Favorite Sofas of Every Style

A sofa is a tricky item to purchase. They’re one of those investment pieces you’ll probably have to live with for a very long time, so naturally you want to make the best decision. Don’t stress- help is here! I’ve rounded up my favorite sofas of every style. Whether you prefer mid century, leather, traditional, or a chic option… the difficult part is complete. I’ve taken into consideration factors like quality, price, style, and aesthetic to give you my top picks for each category.

Favorite Mid Century Sofas

First up: mid century. The clean lines, sleek profile, and tapered legs create an iconic look that can be paired with many styles.

01: Gray Mid Century Sofa – I love the solid wood frame, neutral tone, detachable seat cushions, backrests, and armrests (for easy cleaning).

02: Landskrona Mid Century Sofa – This Ikea staple is budget friendly and visually pleasing. For those of you worried about the quality, this item has a 10 year warranty and is one of their better pieces (in my opinion).

03: Indigo Linen Mid Century Sofa – With plush feather-down cushions and stonewashed Belgian linen, this sofa doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. The deep indigo palette is so pretty!

04: Maverick Mid Century Sofa – The textured, pebble-gray poly upholstery is family (and pet) friendly… easily hiding dirt, wear and tear.

05: Dove Gray Woven Apel Sofa – This sofa is definitely the best bang for your buck! At $599, it includes removable cushions with zippered slipcovers for easy cleaning, extending the life of the piece. I love the blond tapered legs.

Favorite Leather Sofas

Leather sofas always have a luxe vibe that I love! The material feels sophisticated , yet versatile.

01: Alcott Oxford Black Leather Sofa – The tufted back mimics a classic chesterfield with a modernized frame.

02: Classic Leather Slope Arm Sofa – I’m a huge fan of cognac colored leather (remember my bed?). This quality piece feels casual and comfortable, but with plenty of style!

03: Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa -Chesterfields will never go out of style. This iconic sofa is upholstered in quality, brown Italian leather…. remember this post?

04: Cubic Sofa – This piece is an homage to furniture design and architecture. The geometric lines and chrome metal accents give an uber cool vibe that would be the perfect addition to a modern home.

Favorite Traditional Sofas

Visiting the opposite end of the spectrum, traditional sofas are a safe bet! They can be paired with literally anything, depending on how their styled. Most traditional sofas are great for comfort- with high backs, down cushions, and a raised arm.

01: Verano Traditional Sofa – This piece sits deep and the sweeping arms add a modern flare. It can be dressed up or down, from a casual living room to a tailored sitting area.

02: Oliver Slipcovered Traditional Sofa – Lately I’ve been very attracted to slipcovered sofas! They  have a casual, yet functional look. This comfy linen piece is the best of both worlds.

03: Anna Velvet Blue Traditional Sofa – This sofa could maybe fall into the mid century category as well, but the pared-down lines and loose seat and back cushions have a comfortable, traditional feel. It’s a great balance of soft and tailored.

04: Axis Slipcovered Traditional Sofa – Another slipcovered sofa… and denim at that! This piece is perfect for cozy living and family rooms. It’s also available in different configurations, in case you need a sectional.

05: Verano Petite Traditional Sofa – This is actually a version of number one, but it’s made for smaller scale living. You can choose between multiple fabrics for upholstery!

Favorite Chic Sofas

Last, but not least- chic sofa options. If my husband didn’t mind a feminine aesthetic, I would definitely have one of these pieces (maybe I can talk him into number two)! They’re so beautiful and sophisticated.

01: Green Velvet Chic Sofa – Soft, plush velvet is highly contrasted by tapered metal legs that meet a curved frame. The bench cushion is extra comfortable and would be the perfect spot to nap!

02: Capri Chic Slipcovered Sofa – Are you surprised I pulled another slipcovered option? I love this piece. The clean lines and comfy linen are the perfect combo.

03: Cambria Chic Sofa – This color is everything, but aside from that- the sharp silhouette and quality fabric make this a luxurious pick.

04: Movie Queen Sleeper Sofa – Believe it or not, this is actually a sleeper sofa! We’re always looking to accommodate more guests and this is the perfect option. The minimalistic design would go with anything.

What’s your favorite sofa style? We’re actually on the hunt for a new sofa since Finn destroyed our back cushions…. this sectional is currently in our living room, but I’m hoping we can pull the trigger on something soon!

*As seen on the Interior Collective.

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite style sofa. I would take number 3, 2, 3, and 3. One from each category! Hopefully Finn is out of his chewing stage and you can write a post about the beautiful new sofa you pick! By the way, I love clicking on the links to see the price points and where the sofas are from.

    1. I’m kind of the same… I have favorites from each category. I am definitely hoping Finn is over chewing! He’s so cute, it’s difficult to be angry. Ha. So glad you liked the post, Leah! xo

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! Good luck with your hunt. I’m also attracted to the mid century ones… xo

  2. Why hasn’t anyone made a sofa that is resistant to cat claws?! That would be my favorite sofa but you have picked some great selections here.