January Moodboard

January Moodboard : Powder Blue - roomfortuesday.com Happy Friday friends! You know what’s really odd? This exact time last year- one year ago, I was also feeling this SAME color (see the January 2018 moodboard for proof). I suppose this time around, I’m liking a slightly lighter variation, but still the same powdery blue hue. This color is going to be prominent in our guest bathroom and I’m really excited to embrace COLOR in the year ahead. Click through for inspiration, my finds, and this month’s moodboard! I snapped the above and below images of the Alice Lane Brinton Parade Home my friend designed over the summer, and my love for blue isn’t fading. It’s funny because she said she wanted to do blue after seeing the millwork in our master bedroom. I loving bouncing inspiration back and forth! Anywho, I love moodboards- here’s the latest…

January Moodboard : Powder Blue - roomfortuesday.com
source : alice lane

01: velvet swivel chair // 02: ceramic mug set // 03: ralph lauren sheet set // 04: blue bedside table // 05: floral wallpaper // 06: framed solitude artwork // 07: table lamp // 08: blue floral planter // 09: la cornue blue range // 10: blue waffled bedspread

Can we take a minute to talk about that range (#9), THAT is what my dreams are made of. I’m serious- I would never leave my kitchen. I’m pretty sure my food would taste better. Haha!

I think the blue swivel chair (#1) would be the perfect addition to my new office when the time comes to design it. I’ve already ordered the floral wallpaper (#5) for our upcoming guest bathroom renovation, and I’m kind of kicking myself for not including #6 in my large scale artwork roundup, because it’s really beautiful and serene!

January Moodboard : Powder Blue - roomfortuesday.com
source : lonny

I saved the above image on my guest bathroom inspiration Pinterest board, and it worked perfectly for the moodboard as well… not only does the color look amazing- but the panel moulding and millwork is on point- and you know I’m a tough critic when it comes to that.

January Moodboard : Powder Blue - roomfortuesday.com
source : lonny

This year I’m ready to see color on the walls and not just on accessories. The above living room felt really refreshing to me. It’s classic and the color is speaking to me. Is anyone else digging this shade of blue or craving more color? I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. You know you’re speaking my language when you talk color! The velvet on that office chair looks luxe; I feel certain you’d be uber productive. And, forget about that range! I could aspire to be so sophisticated and beautiful. Happy Friday! Here’s wishing you progress in the bathroom. (That’s kind of funny, right?)

    1. I’m serious when I say, I want this house to be COLORFUL. It’s going to be a challenge for me because I equally love neutrals, but I’m going to give it my best shot. Haha! I know… that range is just a piece of art. Hope you have a great week! We’ll be making progress in the bathroom HAHAHA!! xox

  2. What color is the bedroom wall above? It’s the perfect blue-but-not-too-blue!

    1. It is gorgeous! My friend Emily (the designer) says… “It’s half Stardew and half Uncertain Grey from Sherwin Williams! Then I did the trim 40% darker in a semi gloss”

  3. What do you use to create your mood boards, they look awesome!

    1. Thanks Mattie! I use adobe photoshop for all of my blog graphics… moodboards, roundups, collages, photo editing, photo overlay, etc.

  4. Love it!!! I am in love with this shade and can’t wait to see what you are doing!! xxx

    1. Thanks Stephany! I’m really excited about blue right now :)

  5. Hey Sarah, where did you find the bed? We are looking for canopy bed but we do not find one which we like.