Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comWho is ready for another Facebook Marketplace finds post? This month I’m searching requested city, St. Louis! If you’re in St. Louis or the surrounding area, this post is for you (I always set my search parameter to a 100 mile radius). I found lots of amazing furniture, decor, and even an architectural feature that I hope one of you can grab! Click through to check out my finds. Pro tip- even if this isn’t your home city, be sure to save the items you like to help refine your algorithm. That should help provide similar results in your local area! Let’s do it…

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Woven Desk with Stone Top

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comThis is really a unique desk that is worth clicking through to check out! It has woven elements, brass hardware, a beautiful shape, drawers for storage, and a heavy stone top. The listing says the top is marble, but I’m not convinced that is the type of stone. I’d have to see it in person before making speculations. Regardless- for $135, the listing price, it seems like a deal!

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Oxford Dressers

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comThis listing is actually for two oxford style dressers with brass hardware. You’ll have to click through to see the other chest of drawers. They both have a timeless aesthetic and are listed at $200 for the matching pair, which seems more than fair. If you’re going for that traditional or grandmillennial look, these are for you!

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Bamboo Leather Top Game Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comIf this game table were in my city, I’d snatch it up! Those beautiful bamboo legs, leather top, and ornate border make this an awesome find. It was *just* listed at $135, and I’m hoping it sticks around until I publish this post in a few hours. Someone Venmo to hold or offer a deposit and grab this thing! It’s well worth the asking price.

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Pair of Chairs on Casters

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comThese chairs would be perfect project chairs (for reupholstery), or look gorgeous as is! Is anyone else renovating or decorating a home office? These are wayyy better than my chair with the cane back on casters. They have a much better shape. I would grab these in a heartbeat… and they’re only $135 for the pair.

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Marble French Baker’s Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comWhy is that I can find a marble baker’s table in perfect condition, in every city except for my own?! Seriously… this was made for my kitchen. It’s in pristine condition and is listed at $450. That’s honestly a price I would pay for this beauty. It was listed over 6 weeks ago, so I’d probably start my offer at $350.

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Henredon Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comSomeone RUN to get this dining table. It’s from high-end designer brand, Henredon, and check out that burl top. You know I’m a fan of this shape, which looks pretty similar to my own dining set. It’s listed at $175, which is a bargain.

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Vintage Wicker Modular Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comHear me out, because I think the tapestry in the back is very distracting… this modular wicker sofa is actually really cool. The cushions could use some serious fluffing, but the fabric seems to be in good shape, and it’s a really beautiful versatile piece. Can’t you just imagine this in a sunroom or screened in porch? You could even break it into sets of two for a conversation set, or four single oversized chairs with a coffee table in the center. I do think the price is pretty high at $850, but I’d see how long it sits on marketplace, or offer $600 and see how the seller counters. Keep on eye on this one!

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Henredon Chest of Drawers

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comApparently St. Louis is crawling with vintage Henredon pieces? I came across so many things from that collection! This chest of drawers is another traditional piece worth checking out. This was listed 19 weeks ago, so I’d do two things: check to make sure it’s even still available and the seller isn’t MIA (or difficult to work with), then I’d offer a much lower price since it isn’t selling… maybe $150?

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Fireplace Surround

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comThis fireplace surround has some lovely details and gorgeous miters. Not only do I love this particular style, but I’m very into that dentil moulding below the mantle. This one has been on the market for a month, so even though it’s listed at $200 and is a beautiful piece, I’d offer $125-$150 and see what happens.

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Oversized Antique Mirror

Facebook Marketplace Finds : St. Louis, MO - roomfortuesday.comThis antique mirror has a great sense of scale and a stunning frame. It would make a lovely wall mirror in a closet, primary bath, or hall. It’s listed at $100 and I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t sold yet, after being on the market for a month.

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If you’ve missed any cities I previously shared, be sure to check them out below! Even though those past post items have already sold, you can still follow or save most of them to help hone your algorithm… so they’re worth revisiting, if you haven’t been saving.

That’s it for this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know which city you’d like me to search next in the comment section below. I hope you have a great day and a fun weekend ahead, my friends! Where will we find treasure next month?

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  1. Melissa D says:

    Wow! So much good stuff here today. That wicker desk is surprisingly cool – I wish it was closer to me. The oxford dressers are beautiful, and it seems like a good deal at $200 for the pair. That bamboo game table is gone already, and I’m bummed I couldn’t see more photos and details! Those vintage caneback chairs? I would legit snatch them up if they were closer to me. Same with that fireplace surround, it’s so pretty!! I don’t think I ever would have given that modular sofa a second glance, but I can see what you’re saying. Thanks for the fun virtual shopping tour today!

    1. I thought so, too! Apparently there are lots of hidden gems in St Louis! That bamboo game table went quick- I’m not at all surprised because it’s so gorgeous. I think the modular sectional could be really nice in the right setting. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share thoughts. Have a fantastic weekend, Melissa!

  2. Good morning! So many gems in St. Louis! I like the shape of that wicker desk; a 9-drawer dresser in that exact style came up on my FBMP recently. Such lovely, quality dressers, too. I adore the feature where the top has little rounded extensions to mirror the corner columns. (Does that have a name?) I feel like if you keep finding those marble pastry tables in other cities, one will eventually pop up un SLC. *fingers crossed* Gosh, the top of that Henredon dining table is stunning!! And $175?! Such a steal. I’m with you on the wicker sofa; I see plenty of potential! (I also dig the floral kilim on the wall.😉) Oh, how I wish my fireplace had that beautiful, classic surround! I love dentil moulding and those crosseted, or eared, corners are my all-time favorite detail! (BTW, I am showing off my newfound trim terminology because I spent actual hours trying to find the name for those special mitered corners after they appeared in a Design Eye image! #dork) Well, that was fun! I think these round-ups are definitely helping my algorithm; Boise has been serving up the goods lately! I need a second house to furnish.🤣 Yoga at the farm last night was amazing! We didn’t quite get to see the new moon, but the sunset was spectacular. Yoga in nature is the best. Here’s to a possibly blustery fall weekend! Have a great one, Gibsons!💜🍁

    1. So many gems in St Louis! You could’ve had a matching set with the desk, ha! I love the woven and brass details- really gorgeous. I cannot think of the appropriate name for that specific detail, but I’ll look it up! I need to pull out some of my furniture books :) Crossing my fingers on the baker’s table, and that dining table also caught my attention- it’s beautiful, and you can beat that price! I’m very impressed with your millwork vocabulary- well done!! We’re all design nerds around here, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad to hear Boise is serving up some beauties in your feed. That’s awesome! I loved reading about yoga at the farm- that sounds incredible. Here’s to a chilly fall weekend! We’re actually about to make mookies right now, and chili is on the menu for tomorrow. Enjoy!! Have a good one, Peggi!

  3. I love these posts! I find it so helpful when you include what you’d offer based on how long the item’s been available. That baker’s table would look so good in your kitchen! My fingers are crossed for you. The desk reminds me of one of my recent purchases, a vintage Ficks Reed desk (link below). I like the curved legs on the one you found. I’ve finally upgraded from my card table.


    1. Ok Brittany, I’m officially jealous of your desk! The details are everything!! You mega ultra scored with that one.

      1. Thank you, Lauren!! :)

    2. I’m so glad to hear that, Brittany! They’re fun for me, too. Ok- your desk is INCREDIBLE!! What a find. I bet you have it gorgeously styled. Well done! Have a wonderful weekend :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. St. Louis is a Henredon goldmine!! Are you kidding me? 😫😫 The burl top on the dining table is perfection and the chest of drawers is so beautiful!! Also died inside when I saw the bakers table—but I think the marketplace juju is beginning to stack in your favor Sarah- at least that’s what I’m trying to manifest for you. Those Oxford dressers are also the sweetest; I’m loving all the details! I hope some of your readers in the area are able to score these amazing finds. Cheers to Thursday friends…let’s make it a great one! Xo

    1. It really is! Who knew? It’s manufactured in North Carolina, so not too far, I suppose. I hope the FBMP juju is going to send one of those baker’s tables my way soon. Lol! I’m being patient over here! Thanks for manifesting :) I hope you have a fantastic fall weekend ahead, Lauren! xo

  5. Oh, my gosh that desk is absolutely stunning! The wicker is, for the most part is in really good shape, the hardware is beautiful and those curved legs absolutely have my heart. But I’m with you on whether that top is really marble or not, which led me to question if you had ever done a post about how to identify quality furniture. After a quick search, I saw, that of course you have! But, most of those tips where when you can see the item physically. How can one identify a quality piece with (usually) poor photos, as well as perhaps misleading information (ie. not really marble) without seeing it in person? Not that seller is trying to mislead (although I’m sure some do), but genuinely don’t know what materials are used. One could spend a lot of time running around trying to see finds in person, as well as putting down a deposit to save it and then finding it’s not what you thought it was. I know it takes some design eye training, as well as the desire to dig deeper, but I’ve often find myself avoiding “used” pieces, even though I LOVE the look of some of them, because of the “hassle factor”. Or that could just be me! Either way, I love seeing what you find AND learning what you’d offer. Super helpful. Oh, and I’d also take that mirror in a heartbeat! Thanks, Sarah!

    1. Isn’t that beautiful, Anne? I actually have posted about that! Check it out here: https://roomfortuesday.com/10-tips-for-identifying-quality-furniture/ … if you’re buying online, it can definitely be tricky. If you’re spending a lot of money, I’d recommend confirming with the seller that it is in fact the described material, ask for additional photos, videos, etc… or use a reliable source that authenticates things like that. With anything secondhand, there is definitely the hassle factor! Awesome point. Maybe I should create a follow up post :) I hope you have an awesome weekend! xo

  6. Stephanie O’Neil says:

    Any chance you’d consider Boston, MA for your next Facebook Marketplace post?? ;)

    1. Definitely! I’ll add it to my list, Stephanie :)