Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I’ve got a fun Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for you today. The last one I shared was in February (Santa Fe) and Amy commented requesting Seattle, so that’s exactly where I decided to search this month. I scoured Seattle and the surrounding cities and found lots of beautiful furniture, decor, and lighting. This post features an eclectic mix of high end, designer, and vintage home items. I think you’re going like it… plus, these should help boost your algorithm! Even if Seattle isn’t nearby, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. You know the drill… click through! 

Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Barley Twist Entry Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comThis tiger wood barley twist table is what entryway dreams are made of! It’s absolutely stunning and in pristine condition. It has been listed for 5+ weeks, so you may be able to send an offer for less and snag this one- although I do think it’s a fair price. I’d offer $400 and see what happens.

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Vintage Area Rug

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comThis 8×10 Persian area rug is also in incredible condition and seems to be well taken care of. It’s approximately 100 years old, and for a rug this size- it’s a great price. I love the deep color palette! Can’t you just imagine this in a room with dark navy walls?

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Vintage Bedside Tables

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comI adore these slender bedside tables… the hardware and casters are really charming, and you can’t beat closed storage. These would be the perfect solution for a tight bedroom or kids room. They were just listed at $150 for the pair and I’m guessing these will go fast!

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Antique Dining Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comThis antique dining set is from high-end designer brand, Duncan Phyfe. It has been in the same family for over 40 years and has been well taken care of. It’s an absolutely stunning and unique set. I love the claw feet and shape of the chairs- so many intricate details! The price is excellent… $400 for six chairs, the table, and an extended leaf. If the seat fabric isn’t your cup of tea, the chairs could easily be reupholstered (see my tutorial here). This is a steal! Someone in Washington, please grab this.

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Marble Pedestal

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comThis oversized marble pedestal is a look, for sure. The veining is really amazing. I would love to have one of these- it’s classic! Can you envision a plant or bust perched on top of this? The seller is also willing to deliver this heavy piece.

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Restoration Hardware Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comThis bench seat, slipcovered (easy to wash) white sofa is Restoration Hardware brand with down-filled cushions. It has a classic slope arm style and looks brand new. Considering how much this particular sofa costs new, it’s a great deal for a quality piece of furniture that will last for years to come!

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Baker Coffee Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comThis 1940’s Baker Furniture coffee table is really unique! I love the hoof feet, the brass edge detail, and of course the wood grain on top. It could use a little cleaning and furniture oil, but it’s a lovely table. It’s listed at $200 and has been on the market for 9+ weeks, so I bet you could get less for it… maybe $150?

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Marble Chess Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comI love a timeless stone chess set. This white carrara and nero marble set is only $70. It would be perfect for styling and using on a game table!

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Bouillotte Lamp

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comYou know my love for bouillotte lamps runs deep! I’m digging the shape of this one- especially the quatrefoil base and double candelabra. Most bouillotte lamps are adjustable. This would be perfect for a desk, console, or kitchen counter!

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Marble Top Chest

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Seattle, WA - roomfortuesday.comLast but not least, a classic chest of drawers with a heavy marble top. It’s listed for $95 and could use a little TLC, but with some elbow grease and cleaning- this is a fantastic piece that would be ideal for a bedroom… or it would even make a beautiful bathroom vanity with some modifications.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds! Please let me know which city you’d like me to search next in the comment section below. Everyone have an amazing weekend ahead! I’ll anxiously awaiting more lab work and Emmett & I are hoping to start tiling the entryway. Speaking of- I’ve got an entryway post almost ready for next week, so definitely check back for that. I’d also like to take advantage of this springlike weather this weekend and get up in the mountains for some fresh air. Have a good one!

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  1. Good morning! I am not surprised that Seattle had lots of treasures to offer! I am a little shocked that the prices seem so reasonable. I would be tempted by every single item you found! Barley twist, tiger oak and a gate-leg? Perfection. The stunning palette of that Persian? Oh yeah. That Duncan Phyfe dining set is incredible! I especially love the Under Armor shaped legs/arms on the chairs! (PS My google search did not yield a name for that style. Do you know?) For such a great deal, imaginary me would pay to have them professionally reupholstered! Gah, that marble pedestal! Positively dreamy. Also yes to that lovely Baker table. The brass edging, hoof feet and delicate size are topnotch! (and more Under Armor legs!) Eep! The quatrefoil shape on that bouillotte! And finally, the classic marble-topped chest-both a steal and so versatile! A superb selection indeed. We’re supposed to have a great weather weekend, so we’ll be spending maximum time outside! (But I might have to attend jury duty 3 hours away starting Monday!😭) Cheers to lots of fresh air! Happy Pizza Friday, friends!!💜🍕☀️

    1. Hi Peggi! Seattle was truly a goldmine for this month’s FBMP search… I was impressed! The prices weren’t too crazy either, surprisingly. I love everything, but that Duncan Phyfe dining set is my favorite! The chair style is renaissance. I usually just say “arched renaissance style base”, but I can’t remember the technical term for design school- I should dig out some old furniture books. I’ll let you know if I figure it out! Cheers to pizza Friday, sunny weekend weather, and time outside… I hope you have a good one. Sorry to hear about jury duty- that is never fun. Oof.

  2. That marble pedestal is amazing, I wonder if the seller would deliver it to San Diego? Haha. I just had a wild FBMP furniture purchase last weekend – I tracked down a Eastlake bedroom set (dresser with marble top and amazing mirror, and bed frame), but it was about 1.5 hours away from me. I wanted it SO BAD for my daughter’s bedroom, and I know sets like this doesn’t come along all the time. I found movers who would pick it up. The movers cost three times the price of the furniture (um, hubby was not keen on this – AT ALL – but my money/my decision!). It was a lot of work scheduling the movers with the seller, but they finally made it up the last day the seller was available. The seller called me that morning to say that ONE mover showed up. I was shocked (and had been quoted for two movers), and frankly ticked! The seller’s husband had to help a bit, so I paid them a bit more (and deducted that from the movers). When I talked to the mover after the truck was loaded, he told me that his guy bailed last minute, but he knew we needed the pickup that day so he went solo – so it actually was pretty cool that he was able to do this himself. So then, when the mover arrived at our house, I was gone taking my girls to art class, and husband greeted him. My husband said the mover (younger guy) was professional and hustled – he moved everything himself except just needed help with the headboard. Of course I receive minimal feedback from my husband when I ask “HOW IS THE FURNITURE?!?!” as I had not yet seen it and had done all this work trying to get it to our house and I was DYING to know how it looked……Also, I felt a bit better about paying the mover b/c he had quoted me four hours but it took him seven hours. Plus he had to disassemble, AND that Victorian furniture is heavy! Anyways, my daughter and I rushed into the bedroom when we got home to see the furniture, and it is AMAZING! We cleaned it up and conditioned the wood that afternoon. The pieces are stunning! I’ve tried to find similar pieces online to see a value, but nothing. I may submit pictures via an online appraiser, just out of curiosity. Anyways, it all worked out and I’m super glad the furniture is amazing b/c I went through a lot on that purchase!

    And glad to hear you are feeling better! I definitely missed your blog posts and am glad you took time for yourself. I hope you continue to feel healthy and can ease back into the work world.

    1. Isn’t that pedestal gorgeous? I wish I could find one of those in my area. I haven’t had any luck! I stumbled across one at an estate sale that was really similar, but it was listed at $1200- sadly out of my budget. I love hearing that you were able to snag an Eastlake bedroom set- I bet it’s beautiful! Those types of collections definitely don’t come around often. Sometimes delivery or using movers is worth the hassle. I’ll gladly pay for help with the super heavy stuff. I can’t believe you had such a struggle with the movers, but kudos to the young guy!! I’m so happy everything worked out well in the end and both you and your daughter are happy :) That will be furniture she’ll love for years to come. Thanks for your kind words, Karen! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead :)

  3. Seattle doesn’t disappoint, that’s for sure! Good morning Sarah-your finds this time around are stunning. Where do I start? Oh yes, the entry table! It’s perfect in every way. I’ve come across several drop leaf barley twist tables in my area-almost scored a matching pair of barley twist drop leaf side tables…sadly those suckers go too quickly out here. Barley twist and tiger wood is the ultimate duo. The slender bedside tables are adorable! I love the slender profile, the simple detail, and the closed storage. Can you even with the Duncan Phyfe dining set?!😍😍 These claw foot dining tables are what my dreams are made of, and like Peggi, I’d happily hand over my money to a pro to have the chairs reupholstered. I dig that chair shape!! Is there a proper term for that profile? Also can someone send the marble pedestal juju my way?? What an incredible piece!! I’ve been hunting for pedestals in my area, with no luck. Some do hit the feed, but they’re the really bad 90’s plaster type…there’s no words for that style. Ha! And the chess set…do I know how to play? I vaguely remember learning, but these stone material sets always stop me in my tracks. I’d love to find one as a styling piece for the table in the front room. I think the bouillotte lamp might just be my favorite piece of the day. The shape of it just grabs my attention. Yet another piece that I wish I could have shipped to me! What a fun roundup of items this morning. I have zero suggestions for the next city, but I’ll be excited to see which one you choose. Have a wonderful Friday my friend. It’s pizza Friday!! Woohoo!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised with all of the beauties I was able to dig up in Seattle! The barley twist tables always go so fast… same here in Salt Lake. That Duncan Phyfe set is my favorite from the entire roundup- I wish I were closer, I’d snag it. As for the chairs- they’re renaissance style. I just call them arched renaissance style base, but I can’t remember the technical back from my design school days. I’ll have to pull out some old books! Sending you all the good marble pedestal juju… I want one, too. Happy pizza Friday, friend! Hope you have an amazing weekend ahead :) xo

  4. Mountains, fresh air sound wonderful! Hope you get a chance to enjoy it! These FBMP finds are really good…like really good! I especially love the tiger wood barley twist entry table. The slender nightstands are a great set for secondary bedrooms. Anything marble has my attention! The Dunkin Phyf set is what my grandparents had without the claw feet but many memories when I saw that. Lucky finds for all those Seattle residents.
    Hope your weekend is wonderful! Prayers for good news from the doctors! We are packing for Florida! My plan is to unplug & enjoy the beach, food and my hubby! See you back here in 12 days!

    1. Well, the rain kind of squashed our plans, but on a happier note- we took it as an opportunity to start tiling the entryway! I hope by now you’re in sunny Florida, soaking up sunshine and relaxing, Danna! Enjoy the beach, all the yummy food, and time spent with your hubby. We’re looking forward to beach time next week, too. It feels much needed right now. Have a long happy vacation :) Oh- and I loved reading about your grandparents dining set!!

  5. Thank you for taking my request for Seattle! I just might have to snag that marble pedestal… I’m seriously tempted!

    1. No problem, Amy! I hope it was a fun and helpful post for you :)

  6. I’m catching up on all the missed blog posts from a busy work period (life, right?) and I hope you are doing well — I am hoping for better days ahead for you! I would love to see Austin on the list. I’ve been down bad on luck while searching lately.

    1. That’s definitely life. Thanks for popping in to say hi, Taylor :) I really appreciate your kind words! I’m feeling much better than I was, but my doctors are still searching for answers. I’m hoping to be back to 100 soon. Thanks again! I’ll add Austin to the list- thanks for the request! I hope you’re having a great week.