French Girl Fashion

I love taking fashion inspiration from the French. This aesthetic really speaks to me. Maybe over the years I’ve unknowingly copied what I call French girl fashion, or maybe that’s just the look I’m most comfortable in… but I have to say these women have it down!

Lately I’ve also adopted the mentality of purchasing a few high quality pieces, rather than a ton of inexpensive items that won’t last. For more on that topic, check out my closet post. If you’re on the same page, here’s a breakdown of one of my favorite simplistic outfits:

French Black and White Fashion

1. Quality Black Denim // 2. Gold Necklace // 3. Simple Watch // 4. Striped Shirt… tshirt or long sleeve // 5. Cashmere Scarf // 6. Lace Up Flatseriously my favorite shoes this season!

I always find it difficult to transition from winter to spring because living in the Midwest is quite a tease. Dressing accordingly can be tough! It’s not quite time for bright colors (which is totally fine by me- I’m a neutrals fan year round), but we don’t exactly need to bundle up for snow either. Layers are important because you never know what the weather will bring, so adding a chic leather jacket or comfy blazer are great ideas. Other days, a scarf might be sufficient.

When I think of the perfect outfit, these words come to mind: comfortable, practical, chic, functional, casual, and tailored. I think that pretty much sums up French fashion. What do you think?

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  1. Johnna LaFaith says:

    Those shoes are killin’ me. Love this inspiration.

    1. Thanks Johnna! The shoes are so good. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear them! xo