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Favorite Planters

fiddle leaf fig

I’m a big fan of using plants to enhance the aesthetic of my home, both indoors and out. I love stumbling across super cool vintage planters – so much so that I’ve kind of started collecting them the past few years without even realizing it. If you’re in the market for vintage or handmade pots and planters, I prefer Ebay, Etsy, and estate sales. However, there are also some pretty amazing non-vintage planters floating around the internet today. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites, along with beautiful tools that are readily available online.


Sources: white block planter / 3 piece set / mod gold planter / banded rattan bowl / carved teak bowl / mod white planter with plinth / face planter / white line planter / glass terrarium / garden scissors / spade trowel / white top planter / green micro sand pot / terra-cotta planter / plant mister / watering can

You know the best part about investing in pretty gardening tools? You can leave them out for easy access. I would seriously have that watering can on display 24/7. It’s so pretty! I’m fairly certain my plants would get watered more often. Win, win!

If you’re searching for outdoor plant inspiration, you have to check out Jacqueline’s patio! It’s amazing and filled with pretty hanging planters, succulents, and gorgeous landscaping.

If you want to see more of my obsessive plant action, there’s proof here, here, and here. Pretty much, I overgram dogs and plants. Which planters are your fave? We can’t wait to see your plant pics!

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