congratulations!!

    2. Haha!! Yes! Peggi nailed this post. I loved reading it and scrolling through her finds :) WHOA!! Way to bury the lead, lady. A new pup from SLC?!! We need details. I’m so excited for you and your fam!

      1. Oh yes lol! I kind of did bury that detail didn’t I? Ha! He was a trooper with the drive home- he just slept on my feet on the floorboard, and I must say, he’s settled in nicely. I have zero complaints so far-he’s just got the sweetest temperament. Can’t wait to post pics!

        1. I am SO excited for you!! What a good boy. I bet the kids are over the moon excited. I’m happy your trip to SLC brought you more than just fun memories, but a new furry family member :)

  4. I too, a child of the ‘70s ( totally understand where Melissa is coming from!) …but loving the fresh twists on smokey…more deco than “groovy” (lol) my fave is #4 the mirror from West Elm….it could work in so many situations…an entry…above a bathroom vanity…above a bedroom dresser. Also, it’s style can lean modern or traditional depending on how you style it. All of your selections are “stand outs” , that little something special that every room needs! Well done Peggi!

    1. Thank you, Lori! I totally agree with your assessment of that mirror. While I personally love the groovy vibes, I thought that mirror employed the smoked glass while avoiding any retro qualities. I would love it in every context you mentioned. Have an amazing day!

  5. Love love love this post Peggi. I want every thing lol! The last time you posted I ended up with a snake candle holder on my coffee table. I’m so inspired to add something from this mood board. Thanks!
    Also I really want to go to Maine soon. My boys want to eat lobsters and whale watch and I just want to take in its beauty. Hoping to visit soon.

    1. Hello, Traci! I’m so pleased you liked my finds. (And thumbs up to the snake candle holder!) I’m absolutely biased, but I think Maine is the most beautiful place in the US. From the coast to the farms, forests, lakes and mountains…it’s got it all! Lobster is a must have (sigh). My humble recommendation would be for my birthplace, Boothbay Harbor. You can also visit the Maine Botanical Gardens there, with plenty to engage and delight your boys! Cheers to a great week!

      1. I’m writing both of those recs down! Minus the lobster (because shellfish allergy), ha! Thanks for sharing, Peggi!

      2. Thank you so much Peggi!
        I will add those places to our future adventure!

  6. Julie Marquez says:

    We were just in southernish California and the mornings were foggy and mellow, and totally had a smoked glass kind of feeling. I think it adds a nice cool feeling when so much of the country is melting in a humid heat wave. You inspiration is contagious!

    1. Yes, Julie! I also thought the foggy images helped with the oppressive heatwave we’ve been experiencing. I haven’t been to California in years, but I do love a foggy ocean morning. I hope your travels were smooth and rejuvenating! Thanks so much for joining the conversation. Have a super day!

    2. I totally agree, Julie!

  7. LOVE this post, Peggi! I would never have thought of smoked gray glass could work in the summer, but your finds just might have convinced me. I’ve only been lucky enough to have been once, but I adored the moody Maine coast so anything that would remind me of that, like the mirror (#4) or lamp (#6) would be a great choice in my opinion.

    1. Hello, Anne! Isn’t the Maine coast spectacular? I’m glad you’re seeing my vision of smokey gray summer vibes. I love your choices from the moodboard. I like that mirror more every time I look at it, and the two tones of gray in the lamp base seem watery but totally classic. I hope your week is off to a super start!

    2. Right? I’m with you, Anne! I need to make it to Maine sometime soon.