Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week

Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! It has been a few months since I’ve shared a ‘Friday Favorites‘ post and I’ve kind of been in a shopping mood (online shopping, of course) this week. I’ve been thinking of little ways I can spruce our home for spring and am finding lots of inspiration styling small vignettes lately. Spring is a season of growth and now that the nice weather has finally made its way to Utah, I’ve been feeling more inspired and creative. I figured since we’re all spending SO much time at home these days, a little shopping roundup was in order. If you also have the itch to create, style, and freshen your interior and exterior spaces, this post is for you… plus- everything listed is super affordable! Click through and check it out!

First up, I shopped the Studio McGee x Threshold line at Target online last week (catch my favorites from the collection in this post)… everything arrived yesterday and it looks pretty beautiful in person. I was impressed! I ended up buying this throw (pictured below), these sculptural beads, and this oversized vase.

The navy throw is such a beautiful denim color, that has the feel of a stonewashed chambray. It looks much more expensive than it actually is. Ready to see what else I’ve been eyeing on the internet lately, in terms of decor?

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below… 

01: tortoise tumblers // 02: fluted pitcher // 03: hydrangea arrangement // 04: striped cooler bag // 05: metal watering can // 06: stoneware vase // 07: modular outdoor sectional // 08: table lamp // 09: teak root side table // 10: ribbed vase // 11: wooden beads // 12: metal window box planter // 13: terra-cotta planters // 14: planting station // 15: cotton apron // 16: navy throw // 17: flush mount light fixture // 18: upholstered storage bench

I cannot believe I found those tortoise tumblers (#1)… I have a vintage set (pictured below) and these look JUST like them. Clearly I’m on an outdoor / planting kick, as you can see lots of those type of items included here: the metal watering can (#5), the bust planter (#6), the modern metal window planter (#12) is SO cool, and the planting station (#14) would look amazing styled with those terra cotta planters (#13) for a mini herb garden. Everything you see here is very budget-friendly, too!

Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week - roomfortuesday.comIs anyone else in a shopping mood as the weather warms? Funny how that happens. Or maybe it’s because we’re spending alllllll of our time at home? Either way, I’m not mad about it! Whether you’re rearranging your existing furniture & decor for spring, or are looking to style in a few new pieces, I think we can all agree that updates this season feel a little bit more thoughtful.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and are staying safe & healthy! We’re planning to tackle some yard work and begin putting our outdoor spaces back together. I’m looking forward to lounging outside, grilling, and sipping cocktails from the comforts of our outdoor living space. Bring on the sunshine… cheers!

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  1. Happy Friday! As always, I’m reminded what cool home items can be found at H&M. I’m usually a little creeped out at heads with plants in them, but I kind of like this one. (Also, animal legs on stools…shudder.) I adore the tortoise tumblers! I’ve passed on a vintage set before because they were pretty spendy, but dang, they’re classy. (And your picture of a gin & ginger looks perfect! What is that bee cocktail stirrer?!) I wish that bench came in a darker color; I’ve got the perfect spot for it. (Aside: I saw a similar bench on FBMP described as a “foot sofa.”🤣) My favorite item though is that flushmount! Gah! I’ve never seen such an interesting medallion. We’ll definitely be spending time outside this weekend…maybe we’ll even be productive. Cheers, Sarah! (virtual wave to Lauren, Ardith and Colleen!)

    1. Good morning Peggi! Virtual hugs to you, Ardith and Colleen! I laughed pretty hard about the stools with animal legs! I can’t say I’ve actually seen something that horrendous in person, so I’ll take your word for it on the creepy factor!🤣 How are you caring through all this friend? Any Easter plans?

    2. Right? It’s kind of a hidden gem… and they’re all so affordable! Same on the head / vase planters- I thought this one was good though. The bee cocktail stirrer was a gift from a friend. I think it came from a local Utah company. FOOT SOFA… I’m rolling laughing! That is SO funny. Happy Monday :) xo

  2. Happy Friday friends! Yes, definitely in a shopping mood with all of the home projects I have on my plate! I love just about everything in this roundup! My favorite is that sculptural vase. After searching high and low for something sculptural to add to a shelf or the entry table, I think you may have just found the piece for me! And boy did I miss the Studio McGee launch! Now I’m kicking myself because everything is sold out at our stores…but I will admit, I was hoping to see a few pieces here first. Bad strategy, ha! Since we’re talking shopping…do you have any recommendations for where to find oversized duvet covers? I ordered an oversized king duvet when you did a roundup awhile back, and I’ve had the toughest time finding something stylish and textural to cover it with. I’m almost ready to return it for a different size, but can’t bring myself to part with it! It’s perfect for our sleeping situation lol. It’s still raining here, and with the weather being too cold for painting or planting, I’m filling my time with cooking, planning and shopping. Last night I baked ribs for dinner, and they came out perfect! I also made some of my grandma’s fudge as a sweet little treat, but I must say it was the perfect breakfast with a glass of milk yesterday! Carrot cake is on the list to make this weekend with Easter around the corner! Hope everyone has a lovely Friday; thank you for the fun roundup Sarah!

    1. Ms Lauren, hi there. Your dinner last night sound fabulous. Any leftovers? And oh my, carrot cake sounds sublime. Sigh. I hope you get that sunshine and warmth coming your way, real soon. Happy Easter in any case. Big hug to you, Ardith

      1. I always make sure there’s leftovers from rib night! I like to make pulled pork sandwiches out of the leftover meat! Happy Easter!

    2. Yay!! So glad to hear it was helpful, Lauren :) Luckily, I think they restocked most of the Studio McGee items at Target (at least online). Maybe give that a try? Hmmmm duvet covers… my go-to companies are usually: Boll & Branch, Parachute, Serena & Lily, Annie Selke, or Brookelinen. I’m pretty picky about bedding! I hope the rain stopped and you were able to have a nice, sunny Easter weekend Lauren! xox

  3. Hi there, beautiful! It is finally amazingly, gloriously, splendidly, dancing-in-the-streets worthy sunny here. I could just cry with joy. I hope everyone gets to enjoy weather like this today. So yes, it is the perfect time for your post and all these lovelies to help celebrate the outdoors. Thanks so much and have a great weekend. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Good morning Ardith!! How I wish the sun was shinning here in California! We’re normally experiencing mid-80’s around this time but we’re barely cracking 60 this week! Enjoy that sunshine! Have a cup of tea on the porch for me…morning coffee and afternoon tea on the porch sound so lovely…I’ll be with you in spirit!

      1. Hello, ladies! Gah, on such a beautiful day as this, I fancy a gin and tonic with that bee stirrer (yes, in that tortoiseshell glass) at sunset…or whilst watching a fine polo match (I actually got to do that once; it was a wonderfully surreal moment).

        So, Peggi, you now have my feet demanding an upgrade from an ottoman to a “foot sofa.” They say I have to check that one out. Oh, and count me in on team anti-creepy furniture with animal legs.

        Cheers, Ardith

        1. THAT sounds incredible. Attending a polo match is definitely on my “must-do someday” list. Jealous! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, Ardith :) xox

    2. I’m SO happy to hear you’ve been getting some beautiful weather, Ardith. I feel like it certainly helps our mood (especially now). I hope you had a very happy Easter and were able to soak up some sunshine :) xo

  4. Those tortoise tumblers are my favorite! The McGee Target line is so good. I just received 2 pillows from their line and love them for spring and summer. The blue/denim colored throw does look nice.
    I need to check out the apron on HM. I have worn one for years because I am so messy when I cook.
    I hope your weather is beautiful this Easter weekend. We are awaiting all the pollen & mess from the trees to drop so we can clean up outside and put out the cushions.
    Happy Friday to you & Emmett!

    1. I didn’t order any pillows and was curious if they had a zipper? I like to swap Target’s poly insert for a down option. You’ll have to let me know if you don’t mind, Danna :) I hope you had a beautiful Easter weekend! We’re also experiencing the pollen mess that occurs every spring.

      1. Hello. Yes, the Target pillows that I purchased do have zippers. I swapped out the insert and put down ones. I love the texture and size of them. Now if I can get my hubby to stop using them as napping pillows! Ha! Heres the link to the ones I purchased. (Pieced woven cotton -cream)
        Q: would you ever give advice on pillow choices for bedroom bed? I have a new comforter, curtains and rug but having hard time picking pillows. Kinda like a flat lay for room.

        1. Thank you, Danna! That is AMAZING news… love that they added the zipper for washing and swapping the insert. So smart! I stopped taking on e-design clients a few years ago, but for you- happy to help answer a few questions. Shoot me a message ;) Happy Monday!

  5. We need to know where that bee stirrer is from!!! 🤣 I didn’t notice until you ladies mentioned it! Gin and tonic sounds great! I’ll cheers to that any day!

    1. Yes!! Isn’t that thing cute? Sadly, I don’t know the answer… it was a gift from a friend, and she said it came from a local shop in Moab, Utah. I’ll see if I can track down more info.

  6. There are so many creative, DIY ideas in this book. It shows so many different styles that anyone could find something to like and easily adapt it to one’s own color/pattern/design preferences.