Fireplace DIY

I love the charm and warmth a fireplace adds to a home. It makes an entire room seem more intimate and cozy. Before deciding on our home, we looked at dozens of houses with both functional and non-working fireplaces. For me, it wasn’t a deal breaker if a fireplace didn’t function. There are so many ways to style a fireplace without having wood burning capabilities. Although our fireplace does have a gas hookup- we have yet to invest in expensive gas logs. Yesterday, I awoke to find snow on the ground and with the holidays just around the corner, I decided it was time to make our fireplace feel seasonally appropriate. I spent a long time ideating what sort of objects I could fill the fireplace with: books, stacked birch firewood, magazines, plants, a large basket, artwork… and I finally landed on the obvious- candles. It’s been done a thousand times, but I wanted the space to literally feel warm and I knew it had to have some sort of flame. Unlike other candle-filled fireplaces, I really wanted the candles to feel plentiful. The key to pulling off this look is lots of pillar candles of varying sizes. Take the number of candles you think you might need, then double … Continue reading Fireplace DIY