House Tour : A Tailored Chic & Eclectic Home

Modern BathroomI’ve been hoarding this gorgeous home tour in my archives for quite some time now. The vast color palette, luxe textures, and patterns found throughout this space have us noting inspiration left and right! The home was definitely designed with Southern perfection in mind by the seriously talented Logan Killen Interiors team. I have no doubt you’ll be just as motivated by this tailored chic & eclectic home as I am. I’m sharing the entire tour and Get the Look roundup on coco+kelley today.

Formal Living RoomOne of my favorite things about this tour is the formal living room. It’s the only room in the home that has a painted ceiling and it’s SO good! It really draws attention to the moldings and vaulted ceiling. Plus, you know I’m a big fan of green and this is a unique color.

Open Concept Dining & LivingThe open concept dining and living area is also one for the books. For the entire tour and more of my thoughts, click over!

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  1. Oksana | says:

    I knew I had to see this tour the minute I saw the wood vanity. We have a very similar one in our master bathroom (not my first choice! or second… or third… or fourth, for that matter). I’ve been having trouble picturing how such a traditional piece can fit into our otherwise contemporary house, and that first photo is giving me all sorts of inspiration!

  2. Heather G. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I love the look of the house- especially the colorful living room. But I really don’t like the steer horns on that wall. The horns feel out of place like someone added a quick touch of the wild west to an otherwise more modern home.

    1. I loved this house tour, too! I like the minimal and sculptural touch the horns add- but yes, it’s definitely a strong piece. I think that’s what makes this space eclectic and cool… there are so many different styles being combined. xo