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bright-white-modern-kitchenI stumbled upon this space and instantly had major kitchen envy. While most of us probably don’t have elaborate, expansive kitchens with mega vaulted ceilings and professional grade appliances, it doesn’t hurt to dream… and borrow a little inspiration. In this ‘Get the Look’ post, we’re borrowing some smart details for a high end look. Click through to see how this space can translate to your own kitchen… 

bright-modern-kitchenThere’s something about the organic, warm wood tones against a stark white and black kitchen that will never go out of style. Designers have interpreted this palette to traditional, modern, and eclectic looks for decades. It’s sophisticated, clean, and calming all at the same time.

bright-and-airy-kitchenI’ve been noticing more and more medium to blonde wood tones popping up in cabinetry design these past few months. When ideating my own kitchen renovation, part of me really wants to see light wood. I’m a painted cabinet girl at heart, but there’s really something special about mixing the two, don’t you think? The stone beam draws your eye upward to the vaulted ceiling, making the space look and feel grand.

Even though this kitchen is elaborate, gigantic, and most likely very expensive… it could so easily translate to average homes (like mine). Here’s how to bring components of this looks into your own kitchen:

bright-modern-kitchen01: caged pendant light // 02: hood // 03: terra cotta planter // 04: marble countertop // 05: gas range // 06: white cabinetry // 07: ceramic bowl // 08: modern bar stools // 09: wood cutting board // 10: linen tea towel // 11: wood bowl // 12: blonde wood flooring

Even once my kitchen reno is complete, I won’t have twenty foot ceilings and a wall full of windows, but I am certainly taking lots of notes from this space: exaggerated thick countertops, a bright and minimal color palette, mixed metals, modern plumbing fixtures, use of plants and greenery, warm wood tones, and industrial lighting. However, I do have to point out one key component that is missing from this lovely space… did anyone miss the backsplash? Since the single wall is primarily window, it seems the designer decided to forgo a traditional tile or stone backsplash. How do you guys feel about that? I would actually prefer to see a little tile in this space.

Alright, let’s hear your favorite aspects of this space? Anything you dislike or would do differently? I’m itching to begin my own kitchen renovation, but the bathroom comes next on the list.

image sources : coats homes

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a messy cook so I can only imagine the grease stains on the glass window. I love all the light but I would definitely need a washable, easy maintenance area behind the stove vs. windows.

    1. Same! The window is gorgeous, but I’m not sure that it would be super functional in that spot. Love the entire look though. xo

  2. Love the huge windows and the brick beam. On the other hand, I do not like the huge vent in front of those windows. It’s doesn’t seem entirely practical. But I do agree with you that wood is starting to pop up in kitchens more often. I’m a painted cabinet girl myself!