Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I feel like I’ve been MIA this week. It has been a busy one over at the Tuesday Made shop as we’re gearing up to launch lighting next week (very exciting!). I also had a loved one pass away this week who was near and dear to my heart, which has had my mind elsewhere these past few days. Anyway, big thanks to Peggi for pulling through with that stellar January moodboard post! Did you read it? Her writing is truly my favorite and she has fully persuaded me I need to implement burgundy somewhere in our home. That beautiful post on Wednesday was the highlight of my week. In true Friday fashion and to properly kick off the weekend, I thought a cheerful Facebook Marketplace Finds post was in order. Next on the request list was Boston, Massachusetts, so that’s the city I scoured this month. Scrolling vintage and secondhand designer goods always lifts my spirit. The east coast is filled with treasure and it’s always easy to find the good stuff. I’ll admit, these finds took little to no effort thanks to my honed FBMP algorithm. Pro tip- even if this isn’t your home city, be sure to save the items you like to help refine your algorithm. That should help provide similar results in your local area! Click through to check out my finds…

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Marble Top Sideboard

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comThis antique walnut chest has a gorgeous marble top, the hardware is beautiful, and it appears to be in pristine condition. It’s being sold by an antique dealer and has been listed for over three weeks, so I bet you could offer a bit less and negotiate. It has an excellent sense of scale and would be perfect for a primary bedroom or bath! Isn’t the wood finish lovely?

Marble Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comLooking for a unique coffee table? This marble table is what my dreams are made of. I love the ogee edge, curvy shape, and traditional iron legs. It’s unique in the best way and has a nice patina going. For $50, this is a steal!

Vintage Baker Furniture Desk

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comI had to show the side view of this Baker Furniture desk because WHOA!! Check out those legs. The details on this desk are impeccable- the medallion detail that finishes the center stretcher, the burled walnut wood, and the fact that is has closed storage makes this desk a major win. It has been listed for seven weeks and is currently being sold for $500, which I would personally be willing to pay, but maybe start at $425 / $450 and see what happens?

Ralph Lauren Buffet Lamps

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comDo these buffet lamps look familiar? They should because I own a pair- as seen in the Tuesday Made dining / break space! Mine didn’t photograph nearly as nice under my fluorescents in the office, but they’re Ralph Lauren brand and are really beautiful in person. The quality is excellent and I love the silk shades. They’re listed at $150 for the pair. I’d offer $125 and cross my fingers for a little bit of a deal (even though they’re worth much more).

Restoration Hardware Linen Headboard

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comOk… ignore the crumply pillow styling and focus on the linen headboard. Although I know that beautiful art is also a little distracting. The slipcovered headboard is Restoration Hardware brand and it is made of Belgian linen. It’s queen size and has been listed for a few weeks, so I’m thinking you could probably get this for $275 / $300? It’s a great neutral staple that could be dressed up with pretty bedding and nice bedside tables.

Barley Twist Henredon Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comYou know I have a soft spot for barley twist! This charming pedestal side table contains many of my favorite things: beautiful wood grain, a barley twist base, and it’s Henredon brand. The listing also says “make me an offer”, so I think you could take the listing price way down. I’d say $200, if you’re lucky. It seems like the seller is ready to get rid of this beautiful piece anyway.

Velvet Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comWill I ever find a camelback sofa in the Salt Lake area? I find them in every other city I’ve searched, and you’re probably not surprised that I love this classic bench seat sofa with the charming curves. I even like the rosey mauve color. I wonder if it could be cleaned up? If not, the base is fantastic, it has good bones (I’m willing to bet it’s a high-end designer brand), and it could easily be reupholstered. Obviously the arm covers would have to go. This one gets a yes from me.

Henredon Flame Mahogany Server

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comThis flame mahogany server has a stunning shape and the top unfolds to double in size. This functional vintage piece is ideal for a classic dining room. Can you imagine a great oil painting or modern work of art installed above it with a gallery light? That would make a lovely focal point and vignette. It’s listed at $350, which I feel is very reasonable.

Wedgewood Lot

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comWedgewood alert!! Snag any of these pieces for just $5 each… that’s bananas. I wish I lived near Burlington because I’d pick these up in a hurry. There are plenty of good pieces in this lot and they won’t last long!

Antique Side Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boston, MA - roomfortuesday.comLast but not least, a cute little side table with a small drawer. This antique table is really beautiful but could use some love. For $35, I’d jump! It’s a great versatile table that has classic character. It actually reminds me of the table I have nestled between the windows in my office (see it here). Only this one is much more interesting since it’s an antique. I’m sure it’s better constructed as well. I feel like the drawer is most likely dovetail.

Did anyone else miss this series? I sure did! My last Facebook Marketplace Finds post was back in October. I took a few months off, as holiday related posts displaced some of my regular ones. It was fun to dive back into FBMP and do some digging. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend ahead! Emmett and I will be making our homemade pizza tonight, which I’m very much looking forward to. Cheers to the weekend ahead! We’re hoping to relax, but also be productive- the perfect mix of both sounds ideal.

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  1. Good morning! Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I’m sending you warm hugs and comforting presence. I agree that a good FBMP scroll can be a soothing distraction, and there’s no denying the bounty of the East coast. So many beautiful old wooden pieces in this selection! The marble-topped chest with those heavy drop knobs? Wonderful! That little marble cocktail table’s unique shape? A clear winner. Dang, I would grab that barley twist table in a hot second! Who doesn’t need another petite table? The stunning grain on the top and the delicacy of the barley twist clearly telegraph its quality. I love the fretwork on the mahogany server, and did you catch the tony horsebit loafers on the dude photographing it? Haha. I miss New England. And what’s not to love about that precious antique table? I so enjoy how even a modest item was embellished with marquetry on three different surfaces. That’s craftsmanship. Those RL lamps remind me that I need to resume my buffet lamp search. Such classic design. Speaking of that, a luscious velvet-covered camelback sofa screams swanky library to me, although I think we both know it would be a posh pooch perch. And finally, yes to the Wedgwood! I’ve been drawn to that matte finish and creamy relief lately, but I haven’t stumbled upon any genuine examples in my area. I did thrift an interesting brown (?!) knockoff that I weirdly love. Anyway, thanks for the virtual shopping trip to New England! (RFT Brimfield adventure anyone?) Happy Pizza Friday! Here’s to a rejuvenating weekend!💜🍕🍷🔥🤗

    1. Thanks, Peggi! I appreciate it- and thank you for the amazing post on Wednesday. That was SO beautiful… definitely my favorite moodboard you’ve shared :) The East coast is filled with so many beautiful pieces. Maybe we do need to take a RFT adventure and I’ll have to convince Emmett to haul a trailer to stuff our finds into. Haha! That sounds like my dream road trip and probably his nightmare. Lol! I also loved the fretwork on the mahogany server and definitely went back to check out the horsebit loafers- how did I miss those?! I thought that swanky camelback sofa would peak your interest. That really would be ideal for a library. It’s gorgeous and I’m digging the color. The dogs would most certainly curl up on that (as they’re both snuggled up on my daybed right now). I thought the $5/per Wedgewood piece was a fantastic price, and what a haul. I want to see your brown thrifted find- I bet it’s beautiful. We’ll all be daydreaming of New England thrifting adventures now. Happy Pizza Friday, friend! Here’s to a good weekend ahead. xox

  2. Sending prayers of comfort and hugs to you Sarah.

    1. Thank you so much, Traci! I really appreciate that. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead :)

  3. Oh Sarah I’m so sorry to hear you have lost a loved one. My heart goes out to you and your family. Sending hugs all round ❤️
    Peggi’s January mood board was beautiful ( Fabulous post 😍) and I agree you definitely have to add burgundy to your home this year. The front doors to our home in Canada are maroon on both sides and I adore the color, somehow I forgot to mention that.
    Your Facebook marketplace finds are fantastic. You have definitely given some valuable info for those in that area. The Pedestal table with the barley twist is gorgeous as is all the other pieces. What a lovely roundup indeed!
    Happy Pizza Friday! And maybe nurture yourself this weekend and take the time you need ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen. Big hugs! I appreciate your kind words. I loved, loved, loved Peggi’s post. She’s really good at those moodboards! I like hearing that your front doors are maroon- how did I not know that? What a beautiful color and entry to your home! I love a good FBMP scroll. I loved that little barley twist table- so charming. Happy Pizza Friday! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Enjoy some sunshine for me, please- I’m itching for a diving trip. Haha! We’ll definitely be taking it easy one day this weekend. xox

  4. So sorry for your loss Sarah! Prayers and hugs for you and your family.
    Your Facebook Marketplace is the best! Gosh, so many good items. Always love tables or chest with marble tops and the credenza is a good piece but I too love love the marble table. I too looked for a long time at the photos above the restoration hardware headboard…ha! Those pillows are distracting!! When I look at pieces I like I try to picture where I would put them in my home and no doubt the barley twist table would go in so many places. Someone grab that!
    Hope you find some peace this weekend in the memories of your loved one.

    1. Thank you, Danna! I appreciate that so much. I hope you’re feeling much better! Facebook Marketplace is always a lot of fun. Boston makes me wish Salt Lake had that caliber of furniture floating around locally. Ha! I love that little barley twist table. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, my friend. xo

  5. Melanie T says:

    Hi Sarah, Awesome finds! I love the buffet lamps and somehow missed that you had the ones. Do you happen to know the technical name for the round metal piece on the side of the Baker desk? I tried to find a replacement for one missing on a chair I have but my searches came up with nothing. I’m thinking I need the correct term. I tried “rosette” but maybe I need to seek out a furniture expert

    1. Hi Melanie! Thank you! I would call that a rosette hardware or stretcher medallion, but I’m not sure if that’s the technical name for that detail or not. I’m sorry! So fun that you have a Baker chair. I hope you find that missing piece- whatever it’s called. xo

  6. Oh Sarah, my heart is with you, Emmett, and your family. May the joyful memories you shared bring you comfort over the days of difficulty. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Now let’s talk about the wowza factor crammed into this post. The marble top sideboard is stunning; the drop handles being my favorite detail of all. The marble coffee table is perhaps my favorite piece this round. Every element is visually stunning. I love the unique shape with the ogee edge, and the detail on the legs is impeccable. I need to find this in my area, haha! The Baker desk…*swoon* I love that the medallions are intact on the stretcher-I’ve seen a lot of these over the years with the medallions completely missing. Someone close needs to snag this one! I’m on a burled wood obsession train right now and this is thoroughly steaming my engine. Up next for me is the barley twist table. Doesn’t everyone need one of these?? Hahaha! And last but certainly not least, the walnut server. 😱😱Does it get any better than this? Every last detail is beautifully intriguing, and this would be such a show stopping piece in a dining room. I have to slow my roll and not search sideboards and servers just yet. I have a whole huge room to renovate before I can furnish the new dining room. (You’re not making it easy, lol).
    Pizza Friday is certainly in order. I have TJ’s dough in the freezer just for the occasion. Let’s all support Sarah from afar today-make the pizza, mix a cocktail, and cheers to the life of her dear one, wherever you are. We all love you Sarah. I hope you’re able to take the time you need amidst the busy. ❤️😘

    1. Thanks so much, Lauren! I really appreciate that. Boston was packed full of fun furniture (as expected)! I wish we had these kind of items floating around Salt Lake FBMP. I’d be in trouble. Ha! So exciting about your new dining room- I can’t wait to see it all come together. Let me know if you need a second pair of eyes for anything :) I’ve got my TJ’s dough in the fridge right now and am anxiously awaiting pizza tonight. Cocktails are definitely in order. You are so sweet! I found out at the beginning of the week, so I’ve been processing these past few days (which probably explains my absence). Cheers to many laughs and happy memories- he will certainly be missed. I hope you and the fam have a wonderful weekend ahead! xox

  7. Oh, Sarah, we’re so, so sorry to hear of your loss. My dear aunt passed away in January last year—not the way anyone wants to start their year off, but I hope the memories of your time together will help comfort you. Eat all the pizza and cookies this weekend and maybe, next, as well. But seriously, do take time out for yourself if you need/want to, we’ll all still be here when you’re ready to come back. Sending lots of love and hugs your way….a&b 💕
    PS – as always an amazing roundup. Who knew I should have thrifted more when we lived back East. Oh, well, love getting to see what’s available in different parts of the country, as well as their prices! I’m all over that gorgeous camelback sofa, but lets be honest, the cats would be ALL OVER that sofa, too!

    1. Thank you, Anne! I remember seeing your post last year about your Aunt. It’s never easy, and definitely not the way anyone expects to kick off a new year. Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate you! We definitely had pizza, cookies, and all the comfort food this weekend. Hah! That sofa is super cool- I wish it were closer, I’d snag it. I’ve been wanting a camelback sofa for quite some time, though I have no idea where I’d put it. My antique desk is nearly finished, then I’ll be all set to photograph my office. Can’t wait to share! I hope you and Bill had a wonderful weekend. xox

  8. I’m sorry for your loss.

    1. Thank you, Dawn! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. xo

  9. Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry to read that a loved one passed away this week — that’s so hard. Sending you condolences and wishes for good memories that bring some healing down the line.

    Also want to say thanks for your wonderful blog. You produce such thoughtful, authentic-feeling content – it’s amazing you do so much with such a small team! And re: yesterday’s post: I live outside Boston so really enjoyed it! Can’t believe I don’t need any of these finds, but I do especially love that absolutely gorgeous desk and the barley twist side table. Everything you found is really good though!

    Again, warm wishes and much sympathy.

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! It’s never easy to say goodbye to those we love. I appreciate your kind words. You really made my day with your comment, thank you! It’s just me writing the posts and doing blog things over here (along with Peggi’s guests posts), so that means so much to me! Love to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading. I’m envious that you have so many beautiful finds floating around Boston. It’s a city I’ve surprisingly never visited, but it’s on my list someday. It seems wonderful and filled with history. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Thanks again for taking the time! xo

  10. Hi Sarah —
    Sending comfort and hugs to you and your family.
    I’ve never been much of a FB person ( I know I’m the minority!). I am wondering if you could do a post on how you search FB Marketplace to come up with such treasures. I have never found anything worth much. Maybe it’s where I live (Columbus, OH).
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Kim! I appreciate it. Ohio is filled with amazing finds (we used to live in Dayton)! I’ve actually already covered Columbus here: https://roomfortuesday.com/friday-fb-marketplace-finds-columbus-oh/ It’s an old post, but you can see what kind of items I searched for. It’s important to like or favorite items so that your algorithm understands what types of pieces you’re interested in. Then it will make similar recommendations. I also think it mostly boils down to time… the more time you put in to scrolling and searching, the better things you’ll find. I hope that’s helpful! Have a great Sunday :)

  11. I live in Boston and many of these are items I have saved. I actually was going to go get the drawers/chest this weekend, but j doing something I liked even more! I’ve also been in touch with the person selling the baker desk. The top is quite damaged and I don’t know how to repair a damaged veneer :/

    I always looking at your posts about finds- so fun to read!!

    1. I love hearing that, Gillian! So happy that you’ve enjoyed these marketplace posts :) Have a great week!