Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comIt’s already time for another Facebook Marketplace Finds post! Speaking of, I just parted ways with my navy vintage nightstands. They were just taking up space, so I sold them on Facebook to someone who was really excited about them, which made me happy. Today I’m searching faithful blog reader (and friend), Lauren’s request, in Riverside, California. I fully embraced the west coast vibes and dug up lots of interesting modern pieces in this one! Lauren mentioned it was tough to find beautiful vintage furniture and decor in this area, so I was ready for a challenge. While I didn’t find what I expected to find- I certainly was able to uncover some gems. I always use the 100 mile radius filter because I’m willing to drive for the really good stuff I find on Marketplace, so if you’re in the surrounding area, maybe you can snag something. Click through to see what I found on FBMP in California this month! 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Modern Stone Mirror

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comI’m not going to lie- I clicked on this item because I thought the listing was for the incredible lamp… whoa (heart eyes)!! It turns out, that’s not for sale, but the awesome stone mirror is. It’s giving me major Kelly Wearstler vibes and I just think it’s a really cool, conversation piece.

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Antique Side Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comThis charming side table is $20! The shape is incredible and the color is fantastic. It was *just* listed, so I hope it’s still around by the time this post goes live in a few short hours! Someone grab this beauty.

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Fireplace Surround

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comThis fireplace mantel took me by surprise. It wasn’t something I was searching for, but I think the shape is really timeless. I like the dentil moulding detail, and think this would be a great update if you’re searching for a surround to update your fireplace. It’s priced at $150, which I think is pretty reasonable.

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Burl Sofa Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comCalifornia has a LOT of burl pieces floating around FBMP and this one was my favorite… an extra long (72″) burl sofa or console table that has a classic modern shape. I will never tire of that beautiful burl pattern. I get so many requests for a tutorial after we installed the burl table in our guest bath, so consider this someone’s chance to have one of their own (minus the elbow grease)!

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Modern Chair

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comI’ve always loved Wassily furniture… it’s definitely a vibe. This is not an original, but the replica seems to be in great shape and is priced to sell at $340. It was just listed, so I hope this is another item that is still around. These tend to go quickly!

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Project Lamps

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comLooking for a fun lamp project? Perhaps you’d like to paint or plaster a table lamp? You know I love a good lamp makeover! These are priced at $30 each and they all have a nice shape with interesting texture. I actually like that they don’t come with shades because you’re able to choose one based on your personal preference.

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Henredon Dining Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comThis Henredon dining set is definitely flying under the radar, as it has been listed for six weeks and is reasonably priced ($299). It also comes with upholstered cane dining chairs, a leaf, and a table cover. The seller noted this was her grandmother’s set, and it seems to be in good condition.

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Original Oil Painting

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comThis original floral oil painting is listed at $60 and I really love the palette and composition. This is the best way to source affordable, original artwork… go the vintage route! The frame isn’t my favorite, but it would be easy to gold leaf it or change the finish for a gallery look.

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Marble Coffee Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comThis marble coffee table doesn’t seem super old (despite being listed as vintage), but the sculptural shape is really good and I’m a sucker for a marble top! This is a really great piece that I’m guessing will go FAST. It looks much higher end than the $250 listing price.

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Vintage Wall Lamp

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA - roomfortuesday.comThis mid century lamp is vintage and is the coolest! Click through and check out how it plugs into the outlet. This is definitely a fun lighting find with lots of modern character. I love the round pendant globe.

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I will say this about California FBMP- people take some good photos! I was impressed. It’s rare to see someone spending the time to style a piece. I also observed the pricing, which was higher than I’m used to- you really have to dig and spend some hours on there to find the good deals. The beautifully styled images typically have a higher price tag. Which city should I search next month?! Tell me in the comment section, please. I’m working all day at the shop tomorrow, so no bonus blog post on Friday (sorry!), but I will see you back here on Monday! What is everyone up to this weekend? I have a feeling it’s going to be a double workday weekend for us, but I can’t complain! We’ll definitely sneak in pizza and wine at some point, and I’m hoping to squeeze in baking or kitchen time.

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  1. That wall lamp!!! 😍 – it seems like such a sensible, practical design, why isn’t someone making these now? (maybe they are? – I’d very much like a U.K. version, please!).

    1. Isn’t that lamp so amazing?! The style or shape looks very similar to new fixtures on the market, but I haven’t seen any of them plug into the wall in that way. I love that there are no cords and it’s a more streamlined look!

  2. Fun finds, for sure! I was actually surprised when Lauren said she didn’t have much FBMP luck in California. I would expect great, but expensive, items. I feel like you unearthed some interesting pieces with reasonable prices. That Henredon dining set is a stupendous steal! Are there no Grand Millenials in California?? Love both the burl tables; that Widdicomb console looks special! I also have always admired the Wassily chairs, but they don’t pass my loungability test. Can’t you just see Joe or Crosby with their legs and tail flailing about between those leather straps?!🤣 Ooooh, that fluted coffee table! What a sweet modern shape. Now, about the stone mirror. The Kelly Wearstler vibe is strong! I have questions about styling a piece like that though. Her aesthetic is so specific, I have trouble envisioning it in a mix. Maybe I need to do a little Wearstler study to improve my understanding. (cough* design eye training* cough) But back to the listing- that lampshade alone would have stopped my scroll! Love it!
    Thanks, as always, for an engaging post! Have a wonderful Pizza Friday and a ridiculously productive weekend!💜

    1. My thoughts too! There were definitely some amazing things to be scooped up, although the pricing was a bit higher… I expected that though. Where are the CA Grand Millenials?! I would be all over that dining set and it has been listed for almost a month. I definitely did not think of the dogs trying to get in that chair. HAHAHA! Your vision is 100% accurate and that would certainly be Crosby and Joe, tangled up in the leather, looking awkward per usual with that goofy smile on their face. Lol! I actually tried to find a Kelly Wearstler room to admire for Design Eye this month, but most of her portfolio contains single images of a space, so it’s going to be tricky to find multiple images of the same room she has designed. I’ll make it happen though! I hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead :) Happy Thursday!

  3. Sarah Katherine says:

    Nashville, TN!

    1. I love Nashville! We have family there. It’s added to the list, Sarah!

  4. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN : )

    1. Adding it to my list :)

  5. Hannah Miller says:

    Ooh I love so many of your finds, especially the burl console table, and am tempted to inquire about shipping for that amazing lamp. No way some of these things are still available at the end of the day! Also, lucky buyer who got your blue nightstands! Please consider shopping Boston FBMP sometime!

    1. I feel like there was some really good stuff floating around this area! I hope some blog readers are able to grab a few of them :) I’ll definitely add Boston to the list. Have a great day, Hannah!

  6. You have such great taste! I love the $30 table lamp that is/looks marble. I wouldn’t paint or plaster that one at all. I second the vote that you do Nashville next.

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! I’m with you- I wouldn’t touch the marble lamp (if it’s real marble), and the other two have serious potential. I’m adding Nashville to the list. It will probably be next since we have two votes for it :)

  7. WOW WOW WOW!! I would love to know your search terms! I NEVER come across images that are as great quality as these, and I have yet to find anything that’s half as good as what you’ve found here! Sarah, you didn’t disappoint! Every single one of these items is incredible, and quite a few I’m likely going to be messaging about. That fireplace surround though!!! Holy smokes that would look great in my living room-it looks to be slightly too large, but I messaged the seller to get dimensions, haha! The fluted marble coffee table is insanely good-I’ve noticed fluted everything being a huge trend this year. How amazing is the dining set?? 😍😍I can’t resist a good cane back, and this one looks to be in great shape. And that burl sofa table?? Someone get that! It’s way too large for my house but it’s gorgeous. The wall lamp is the piece I’m most excited about! How incredibly unique! It would fit perfectly on one of those adjacent walls we were taking about yesterday. I’m still in shock at the awesome finds…thank you so much! I have no idea what the plans were for the weekend, but I might just be styling a new piece, haha! I hope you have a wonderful and productive weekend, and thank you, thank you, thank you!! XO

    1. Yes, to search terms!! I’m a terrible googler. Sarah finds the best pearls in a sea of meh, for sure.

      1. SEO is a big part of my job, haha! Over the years I’ve picked up some keyword tips and strategies :) I’m happy to share!!

    2. I’m so happy you liked this post, Lauren! I was up for your Riverside challenge, and this was a fun one. I feel like you have better options than I have here in Utah, for sure. I bet the fireplace surround could be cut down or altered to fit- I’m willing to bet there is room for negotiation too. I’m stoked you were able to snag that wall lamp. I can’t wait to see it in your home! It’s truly a unique piece of art. Hope you have an amazing weekend :) xo

  8. Such great finds! I would love to see a Chicago round up added to the list.

  9. And it’s done!! That gorgeous wall lamp will be living in my primary by Monday! I’m so incredibly excited!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼You are forever the queen of FBMP Sarah!!

    1. That’s AMAZING news, Lauren!!! That lamp was definitely my fave find in the post.😍Congratulations and you’ll have to post a pic or two once it’s installed!

      1. Thank you Anne!! I sure will! I e been jumping out of my boots all day with excitement! I can’t wait to have it in hand. I don’t know how she does it, but I saved the page so I could continue shopping-truly amazing pieces turning up in her search. Have a great weekend!😘

        1. I can’t wait to see!! This is so exciting! I’m so happy you liked this one. Save any items you like, and you’ll start seeing similar items appear in your FBMP feed :) It’s really just keywords and time spent mindlessly scrolling. Ha!

    2. YESSSS!! Super score. I’m a little jealous, not going to lie. Haha!

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Savannah, GA please!

    1. You got it! That will be a fun one, Elizabeth.

  11. Jennifer Laura says:

    These are SO good! I’m always on the hunt down here in Houston, Texas- actually picking up an AMAZING bar cart today and another incredible chandelier find tomorrow, but it’s so fun to see what’s out there in other locales!

    1. That’s wonderful news! It sounds like you’ve been finding lots of great things. I did share a Dallas post a few months ago, but I haven’t searched Houston yet!

  12. Viktorija says:

    I love these posts! 😍 Could you add Raleigh/Durham (NC) as one of your locations?

    1. So happy to hear that, Viktorija! I just added Raleigh/Durham to the list- I bet there are some real treasures in your area :)

  13. When I saw the search city was Riverside, I just knew it had to be “for” Lauren! Lucky Lauren!! 💗 I’m shocked that it’s difficult to find great pieces in CA, but I’m absolutely not shocked that pricing is higher. As for unique finds AND finding quality pics, you are definitely the search queen, Sarah! You find THE best stuff on FBMP, Etsy, and Pinterest for sure.
    Love these posts, but you already did Denver and SLC, right? Dang it. Santa Fe isn’t “too” far and I’d be curious to see what you can find that isn’t “80’s Southwest Kitch”. ;-)

    1. Totally! Haha! Those California price tags, whew! Utah may have slim pickings, but it’s pretty inexpensive in comparison. I love scrolling and “wasting time” on all three of those platforms, Anne. You know me well! Lol! I bet Santa Fe is a tough one. I’m definitely picturing the southwest kitsch. We get a lot of that here too, though… or the ranching / wild west vibes (and not in a cool Ralph Lauren kind of way). It’s fun to see what treasures each state holds! Thinking of you guys and Callie! I hope she is making a turn for the better.

  14. Washington, DC! I second Lauren’s comment about always searching, but never finding! Would be curious how you go about finding all these goodies. That burl sofa table – swoon!!!

    1. I’m adding DC to the list, Amanda! Maybe I’ll do a keyword post with FBMP tips. It sounds like that may be helpful. I’m not convinced my process is the “right” one, but it works pretty well and I’d be happy to share :)

  15. Danielle Hilgeman says:

    Dayton or Cincinnati Ohio!!!

  16. I live in Bend, OR and I swear I look at every single thing on FBMP every single day (and Craigslist, and Offer Up) and the ONLY place I score are the thrift stores (though I did just get a perfectly good Dyson vacuum from FBMP for $50). It would be so much fun for you to do a Bend post, but Portland, OR will probably give you a MUCH easier time sourcing, which would still be fun!

    1. Adding it to my list, Shar! :)

    1. It’s on the list, Teri :)

  17. Lamp update: The lamp is here and installed; I’m completely in love with it! It now lives in our primary bedroom. Our bed area reminds me of an alcove, because the adjacent walls mirror each other in length-they come out almost the same length as our bed, and it creates a wonderful sense of escape. My bedside table currently has a table lamp, while Jeff really has no need. The one thing the builders got right was the electrical plan in our primary-where I was able to position the lamp is close enough to his bedside table that it illuminates the entire area, making it a functional option for him- because if I’m being honest the overhead fan and light kit are absolute junk in the way of lighting. Plus…it looks like a brown onion🙄. I digress…
    This lamp sadly isn’t vintage, and most likely is an older version of a light currently available. For those of you that would love to have something like this here’s a link: https://humanhome.co/products/lynea-plug-lamp
    This is the exact size of the light I have; they also offer a 60” version-although none of them have a brass option. Womp, womp, womp. This company is Los Angeles based, established in 2011. They have some really amazing modern style fixtures if that’s your jam!
    All in all, I’m thrilled! This was an absolute steal compared to the price on their website. I was able to strike a deal with the seller and snagged it for $160. It puts out a great deal of light on its own, is well made, and so unique! I did modify the hanging mechanism- if you look at the picture Sarah supplied, you can see that the eye hook attaching the support to the wall sits off to the side- I removed the hook, and positioned it to sit on the underside of the support, so that when you’re looking at the light head on, you don’t see the hardware attaching it to the wall. The support itself can move up or down and is able to be positioned wherever you’d like for aesthetics. It’s the show stopper of our bedroom now, and is motivating me to bring the rest of the room to where I’d like it to be. Thank you Sarah for diving into some great finds in my area!

    1. I love hearing that, Lauren! Even if it’s not vintage, I still REALLY love the clean look of it. You can tell it was well engineered, and very cool that it was made in California. What a great deal you got! I also like that you can move it up or down- definitely a sculptural piece of art that is functional for your bedroom. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us!! :)

  18. Just purchased the floral oil painting you have listed on this blog. It was listed on Facebook Marketplace in Los Angeles for $30. The frame was no longer with it. The previous owner loved it, but never found a spot on her wall. In doing research I came across the painting on your blog. I am happy to know a little more about it’s past lives and look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.

    1. I love hearing that! I’m so happy you were able to get, Kim. It’s a beautiful piece and I loved hearing about the story. Thank you for sharing :) Enjoy!