Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! It’s time for another Facebook Marketplace Finds post… everyone’s favorite. I really do enjoy a good virtual search session. What city are we scouring for interior treasures today? Santa Fe, New Mexico! It’s a place I admittedly haven’t spent much time in, but would certainly like to go back for a longer visit. It’s about an 11 hour drive from us, so luckily I wasn’t tempted to road trip to pick up some of these items, like I have been in the past with closer cities. I’m going to repeat my biggest FBMP tip (as I do in every post), the best thing you can do to find the good stuff is to hone your algorithm. Even if Santa Fe isn’t nearby, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm and it will show you similar items in your local area. Click through to check out my finds… it turns out there is a lot of good furniture hiding in Santa Fe! 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Mahogany Game Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comThis game table is so gorgeous! It also expands with a drop leaf. The shape is just really nice with the tapered legs and curvy top. Unfortunately, I think it’s priced a little high, but it has already been on the market for two weeks, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on for a price drop! It’s certainly a unique piece of furniture.

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Ethan Allen Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comI know this sofa is a look and probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it has great bones (Ethan Allen) and I actually like the stripes. I’d have it cleaned and style it in a sunroom or mountain cabin. It has a lot of character, and you can’t beat the $100 price tag.

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Henredon Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comI’m very into this Henredon Aston Court table. It’s absolutely stunning and priced to sell at $175… I’m willing to bet you could offer $125 or $150 and have yourself a new table since it has been listed for three weeks now. It seems to be in excellent condition.

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Antique Coffee Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comThis photo makes my neck hurt, but the table is really cool… just tilt your head to the far left. Hah! This would make an amazing coffee table and would be so fun to style. It has a lovely traditional shape and it’s listed at $79! Weird number, but definitely a steal.

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Leopard Print Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comHow cool are these leopard print chairs? The fabric actually seems very nice with the tailored trim detail. The wood looks fantastic and I’m willing to bet these are pretty heavy. Did you notice they have casters? Wouldn’t these make amazing office chairs? The pair is listed at $285.

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Thomasville Dining Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comThis is a really beautiful and well taken care of dining set. It’s made by a reputable brand, Thomasville… and has a really very shape and wood tone. I’d reupholster the dining chairs in something fun, but that is super easy and inexpensive… if you need a tutorial for that, I’ll link it here. I do think the price is kind of insane, but this is another find to keep an eye on. You may get lucky!

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Antique Hutch

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comCheck out that wood grain on this antique hutch! Isn’t it beautiful? Can’t you just imagine this filled with vintage pottery or blue & white porcelain? Sure, it could use some cleaning… but aside from that, it seems to be in good condition.

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Antique Chandelier

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comOk, hear me out on this one… this vintage chandelier is listed for $10! Does it look icky? Yes… but polish it up and replace the shades with a pretty pleated or patterned option and it will be perfect! The shape is very classic and it works, so this seems like a no brainer.

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Baker Side Tables

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comThis listing is actually for multiple Baker Furniture tables. Click through to check them out- they’re really good! It seems like this seller has lots of beautiful things in their home that have been well taken care of. It may be one of those stops where you show up for one thing, and leave with multiple items. I love when that happens!

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Duncan Phyfe Table & Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Santa Fe, NM - roomfortuesday.comThe last thing I saved was this Duncan Phyfe dining set. This is another classic traditional set, but I’d reupholster the chairs. Otherwise, it seems to be in excellent condition!

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s Facebook Marketplace hunt. These are always fun! What is everyone up to this weekend? We’re actually headed to Nashville to visit our family this weekend. We haven’t seen them since pre pandemic, so we’re pretty excited to give hugs and catch up. See you back here on Monday? Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. Good morning! Oh, Santa Fe. I’ve only been there once, but this is the time of year I really start pining for the Southwest (because brrrrr). Looks like some classic finds are waiting there, although I’m not surprised to find some of the prices a little crazy. No question that mahogany table is beautiful (the inlay detail?!), but maybe not $800 great. I want to love the red striped sofa…but those exaggerated arms get me. I can picture it in a sunroom, though surrounded by plants and wicker! That coffee table picture! Haha. It boasts some lovely details though. I like the clean lines of the Thomasville set, although I would definitely want to break up that enormous hutch. But the price? That antique hutch, on the other hand, is stunning and fairly priced! I’ve really been loving the unfitted kitchen look lately, and that piece would be perfect. I’m with you on that chandelier too! It’s basically free, and I could play musical shades with those petite little cuties! I see what you mean about the Baker table listing; I bet you could snag some other cool items in that house! The red chinoiserie lamp caught my eye and a stunning hutch too! Speaking of awesome things in the background, did you catch the herringbone brick floors in the leopard chair pics? Gimme all the old tile floors of the Southwest. Sigh. Thanks for another awesome FBMP post! The algorithm has been kind to me recently. And happy Pizza Friday! How fun that you’ve got a trip planned for the weekend! Exchanging family hugs and a change of scenery sound like just the thing! Have a wonderful (and smooth!) trip! See you on Monday!💜🍕✈️

    1. Same here… the Southwest sounds pretty lovely right about now. We have a dusting of snow on the ground, which I’m actually thankful for- we need the precipitation. The prices are definitely kind of crazy, right? I didn’t expect that! That’s exactly what I had envisioned for the sofa. I’m also liking the look of the unfitted kitchen and that hutch would make a gorgeous cabinet for pretty dishes. I knew you’d love the idea of the chandelier with fun patterned or pleated (or both) shades! I think it has real potential. I would really like to go into the home with the Baker tables. It seems like there is LOTS of discover in there. I did notice the herringbone brick floors- oh la la! I love them. The Southwest always has the best tile… you’re right about that! The algorithm most certainly has been kind to you- your find this week is incredible :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, too. I can’t wait to hangout with our fam and spend quality time with our niece, nephews, and siblings. It has been too long! See you Monday! xo

  2. Santa Fe sure doesn’t disappoint. Good morning Sarah! I definitely love the striped sofa-red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but how cute is that stripe?? The Henredon table is outstanding and really is in wonderful condition. Oh what I would give to find a pair of these beauties! The coffee table is so unique; I particularly love the detail on the stretcher. You’re right though-that break neck angle is a little 🥴. I love the leopard print chairs. The detail on these is amazing and they’d also look stunning in an espresso stain. The Thomasville dining set is priced super high because they are selling the China hutch with it-still quite high in my opinion. On its own I love the dining set, and I agree, I’d reupholster the chairs. Perhaps the seller would negotiate for the dining set separately. I’m in love with the shape of the antique hutch and the wood grain detail is out of this world. The Baker side tables were fun to look at just to catch a peep of the home and other items, haha! That house alone is a treasure trove. I also like the Duncan Phyfe set. The brass capped feet and all the wood detail…I only wish they had shown a picture of the entire leg portion. Gotta love FBMP photos! I’m happy to say my algorithm is significantly improved since putting your tips to proper use, and I’ve stumbled across far more amazing items lately than I ever have in the past. I’m crossing my fingers for a desk for Jeff, or a lovely coffee table for the front room. I’m about to check my local area since we’re already there. It feels like a hunting type of Friday! Have a good one Sarah. Xo

    1. Happy Friday, Lauren! I like that striped sofa, too. I could totally see that in a sunroom styled really beautifully. The rolled arm style is not for everyone, but I think we’ll be seeing more of that shape come back into style again. Just a prediction, but who knows. My sofa in our formal living room has a rolled arm, though a bit more petite. I LOVED the coffee table and the game table. I wish I were closer, because those are really awesome finds. I didn’t realize there was a hutch included with the dining set… though it’s still expensive. FBMP photos crack me up. Oh the things people post. Lol! I love hearing that your algorithm is honed in! Crossing my fingers you stumble across a desk and coffee table soon. Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Wait, so you are saying that if I go to the pieces I love and save it no matter what city, this will set the algorithm each time I look at FBMP? Am I the only one just getting this? Sorry Sarah for being slow to understanding how it works.
    Love the mahogany game table; the shape of the antique coffee table & lastly the antique hutch.
    Hope you & Emmett have a wonderful long weekend. I need to finish cleaning…son is coming to visit. Ya hoo!!
    Hugs Sarah!

    1. Exactly, Danna! If you hit save on the things you like within these posts, the algorithm will learn what type of things you like and will show you more of those items in your area. It’s pretty neat! I hope that helps to clarify. The antique coffee table is so beautiful! If I were closer, I’d definitely snag that. It has such a timeless shape. We’re also excited to spend time with family this weekend :) I hope you enjoy time with your son! Let me know if he likes the lava cakes. Happy weekend!! xox

  4. I’d love to see Seattle for the next post!

    1. I’ve added it to my list, Amy :) Thank you!