Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I’ve got a new Facebook Marketplace Finds post lined up for you today. Somehow I spaced and skipped July’s post. I knew I missed scrolling last month! This week, I scoured Raleigh (per request from my previous post) and the surrounding cities. While I did find lots of stunning decor, furniture, and lighting- the pricing was all over the place. Therefore you’ll notice some extremely high and very low prices packed into this post… from one end to the other. I wanted to share a good representation of the overall secondhand market there. Being in North Carolina, the custom & designer furniture mecca, you can probably guess there are some seriously high-end gems to uncover. Even if Raleigh isn’t close to you, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. You know the drill… click through for the good stuff!

Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Vintage Rug

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comThis gorgeous Turkish rug is priced to sell at $650 and it’s a nice large size- measuring almost ten feet long! I actually love the way the seller has it styled, layered on top of a natural rug.

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Ballard Servers – Set of 3

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comThis listing is for three Ballard Design servers or hutches. They have both open and closed storage, as well as a white marble counter. I’m into the color and think these would be really fun to style in a kitchen or dining room!

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Theodore Alexander Console

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comThis is one of the higher-end pieces I previously mentioned, and the price tag certainly reflects that. This incredible Theodore Alexander console is listed for $1,900… but believe me when I say- this piece was probably cost around $5-6k new. The details are impeccable and it has all the bells and whistles!

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Rowe Furniture Daybed

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comOddly enough, when designing my home office, this was the daybed I initially wanted and specified for the space in my design plan! It’s a custom piece made by Rowe Furniture and is definitely down filled with a kiln dried frame. It looks like it could use some TLC, but with some Folex spot cleaner, a good handheld shampoo unit, and some cushion fluffing- I know it would clean up nicely and look good as new. It’s listed at $500, which is a steal for this piece.

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Vintage Fireplace Surround

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comI thought this fireplace surround was really classic and charming. I love the notched corner details and the dentil moulding beneath the mantel. For $50, this would be a really fun and rewarding project piece!

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Gilded Italian Mirror

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comThis heavy gilded mirror has a great scale, was made in Italy by Palladio and has a lovely timeless look. I could see this living in an entryway or hall! It has been listed for over 5 weeks at $500, so I’m willing to bet there is some room for negotiation. I’d try offering $400 and see what happens.

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Lee Industries Settee

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comAnother fun designer piece (with terrible image quality, unfortunately)… this settee comes from Lee Industries and is also down filled with a velvet / cotton upholstery blend. It’s very high-end and would be amazing in a hall, entryway, or nestled at the back of a breakfast nook. It’s a fun piece and I love the color- which reminds me of my own sofa! I’d offer $600 and see if the seller negotiates… it’s well worth it.

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Ralph Lauren Woven King Bed

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comHow cool is this woven Ralph Lauren bed?! I would totally buy this if I lived closer. It’s amazing and fits a king size bed. Even the rails are woven. Sure, it could use a little touching up and a good clean, but this would be beautiful and unique in a primary suite. For $300, it’s a good find. These kind of pieces never go out of style.

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Antique Accent Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comYou’ve got to click through and give this accent table a better look. It has some stunning details and is priced at $55! I adore the tabletop shape and the stretcher base. It’s gorgeous and would be ideal for an entryway!

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Marble Pedestal Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Raleigh, NC - roomfortuesday.comThis marble bistro table isn’t vintage, but it’s a good staple piece of furniture. Style it at a breakfast nook, on the patio, in a sunroom, or the home office. You can’t go wrong with marble and wrought iron. Someone go grab this for $60… what a deal!

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds post! Let me know where you would like me to search next. This series is always really fun for me. I’ve been on the hunt for some things locally, so I’m also hoping this will give my own algorithm a little refresh or boost. Fingers crossed for some good scrolling in the coming weeks. Happy vintage hunting, secondhand shopping, and discovering designer pieces. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning1 Raleigh does not disappoint! I love those Ballard Servers. In my next kitchen, I envision some unfitted pieces, and these would be perfect. That console is way too classy and formal for my home, but how stunning! Those Medusa head pulls and brass inlay? Hubba, hubba. Of course, that daybed is awesome; I think a pretty slipcover would make it perfect for my muddy dog house. How I wish my fireplace wore that simple, lovely mantle. Sniff. Oh my gosh, Boise FB recently had that exact Lee Industries settee (but skirted) in a pretty taupe for…$50!! I watched it for weeks with absolutely no need for it. My favorite piece is the Ralph Lauren bed! Those woven rails? How fun to design an entire room around that showstopper. Thanks, as always, for the algorithm-boosting, virtual shopping trip! My FB has been serving some primo pieces lately. Nothing that I need just yet, but the hunt is entertaining.
    I hope your scuba certification was successful! Diving in SLC always seems strange, but how nice that you can complete your training close to home. Cheers to a relaxing weekend! Happy Pizza Friday, friends!💜🍕

    1. Aren’t those servers pretty? I think they’d be so much fun to style! Every time I visit High Point Market, I make an appointment at the Theodore Alexander showroom just to gawk at the insane craftsmanship and quality of their furniture. The attention to detail is the best. I’m willing to bet the inside of that console is lit, has soft close everything, really cool storage that can be transformed and configured in multiple ways, a charging station, and other cool features. I love your idea of adding a slipcover to that daybed- another practical and beautiful solution, in case the stains don’t lift! That Lee settee is so charming. I wish I had a breakfast nook, because that’s what I’d swoop up! Don’t even get me started on that Ralph Lauren Bed… I would most definitely design an entire room around that thing. It’s incredible! Send me some of your FBMP luck.. I’ve been on the hunt for specific things and have had zero lucky these past few months. Scuba went great, thanks for asking. We both passed our advanced cert and will be all set for Bali later this year. Diving in Utah is certainly strange, but I’m thankful it’s inexpensive and close by. We dive in lots of geothermal hot springs and lakes here, which is kind of neat to see the bottom floor bubbling (and warm water). Although it was odd to swim with so many lake fish over the weekend… I much prefer tropical fish in new to us destinations, ha. I hope you have a fabulous cool weekend ahead with your new A/C! Enjoy your pizza, if that’s what you’re having tonight!! xo

  2. Melanie T says:

    My favorite: also the Ralph Lauren bed frame but I could never get it because then I’d have to upgrade to a new king bed. Had to laugh at the comment from the rug owner on why she was releasing the rug. Yes I’ve broached painting my morning reading room blush and it has not gone over well, so I settled for a lamp base with that color. Marriage does come with consessions. Question Sarah: how do you tell how long an item has been listed? I guess I haven’t been paying attention to that. I always just pay the asking price. Could you do Minneapolis sometime in the future?

    1. That bed frame is incredible! It’s probably my favorite from the post. I also laughed at there rug description and trying to appease her husband. Haha! Ah, the compromises that come with marriage. To tell how long an item has been listed, look just below the price and above the message button, you’ll see small copy that reads, “listed 8 weeks ago in Salt Lake City” with the details.

  3. Funny thing, I had a dream last night I was in an antique store and they asked me what I was looking for. Ha! I was walking around trying to find pictures, brass or marble. Then I opened your blog post…dreams are weird like that.
    Nice pieces you found! The Lee Industries settee (love the shape and size) and accent table (legs) are my favorite. The gilded mirror is interesting with the shovel behind the basket of flowers. Don’t know why that bothers me. I guess shovels and gardens or flowers go hand in hand, Ha! I believe that you not getting the Rowe daybed ended up being a good thing. Yours turned out better and the quality shows.
    I’ll just wish everyone a happy weekend! Hope yours is a good one Sarah! xoxo

    1. Haha!! I love that, Danna. I’m really happy with my daybed and was glad to find a local company who could make it for me… I totally agree- that worked out even better. I hope you have a good weekend ahead! I also hope you had a great time with your son this week :) Happy Friday, Danna!

  4. Raleigh really is a gold mine! Pieces from there pop up in my feed from time to time and it’s got me convinced I’m living in the wrong region. Lol. The Ballard servers are unique and would be so cute in a dining room. I second Peggi’s “hubba hubba” on the console table. The skeleton key and tassel are the perfect topper to the Medusa head hardware. I’m also loving the fireplace surround after finding the perfect one on FBMP…sadly the size was 4 inches too short. This is the classic detail I’d be looking for in a surround. The settee is perfect!! I’m looking for something similar for our soon to be breakfast nook in the kitchen. I love the color on this one and the texture looks drool worthy. Fingers crossed I’ll now find something similar in my area. The favorite of the day is the Ralph Lauren bed. I mean…words can’t capitulate the string of thoughts I have in my head over this one. What a find! I’d jump at that one in a heartbeat if it were closer. It’s time to check my own feed after saving these goodies; cheers to a warm weather weekend and all the Friday feels. We have another quote for A/C this morning…pray for us, lol. Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Right? I’m with you… I think I live in the wrong place based on my vintage preferences. Haha! Bummer about the fireplace surround being too short. I hate when that happens. I loved that little Lee settee- and I know it’s amazing quality. When I was designing for clients, I purchased a LOT of furniture from Lee Industries. I couldn’t believe that bed… I wish it were closer. Fingers crossed you’re able to find the things you need. How did the A/C quote go? Eek. I was thinking of you! Ours is fixed, but the replacement estimates were ridiculous. I know they’re on their last leg. Oof.