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Valentine Cocktail | Room for Tuesday

If you’re on the hunt for a fun valentine cocktail, look no further! I’m sharing one of my favorites over on coco+kelley today, plus a couple fun little DIYs – including these festive stir sticks. Tie everything together with these cute red cocktail napkins.

Valentine Cocktail | Room for Tuesday

This Valentine’s day I thought it would be fun to mix up drinks and share desserts with friends. If you happen to be local, my go-to spot for quick, easy, and good desserts is always the Dorothy Lane Market bakery. How fortunate are we to have this gem in our city? Anyway, the mousse cup is always a favorite, along with macarons. Or if you want to make your own- try this mouse recipe. It’s one of my go-to desserts!

Valentine Cocktail | Room for Tuesday

Valentine Cocktail | Room for Tuesday

Click over for DIY details and the cocktail recipe! What are you guys doing this Valentine’s day? Date night with your significant other, hanging with girlfriends, or boycotting it completely?

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