Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! Today I’ve got a new Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for you. I had multiple requests for Virginia, so this month I searched Roanoke! As expected, there was no shortage of high-end furniture and designer items to be found on the east coast. When it comes to beautiful solid wood furniture with intricate details and top notch craftsmanship, this city proved to be a goldmine. From tables and dressers to desks and cabinets, I dug up SO many wood furniture finds. In fact, it was tricky to find one upholstered piece and a rug to toss into the mix for variety. Even if you’re not located in VA, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. Click through to see what I dug up on FBMP this month…

Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Curved Drexel Desk

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comI love this kidney shaped mahogany Drexel desk and it’s in pristine condition! Curvy shapes are so beautiful and are especially helpful in spaces like a home office to soften hard edges. For $300, this desk is a steal!

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Hickory Chair Lingerie / Jewelry Dresser

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comHickory Chair Furniture is one of those heirloom designer brands I’m constantly on the hunt for. Their pieces are built to last a lifetime and their craftsmanship details are unmatched. This would be so beautiful in a bedroom or walk-in closet for underwear, jewelry, or smaller item storage. It appears to be flame mahogany and it’s listed at $550, which is actually an excellent price for this particular chest of drawers!

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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comThis charming little corduroy loveseat has the most fun shape! I love the foot detail and narrow square arms… a nice modern shape that would be perfect for a small seating area or the foot of the bed. The fabric seems to be in pretty good shape and with the help of some Folex, I think this would clean up nicely! I’d offer $375 and see what happens. Styled in the right way, this sofa is definitely a winner!

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Vintage Side Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comThis vintage Bombay side table has such a nice shape. I love the long spindly legs, dotted border, and brass hardware. It’s a great size, too! For $50, this side table is such a classic bargain. You may even be able to snag it for $40.

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Henredon Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comThis large Henredon dining table is probably the best deal of this entire post. Apparently this table was originally purchased for $10k (which wouldn’t be super surprising), and it’s listed at $200 and seems to be in excellent shape. I love when dining sets are split, so you have the freedom to choose your own chairs. Check out the brass feet on that pedestal base! So timeless.

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Baker Furniture Demilune Cabinet

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comI am VERY confused by the price of this piece, and I’m pretty sure it was a typo. Regardless, I wanted to include this one because you know I love and appreciate a demilune moment. This is extra appealing to me because of the details and the fact it has ample storage. Such a fabulous design! This gorgeous curved Baker Furniture chest is probably my favorite find of the post, but again… I have no idea what’s going on with the price. That HAS to be a mistake, given the description. Who knows? Isn’t it stunning, though?

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Vintage Persian Area Rug

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comI scrambled to find an area rug to break up the sea of wood furniture that was consuming my scroll. This giant 12-foot beauty is listed at $735- which is an amazing deal. I love the color palette and the fact that it is 100% wool. Vintage rugs are as good as it gets, in regards to durability, practicality, and aesthetics.

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Theodore Alexander Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comThis table is located at a vintage warehouse of sorts, but it’s stunning! It’s Theodore Alexander brand (another one I’m constantly searching for) and is very high-end. You can definitely tell based on the wood quality, craftsmanship, and design that this table would be one that lasts forever without going out of style. It also comes with the leaf. If you were planning to splurge on dining room furniture, I’d pick this over a new option any day!

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Antique Dresser

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comThis chest of drawers has a very classic shape with great hardware. If cherry isn’t your preferred stain color (though it is making a comeback), this could easily be refinished! I bet you could snag this for $200. It would be perfect for a bedroom. Can you tell I’ve been searching for bedroom furniture, based on what the algorithm is feeding me this month? Send me all your nightstand and dresser finds, please and thank you!

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Antique Curio Cabinet

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Roanoke, VA - roomfortuesday.comLast but not least, this antique curio cabinet could use a little work, but for $100- it has awesome bones! I love the shape of the glass doors. This would be ideal for displaying dishes in a dining room. I’d love to have a cabinet like this in our dining space someday.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds! How has your feed looked lately? Have you stumbled across anything good? Are you searching for anything in particular? Let me know where you’d like me to search last month! Canadian friends- I tried my best to search Canadian cities and for some reason, my app isn’t allowing me. Any insight there? So weird! Cheers to a great weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning! Every time you search a city in the east, I shed a tiny tear. The furniture market is SO glorious. Naturally, that stunning rug caught my eye. That price is absolutely fair for such a huge piece. I also love the adorable details on the little loveseat although that light color would not fare well in my messy household! While I recognize the stunning quality of the Theodore Alexander table, the Henredon table is closer to my casual aesthetic. I’m captivated by those unusual brass feet! I totally dig that perfect demilune table packed with storage. Isn’t that pricing technique funny? In our area, people do the same thing (type numbers in order) when they don’t want to set a price. I definitely prefer a better hint! I’m hoping these saves help send a few lovely little side tables my way. A perfect spindly-legged number would be just right to replace one or two less practical options that I currently own. Unfortunately, I think I confuse my algorithm by looking for too many things at a time. It doesn’t know whether to serve me marble tables or garden arches! Ha. The hunt is fun regardless. Speaking of fun, I hope you’ve safely arrived at your destination and enjoy a fantastic weekend of skiing! (Sending Emmett all my cautious energy!🤞)💜 Happy Pizza Friday, friends!

    1. Right?! Me too, Peggi. I need to figure out how FBMP shipping works. I’ve never tried it, but have been tempted by cities with better offerings than my own. I will always love furniture with clawfeet, brass feet, hooves, whatever it may be. Ha! That pricing strategy is so bizarre. It’s not something I’ve seen until now, but I’m glad I know because, whew. Crossing my fingers a few side tables magically appear in your feed. I can’t believe that barley twist desk you found- you have a knack for digging those up!! Emmett is supposed to be scheduling his surgery, but luckily he didn’t do any further damage in Canada. Ha. I’ll never understand that guy.

  2. Happy Friday! Good furniture finds! If I could pick any item(s) it would be the curio cabinet and dresser. Love the storage, shape, and possibilities with those. Crazy prices on some. Must really need to sell or just don’t know how much they are worth!
    Hope your trip is going well and Emmett is able to ski. We are having 2 couples over for dinner Sunday and I am so excited! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

    1. Thank you, Danna! Isn’t that curio cabinet amazing? I loved the details. The east coast always holds the best furniture treasures. It feels barren here in Utah, by comparison. I think the prices probably reflect that. I hope you had a great dinner party last Sunday- so fun!! xo

  3. Melanie T says:

    When I read your fabulous FBMP finds early yesterday morning most of the listings were pending, removed or sold. So apparently folks realize the gold mine they have with great prices on excellent craftsmanship
    for these vintage pieces and snatch them up promptly. The kidney shaped desk is so unique and I love that it is finished on all sides. It really deserves to be in the center of a room so the shelving can be on full display.
    Could you do a design feature sometime on how to blend traditional furniture with other styles? I wonder if, like mixing metals, blending furniture styles can be done tastefully. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh no! They always go so quickly! I had to schedule this one about a week in advance, as I was leaving on vacation. Normally I search the day or two before a post goes live. Sorry about that. Hopefully it still helps your algorithm! I loved that kidney shaped desk- so gorgeous. I’ll work on a traditional furniture mixing post. Great post idea, Melanie! Thank you!

  4. Another goldmine indeed! So many lovely finds in this post, but my favorite has to be the desk. The shelves on the outside were a lovely surprise and the shape is to die for. The flame mahogany dresser is another to save- Ali have closet organization on the brain and would love to have something like this. As far as pricing on the demilune table, people in my area often do that to clue others in that it is an expensive piece. Listing the price that way often filters out people who want to low-ball, or who aren’t serious. I saw in the description the seller had searched online to find what these were selling for (around 3k), and was asking for the most reasonable offer. I don’t love when sellers use this tactic, but it is understandable. I could picture the loveseat at the foot of a bed, but the white would be a no go. I hope your ski trip is as amazing as it looks, and that you and Emmett are having a blast. I loved the footage you shared by the way- were you using a go pro? I’d love to see a full trek down a run! Anyway, have the best time!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I guessed Roanoke would be a goldmine… all those east coast states hold the best home treasures! Such a good point about the price and selling tactic for higher-end pieces. I didn’t know that was a thing. It makes sense, but you’re right… kind of annoying. Our ski trip was incredible. I’d love to go back to Canada. We had the best time and the skiing was top notch. We want to heli-ski there next winter- eek!! I was just using my phone. We have a go-pro (and a helmet mount), but I hate using it. I think it’s tough to use and not great quality, so I just freeze my hand off and take off my glove to grab my phone. Lol! I could definitely do a full run once it warms up and we’re spring skiing (and gloves are as necessary). Ha! I’ll see what I can do :)

  5. That Henredon table is a beaut! Would love to see a roundup for Detroit!

    1. Isn’t that one so pretty? I’ll add Detroit to my list- thanks Emily!