Idyllic Moments : August 2021

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comIt has been quite awhile since I’ve shared an Idyllic Moments post, and these are so fun for me… to zoom in, get creative, and focus on the little details for a change, rather than the big picture. Idyllic means happy, peaceful, or picturesque, and there are many moments in our home that bring me those positive feelings. This month my kitchen has been looking quite happy, as I’ve been spending more time cooking and baking, as the weather ever so slightly cools. Click through to scroll some small vignettes and corner captures that have felt special to me lately!

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWe have yet to swap our kitchen faucet (it’s still on the to-do list), but the goods surrounding our sink are looking quite pretty these days. My favorite pairings are always the most simple: a nice hand soap with a marble trivet beneath it, and a handmade dish brush set.

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWhile I’m still on the hunt for my dreamy vintage kitchen island table, our cart is getting a lot of use. It’s currently piled with cutting boards, vintage wood bowls for my fruit, a cookbook I’ve been using often, and a pretty marble rolling pin.

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI restocked our wine cabinet before my family arrived, as it was looking rather empty and sparse. Sometimes refilling and restocking the shelves, pantry, or fridge makes a kitchen feel alive again. Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets that post grocery high when everything is stocked and organized in its designated place? I love that!

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWhile grocery shopping, I also snagged some petite blooms from Trader Joe’s. You know I love an easy TJ’s floral arrangement. I’m taking advantage of all the fresh florals before we head into fall & winter. These felt like a fun summery touch in the window.

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comMy cookbook niche seems to be bursting at the seams lately… I’ve also expanded my vintage rolling pin collection that somehow ended up in this space. I enjoy when styling naturally occurs without us realizing it. Do you ever find negative space and instinctively fill it with something in an effort to clean up, and it ends up working out very well from an aesthetic point of view? That’s kind of what happened in this corner. Rolling pins and cookbooks- and unlikely (or maybe likely?) pair that really works.

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOf course my vintage bouillotte lamp is still the star of the countertop on the opposing side of our kitchen. I styled it alongside my hand thrown bowl (holding the garlic) that I carefully brought home with me from French Polynesia, as well as my vintage marble pedestal I snagged from an estate sale, and a gorgeous walnut serving board as the backdrop. I still love my kitchen canisters because they seal nicely and have a classic look- you can grab those from Amazon

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOur garden is giving us one last big produce haul (it’s looking happy again after the rain), so we’ve been sharing our tomatoes & zucchini with friends and neighbors. I appreciate everyone sending me their tried & true recipes! We’ve been working through some seriously delicious ones.

Idyllic Moments : August 2021 - roomfortuesday.comHave you also been spending more time in the kitchen lately? At the beginning and end of each season, I always find myself making all the seasonal treats and recipes. Perhaps it’s also because we’re hosting house guests, but I feel like I spend the majority of my time here lately- when hanging out at home. I love how everyone gathers and gravitates toward the kitchen… it’s always the heart of a home. Emmett and I were also chatting about how it was such a smart decision to renovate our kitchen high on the priority list, shortly after moving in. We’re really enjoying having a beautifully finished and functional space. I definitely wouldn’t change it! Have a great day, friends.

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  1. Good morning, friend! I love that these posts are a gentle reminder to pause and appreciate the beauty (and utility) that we so passionately create in our homes. I’m too often guilty of spending my quiet moments obsessing over imperfections. Your delightful images today have me realizing that I never take photos of my home-aside from the occasional “before” snap. Could I even capture it suitably with my phone? I wonder. What my kitchen lacks in close-ups, she more than compensates for in service! Probably my happiest, most creative times indoors happen there. We’ve been enjoying our garden bounty for months, and now the local farmstands (and orchards!) have kicked into high gear, too. Today’s agenda includes vegetable lasagna. Your daisy bouquet has inspired me to grab some roadside sunflowers on my way to the garden. Even if no pictorial evidence exists, my kitchen deserves a floral hug! Thanks for the nudge. Enjoy every last second of family time!💜
    PS My house smells fan-freaking-tastic! My Tuesday Made order arrived, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! You are the sweetest, most generous human; I’m so fortunate to have your friendship! 😍 XO

    1. It’s fun to occasionally give your home a look through the lens! I feel like I notice more when I analyze it that way, and it’s a fun creative exercise. Have you been baking any cakes in your kitchen lately?! The cooling weather here has me ready to bake all the fall goodies, but I’m trying to hold out a little longer. Haha! Your vegetable lasagna sounds delicious. My parents brought a bunch of produce from their garden, so we’ve been eating all the delicious fruits & veggies this past week. Roadside flowers are the best! I pulled over and snuck some sunflowers the other day. I’m so happy your order arrived safe and sound, and you’re enjoying the candles :) You’re the best for thinking of our small business and supporting our little shop. Thank you!! That has been such a bright spot for me this year. Have an awesome day! xo

  2. Hello Sarah,
    I’ve just returned from a 2 week trip and I have some catching up to do ☺️ Your kitchen is one I will always admire and never tire of seeing a post. I adore everything to the very last detail. I wish I could create something similar here but a kitchen Reno is not in the cards quite yet. However, tips on styling gives me inspiration for days, thanks to you I have tried not to focus on the negatives regarding the cabinets but concentrate on the decorative details that help fine tune the space while providing function. I am much happier with my kitchen because of this. Obviously I’m not a professional stylist as yourself but I have soaked up all your advice and I must say I’ve grown to enjoy this space much more with all your tips and following your blog. Thanks again for inspiration and another wonderful post to keep me motivated as well as things pretty ( thanks Tuesday Made) and organized 🥰👍 Enjoy your time with your Mom, as it’s precious and have a super fabulous day! Xo

    1. Hi Colleen! I hope you had an incredible trip! We all have eyesores and areas that feel negative in our home, but it’s amazing what thoughtful styling can do for a space :) It’s a fun challenge to make the areas we have yet to address feel special. I’m all about that and love hearing that you’re focusing more on the positive fine tuning details. That makes me so happy! Working with what we have sometimes yields more creative results :) Thanks so much for your kind words! My mom and I are having a great time. She’s leaving today, but it was fantastic to have some family time. I hope you’re having a lovely week as well! xo

  3. These posts always give me pause; a moment to reflect on the little touches in my home that make it joyful. Amidst the things we can’t wait to change and the areas waiting to be ‘finished’, there’s an in between where happiness can be found in just letting it…be. These images of your home remind me of tiny moments in mine. In such a fast paced world, these gentle reminders to appreciate the beauty of “now” are much needed. Your home is gorgeous as always! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. I love hearing that! I like that you’re feeling the in between happiness… those little moments and small vignettes that bring a smile to our face, make all the difference! I totally agree. It has been nice to slow down with the fam this past week and style some bright spots around our home :) I hope you’re having a good week, Lauren! xo

  4. Once again, this post came at the perfect time for me, Sarah. Always such a great reminder to enjoy the here & now and I love how Lauren said, “just letting it be”. Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL time with your family and here’s hoping your cooler temps make their way over the the mountains! xoxo…

    1. I love hearing that, Anne! We had such a wonderful time with the fam and I’m itching for fall. The cool weather didn’t stick, but I’m hopeful it will be here to stay before we know it. I also hope you were able to get some of that cold front last week on your side of the mountains. Cheers to a great weekend ahead and the last days of summer! xo

  5. Thank you for the reminder. Even in this rental, I need to embrace what we have now and enjoy. Each stage of this journey is part of the whole. Your kitchen is still one of my favorites. Especially your collection of cookbooks and rolling pins. Over the past 2 months I have purchased 2 new cookbooks and found one for a gift that I am having a hard time letting go of! Ha! It’s called, How To Eat A Peach by Diana Henry. The cover feels like the skin of a peach!
    The pictures are beautiful.
    Again thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yes! It’s all apart of the journey and I love the idea of enjoying what you have an any given stage in the process! I love the little cookbook corner, too… thanks Danna! Cookbooks are difficult for me to part with as well, but they do make great fits. That’s always my go-to gift for newlyweds or house warming gifts. I’ve heard great things about the How to Eat a Peach book!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead :) xo

  6. Julie Marquez says:

    I love putting away groceries and organizing my kitchen, it’s one of my favorite activities!

    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone i that, Julie! It’s nice to have a stocked pantry and clean & organized kitchen :)