Favorite Tiny Earrings

Tiny Earrings

Let’s get extremely weird and talk about ears. What’s even more strange is that I took selfies (earfies?) of my own ears for this post. Just imagine that. Yeah… that’s taking things to an entirely new level. Now you know my awkward confession, but it had to be done because I wanted to share my favorite tiny earrings and how to pair them.

Tiny Earrings

I had been contemplating getting my ears pierced again. I only had the one standard lobe piercing prior to this post. Sure, back in college I went through that phase that lots of girls go through- piercing your ears multiple times, maybe your nose, etc… but I let them all grow back. Long story short, I recently decided I just want one more because of the cute minuscule earrings I’ve been coveting- so many fun combinations!!

Tiny Earrings

A quick trip to the mall, standing in line behind a few elementary aged girls and a crying newborn later, my ears were pierced… again. Here’s to hoping I can return to side sleeping soon, ha! In all seriousness, I do like the way multiple earrings look and I’m happy with how it turned out.

tiny earrings

Now I’m on the hunt for all the cute and fashion forward earrings, while counting down the days to take out the surgical ones above. I’m really excited to mix, match, and get creative with these fashion forward accessories. They probably won’t ever be consistent once I’m able to trade them out. Here’s a roundup of pretty baubles I’ve had my eye on…

Tiny Earrings

Favorite Earrings

01: tiny diamond filagree stud earrings // 02: delicate caged ear cuff // 03: ear cuff trio // 04: tiny stick posts with diamonds // 05: tiny baguette studs // 06: heart and arrow stud earrings // 07: opal marquis & tiny pearl duo // 08: 2 pack tiny shape studs // 09: stud trio // 10: single tiny stick stud earring // 11: pearl jacket earring // 12: evil eye diamond studs // 13: 18K gold plated heart studs

I’m always looking for new accessory inspiration and pinning ideas to my fashion board. My next purchase is definitely going to be an ear cuff. Do you guys have multiple ear piercings? How do you like pairing your jewelry? Who thought this post was too weird? Hah!

supporting images via: bing bang nyc

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    This post was not weird at all lol. I think every woman loves earrings! I use to have multiple ear piercings and am now down to just the one on each ear. But after reading this I’m kind of tempted to go get another one! I have a million cute ones in my cart that I’ve found on Etsy. Earrings have come a loooong way. I’m loving all the tiny earrings you’ve found! I just might take a trip to the mall today :)

    1. Ha! Good! Thanks, Leah. I think I had stared at ear images wayyy too long. Earrings really have come a long way- there are SO many good options. If you make a trip to the mall, good luck ;) xo

  2. So cute!! Where are the earrings you have on from?

    1. The long, skinny, pointy (geometric) one is actually from H&M… they’re sold out now, unfortunately. The tiny stud is from Claires and is the one they pierced my ear with. I still have a few weeks until I can trade it out! xo