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Fun LTK Vintage Finds - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! Although a short week, this one certainly has seemed to drag along. Anyone else feeling like this work week has felt exceptionally long? I’m looking forward to getting organized and regrouping this weekend, but first- I’ve got a fun vintage post lined up for you! The holidays are always so busy, I didn’t get time to scroll Facebook Marketplace, so I was due for a fun leisurely vintage shopping search to kick off the year. This month, I searched our old home city… Dayton, Ohio! It gave me all the nostalgic feels of our time there… it’s also fun to know where each item is actually located. For all of my friends and family in Dayton- I hope you’re able to snag some fun things from this post. There was no shortage of vintage Ethan Allen to be found in the Buckeye State. Even if you’re not located in Ohio, if you see something you like- be sure to save it. This will help refine your algorithm, which will result in serving you similar items in your local area. Click through to see what I dug up on FBMP this month… lots of gems in this one!

Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Visual Comfort Floor Lamp

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comFirst up, a Visual Comfort light fixture. Designed by Randall Powers, this popular floor lamp typically retails in the $800s. It’s currently listed at $425, but has been on the market for a few weeks. I’d offer $375 to start and see where it goes.

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Antique Marble Chest

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comThis heavy marble top antique chest piqued my interest. The front panels almost look like burl, flame mahogany, or tiger oak- though it’s tough to tell with the blurry images. It’s listed at $280, which seems like a great deal if it’s in good shape!

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Ethan Allen Parson Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comI love a classic parsons chair. This timeless shape is ideal for an office, studio, entryway, or of course- the dining room. These are vintage Ethan Allen and are upholstered in a classic ticking stripe. Snag the set for $225… though I’m thinking you could offer as low as $150 to get the negotiation started. They’ve been listed for a few weeks and post holiday, people are eager to get rid of things and declutter.

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Vintage Cane Ottoman

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comThis cute cane ottoman has obviously been painted matte black, and for the price ($90), it’s not a bad little foot rest, seat, or side table. It has a good classic shape, great texture, and would be ideal in a living space, bedroom, primary bath, walk-in closet, or even a home office. I’d style it with a stack of books or a candle. I could totally envision something like this in a reading nook, too.

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Brass Pottery Barn Sconces

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comI appreciate a sconce with a metal shade- especially in a brass finish. This Pottery Barn pair is listed at $125, which seems like a good bargain. These could be installed in so many places.

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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comI’m not entirely sure how or why my search captured these Lee Industries barstools because they’re a bit of a haul from Dayton (but still doable). These are top notch quality, are upholstered in a timeless neutral fabric, and have a great sturdy frame. For $1500, these are well worth it (take it from a designer who used to source & sell Lee). I’ve been to their showroom in North Carolina many times. These are high-end designer upholstery and will last for years to come.

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Schumacher Ethan Allen Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comAnother crazy find in Dayton… these (what appear to be) Schumacher upholstered Le Tigre chairs are insanely cool. Again- they’re vintage Ethan Allen. I’m VERY tempted to ask my sister to go pick these up for me, ha. They’re listed at $500, which is such a deal… but the seller mentions in the listing, “will entertain reasonable offers.” I’d offer $400 and see if it works.

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Demilune Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comSurprise… more vintage Ethan Allen. Haha! I had no idea Dayton was a hot pocket for EA furniture, but here we are. You know I can’t resist a charming demilune table and this one has a great scale and stain finish. It’s really lovely and is listed at $600. It has been on the market forever (20+ weeks), so I think you could start as low as $300. Who knows- maybe the seller is newly motivated?

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Down Chaise Lounge

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comThis giant chaise lounge isn’t a looker in the photos, but believe me- I think it’s nice and could be salvaged! It appears to be custom down upholstery and while it could stand some professional (or Folex) cleaning, cushion fluffing, and proper styling- this is a diamond in the rough. For $325, It think it will go pretty quickly. Can’t you imagine curling up with a throw blanket, coffee, and book here this winter? Style it alongside a floor lamp or hinge arm sconce. I think it could be a new favorite seat in the house!

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Woven Furniture Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Dayton, OH - roomfortuesday.comThis woven furniture set includes a sofa as well, but I think the chairs are most amazing. They’re obviously high-end and designer… they’re giving me Mark D. Sikes vibes. I could totally see these styled in a sunroom! They could easily be cleaned or reupholstered, but they’re a unique shape that could be very cool in the right space. They also look super comfy.

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds post! This is actually a prime time to list and buy secondhand items, as people are cleaning house, decluttering, and looking to make a little extra cash post holidays. Don’t be afraid to negotiate! Emmett & I have actually been listing lots of furniture and outdoor gear we didn’t really use last year, and things have been going pretty quick.

Where should I search next month? Drop your city requests into the comment section below, and I’ll do my best to accommodate. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead. With all this snow, we’re hoping to get in some skiing… though we did plenty of that over our holiday break. It’s always fun to enjoy fresh mountain air and breathtaking views. Do you have any fun plans? Is anyone else in organization mode? I am, but I also still have our holiday up and am enjoying it a bit longer. Have a good one, friends!

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Some great finds in Ohio! I’ll just say, “Gimme all the chairs!” Not to brag, but before I entered my lamp era, I was something of a thrifted chair aficionado.🤣 I adore those tiger chairs; you should totally get them! Although that chaise appears a bit lumpy and dingy, I could envision lovely evenings in its capacious comfort with my doods! My favorites are the woven pair! Love their shape and swivel. I long for a sunroom (or just some sun at this point…), but they also definitely say summer camp to me. While I don’t favor sets of furniture, that seems like quite a deal for 2 sofas and 2 chairs! As for the darling cane ottoman, I’m a little sad about the paint…but it’s a handy size and cute shape. Also, a couple of classic light fixtures! This is a well-timed post because I’ve lately destroyed my algorithm by searching for gardening items. Nothing pretty in that section! And nothing pretty out my windows either. We’ve reached the rainy, gray part of the program: not my fave. Sigh. Time to dream about tomato vines and scheme my next dinner party. Cheers to Pizza Friday, Sarah!🍕🍷

    1. You and me both, Peggi! Gimme all the pretty chairs- especially the tiger print ones. Ha! I need to convince my sister to drive for them. We shall see. I could totally see the chaise becoming a dood snuggle chair. It could certainly benefit from some proper fluffing or added fill. I love all woven furniture, lighting, and decor. I think it’s the texture and warmth… summer camp / lake house vibes for sure. I’m not mentally ready to think about gardening season YET, but hopefully soon. I’m waiting until February / March to see if all this snow has helped with our water & drought situation (fingers crossed). I would love to start our garden back up and be able to keep it alive with regularly watering. We’re having the same gray weather, but with a mix of snow and rain. Do you have a good dairy free, gluten free pizza recipe? I’ve been loving your vegan recs!! Hope your weekend was a good one :)

  2. Would love it if you could search a Canadian city (Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal but only because those are the closest to me!). I don’t know if it’s because we have a smaller and more spread out population or if it’s because we just don’t have access to some stores but it seems that there is less to choose from and I don’t come across too many items of interest. I did find a set of 6 Chinese Chippendale chairs for a bargain (had to drive 2 hours each way in a snow storm but it was worth it!) but haven’t had much luck otherwise.

    1. Why have I not thought to search a Canadian city, yet?! Great idea, Esther! I’ll add those three to my list. Starting our e-commerce shop really helped to shed light on the dismal shipping to Canada situation for me. I hate that for my Canadian friends! We’re actually trying to decide if we should continue to ship to Canada because we lose money every single time. We’re always in the negative and we’ve tried everything. The shipping charges are outrageous- no matter which carrier we try. The duty fees are also insane, and we had to spring those additional fees on the consumer. It’s really too bad and confusing, since we’re all on the same landmass. Your Chippendale chairs sound amazing and worth the crazy snowy drive. I’ll see what I can find for you on FB!

  3. Good morning!! Another exciting round of FBMP, and I’m loving all the finds. Ethan Allen, yes please! Starting with the parsons chairs- while not exactly the style I would choose for my dining room, the sleek shape is classic and timeless, and the high back is to die for. On to the Le Tigre chairs- are we for real right now?!!! How are these on FBMP?! I’m dyyyying. You know I love a fun animal print, and these are stunning. Still looking for the perfect spot to incorporate a print like this. The demilune table is gorgeous, and I’m digging the contrast of the inlays. Saved this one to find a smaller size in my area. I am in full organization mode over here, which has led to pulling down Christmas. I’m doing a deep dive in each room in hopes of resolving our catch-all areas once and for all. I’m taking my time, but so far half of the second floor is complete, and about 3/4 of the way there on the main floor. It’s such a nice feeling to take inventory, purge where necessary, and reorganize for the year ahead. A few problem areas and pain points were able to be resolved and that’s making my heart happy. Cheers to the purge and FBMP finds to kick off the year! I hope you all have a great pizza Friday!

    1. Hi Lauren! SO much Ethan Allen floating around Dayton. I think those parsons chairs would be so perfect at the head of a table or flanking a sideboard in the dining room… or even in the corner of a home office, stacked with books. They’re just super classic! Don’t get me stared the Le Tigre chairs- I was LOSING. MY. MIND. over those. I need to call my sister about looking into those. I’m with on being in organization mode. Same here, friend. All of our indoor Christmas decor came down over the weekend, so now I just need to tackle our exterior wreaths. I was kind of hoping the snow resting on them would melt before I have to pull them down, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’ll probably have to thaw and dry them in the garage before I put them away. Oof! I feel like you and are being so productive lately. High five! Cheers to purging and getting organized, indeed. I hope you had an amazing weekend!

  4. Hi Sarah, Happy New Year! Last time you inspired me to look at my local facebook marketplace (Houston, TX), I found a brass & marble coffee table for $25 to replace a rustic coffee table that I’ve had for decades. When I brought it home and did an online search, I found out that it’s still available, for $1,900.00 (new)!! I love these posts, and your style!

    1. Happy New Year to you, Angelica! I love hearing about your FBMP finds! What a fun score. I love when that happens… getting a great deal, then finding out it’s worth so much more. You have a good eye!

  5. Viktorija says:

    I love these posts! So much fun to read and see what items can be found in other cities. I’d love a FBMP post for Roanoke, VA!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that, Viktorija! I’m adding Roanoke to my list :)

  6. Your hometown: Salt Lake City or Provo. Maybe the counties? I also hear ksl has a site for resale?

  7. Happy New Year! I would love a post for Coppell, TX (suburb of Dallas). 🤗

    1. Happy New Year, Melissa! Adding it my list :) thank you!

  8. Hi Sarah l! I love your style and your insight into FB marketplace is always helpful! Would love a Philadelphia/Philly suburb post!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I’ll add Philly to the list. Hope you’re having a great week!