High Point Market

I’m home from High Point Market with loads of inspiration and a new excitement for interiors. My infatuation for textiles (especially hand woven) and art is a little worse than I thought. Aside from spending a ton of time browsing showrooms, I also loved predicting upcoming trends. I noticed a reoccurring shape in furniture- soft curved arched pieces immediately commanded my attention… more to come on that later. I posted a ton of photos on Instagram; go check out my favorites and follow along for future interior images. One of my favorite stops was Natural Curiosities, an art house based in LA. These guys are making some super cool pieces, this vignette made a statement for sure:


Another highlight of market was meeting Kelly Wearstler– I love her aesthetic and she’s so friendly and genuine in person. I’m about to have a custom floor pillow (ok- it’s actually a dog bed for Finn, hah!) made, using Kelly’s fabric. She recently had a really nice feature on Domaine– go check it out! Aside from having sore feet, missing the sunny North Carolina weather, and needing to catch up sleep- market was totally worth it and incredibly inspiring.

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