Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comIt’s that time… are you ready for another Facebook Marketplace finds post? Last month I received some requests for Idaho, so we’re scouring Boise for treasure (furniture and decor) today! You’re not going to believe what I found- something I’ve been on the hunt for. There were lots good things floating around my feed, and it’s a little too tempting because Boise is definitely drivable from where we live. It’s not a fun or a quick drive, but it’s doable. Decisions, decisions. Click through to check out my finds this month…

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Bedside Chests

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comDo these look familiar?! This is my exact bedside dresser that I’ve been on the hunt for. I only have one and have been looking for a second to make a pair in our primary bedroom. These are five and a half hours away from us. Should I do it? I don’t even know if the seller would split up the pair. They’re also located in Emmett, Idaho. Is that sign? Speaking of Emmett- he actually thinks I’m crazy for even considering. Ha!

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Antique Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comThis antique dining table is really special! I love the leg detail, and it comes with two chairs. This would be great in an office or studio, as well. It’s a beautiful timeless piece, and is only $150.

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Antique Chair Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comIs anyone in need of project chairs? It seems like the cane needs replaced or repaired on at least one of these, but they’re in pretty great shape and would be stunning in the right setting. I could totally see these charming chairs around a marble table for a French aesthetic. They’re listed at $115 for the set, which feels fair.

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Bedside Table Pair

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comMore bedside tables… these would be ideal in a smaller bedroom. I’m digging the traditional lines and lovely shape, but think they would look best re-stained or painted. Can’t you imagine them in black? That’s where my mind went! They’re $120 for the pair.

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Woven Trunk

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comI actually have one of these! It’s in one of our guest rooms and I get comments on it all the time. I love textural pieces like this that double as furniture and storage. It’s listed at $130, which is a lot more than I paid for mine, but it has been on the market for a week already. I’d offer $75 and see what happens.

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Antique Console

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comThis antique console stopped me mid scroll. This is another piece of furniture that might benefit from new paint or stain, but the ribbed texture is really nice! It’s listed at $85, but has been on marketplace for months. I’d message with $40 cash and an immediate pickup. Who knows! This could be a wonderful project.

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Iron Patio Pairing

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comIsn’t this iron patio set so fun and quirky? I love the spherical shapes. It would be great on a small balcony or on a patio with limited space. Styled a French pleated cushion on the chair, pour yourself a drink, and plop down with a good book. This could make a very charming outdoor living vignette! For $75, it’s a decent deal.

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Burl Side Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comThis burl side table is another piece with classic lines and traditional details. It’s in fantastic shape and is listed at $150. I’d offer $100 and see if they bite, since it has been on the market a week.

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Oversized Venus Bust

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comYou know I love a bust! Is anyone in need of a plaster project? This Venus statue is really quite large (over three feet)! It was just marked down to $185.

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Vintage Desk Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Boise, ID - roomfortuesday.comLast but not least, a burl desk pairing. This desk actually reminds me of the one I refinished a couple years ago. The shape is very similar, but the hardware is different. This one needs some work, too. I think it’s very overpriced (for FBMP), as it’s listed at $650 and has been on the market for over a month. It does come with a beautiful chair, but I think I’d offer half of that (and cross my fingers I don’t insult the seller). You never know- maybe they want to get rid of it.

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That’s it for this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know which city you’d like me to search next in the comment section below. I also need your advice on the bedside dressers… should I try to snag a match for mine? Decisions, decisions. I hope you have a great day and a fun weekend ahead!

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  1. Jordan Thomson says:

    So many good finds! And listen…that dresser listed with your nightstand is calling my name…Road trip?! Haha!

    1. Is it?!! Should we take a road trip? I messaged the seller and am waiting to hear back. That might sweeten the deal. ha!

  2. Would love to see you do this for Atlanta!!!

    1. Adding it to the list, Jill :)

  3. Great finds! I’m thinking you should try to work out a way to get your tables. I don’t think I’d drive that far and I doubt she would split up the pair but what are the chances you’ll find another? Buy the pair and sell or repurpose the one you have. I’m a bad influence! Seems like I read somewhere that you can use Greyhound for shipping larger items.

    I had a FBMP fail this week. I’ve been on the hunt for a concrete or otherwise ‘weathered’ bench for a wooded area behind our house. I had already missed out on 2 so was overly eager to jump on a listing without asking basic questions. I borrowed my husband’s truck and drove 30 mins to a very rural spot. I pull up, and there it sits – a child size (tiny) concrete bench. Thankfully he did not take Venmo when I offered so I had not paid him. Said “that’s not going to work” and got the hell out of there. I know better 🤦‍♀️

    1. I sent a message and am waiting to hear back! Sorry to hear about your FBMP fail this week. It sounds like you dodged the tiny bench, ha. Good move on the Venmo conversation! I need to remember that one if something isn’t as expected :) Smart!!

  4. Ditto on Melissa. If this is what you’ve been looking for Buy the pair and sell yours!! You won’t regret it. I’ve NOT done and that I regret!! Love these posts, with your ideas/vision for what these pieces could become or be paired with:)

    1. Thanks so much, Jes! I messaged the seller and am waiting to hear back… fingers crossed! xo

  5. Good morning! So, would you believe I already contacted the seller about those marble topped nightstands weeks ago? I didn’t think they were identical to yours; I’ve never noticed the columns on the corners. I’ve been searching for large stone-topped nightstands forever! When I messaged them, she would not split the casegoods, but that was a while back. If you convince her to change her mind, I’ll make you guys a nice dinner before you head back home!! As for your other finds, most of them have popped up in my feed. I don’t need any of those pieces, but I always look at the burl…just in case. I adore that dining table too; the turned legs and cropped corner details are sweet. I’m most in love with the Venus, though! She’s definitely not a justifiable expense right now, but I might creepily stalk her until she sells (or until the price is slashed to an irresistible low!). Thanks for verifying that I’m finding most of the covetable goods in my area! Cheers to almost the weekend!💜

    1. Really?!! I’m so bummed to hear she wouldn’t split them. I sent her a message and am waiting to hear back. If we end up making the drive, we will definitely have to stop by and say hello :) dinner would be the cherry on top! You are the sweetest. The oversized bust is really beautiful. I bet the price will go down, and I feel like not many people are into busts or statues in the same way we are. I’m guessing it will stay on marketplace for awhile. Maybe the seller will accept a lower price… definitely worth stalking for awhile! Did you have the best birthday yesterday?! I hope you enjoyed yourself and are celebrating all week long. Have the best birthday weekend ahead, Peggi! xo

  6. Good morning! I haven’t even read the rest of the post yet, but YOU HAVE TO!! Is there even a question here??!

    1. HAH!! I know, I know. I messaged the seller… now for the waiting game :)

  7. Ok…coffee is properly on board! I just about spit out my first sip when I saw that matching nightstand. If the seller won’t split I think it’s worth it to purchase the set. Hear me out- one of the tops on those nightstands is cracked, so you flip that one and sell it. You keep the one that’s not cracked, and refinish it to match yours. The dresser you sell to Jordan, and you keep the bed for one of your other guest rooms. With the exception of the one nightstand top, all of the items look to be in great condition. 5 hours isn’t too bad either-that’s halfway to SLC for me. Or as Californians measure distance-that’s a trip to Vegas with a stop for breakfast! Get your nightstand Sarah- Emmett Idaho?? And you questioned that??🤣😂🤣 As for the other finds…I’m digging the burled pieces, the ribbed table, and those sweet little nightstands. If I were closer I would snag that set of nightstands for the kids’ rooms…and yes, they definitely need to be black! Peggi are you going to snag that amazing bust?! I mean…that’s a statement piece! If I lived closer I’d snag that first thing. Amazing finds today Sarah. I can’t wait to see what city you pick next. Keep us all posted about the nightstand; I seriously hope you get it! Have an awesome Thursday!

    1. Haha!! Cheers! You have this all figured out, and I really like the plan, Lauren! Lol! A trip to Vegas with a stop for breakfast, I’m rolling! I think the universe is trying to tell me something. Thanks for being a good friend and pointing that out. Ha! I messaged the seller and am waiting to hear back. I’ll report with info when they respond. TBD!! Happy Thursday- hope you have an amazing weekend ahead. xo

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, you just have to get the nightstand (or both if necessary)!! You can make the drive productive — plan some phone calls to catch up with friends/family, or listen to a great audiobook.
    I loved all your finds. I would buy those bedside tables in a flash if I lived closer!
    Voicing my vote again for Westport CT (or NYC)!

    1. So true! IT’s a long drive, but I could definitely find ways to make the time pass more quickly. Adding Westport the my list :) Thanks Elizabeth!!

  9. Jonelle Riboni says:

    I would bit the bullet and buy both, you could always use the other somewhere else in the house. Or re-sell it… what are the odds you’ll find the exact match again?

    1. One of them is cracked, so I’m not sure I would use it, but I haven’t been able to find a match to complete my pair, so maybe it’s worth it. I messaged the seller, so we shall see :)

  10. Kaitlin J. says:

    Just chiming in with another vote to get the nightstands!! Even if she won’t split the pair, you can sell the 3rd one yourself and end up with a matching set. I think it being located in a town called Emmett means this is fate :) Can’t wait to hear what happens- hah!

    1. Haha!! That was kind of my thoughts. I messaged them… TBD!!

  11. I think its unanimous….get the nightstands! I don’t know anyone else who scores great finds on fbmp other than you. Road trip, road trip!
    I have all the feels for the dining room table and the woven basket. Would love if you gave us details on what key words you use or how you go about searching on the cites. I try to search for things and don’t have as much luck. Maybe because I only do it when I need something right away? More patience? I don’t know!
    Enjoy your Thursday! Let us all know what you decide…will be impatiently waiting! Ha!

    1. I messaged the seller and am waiting to hear back! We’ll see how it plays out :) I think finding the good stuff is just about spending time on the app (rather than key words). Save things that are in the style, material, designer, or aesthetic that you like (even if you don’t plan to buy), and the algorithm will adjust based on your saves. These finds pretty much all came from my feed- I didn’t do any searching… just scrolling! Hope you have a lovely Thursday, Danna! xo

  12. This is one of my favorite features!

    I’d go and get those bedside tables and make a weekend of it maybe. Maybe incorporate the third one somewhere else or sell it yourself?

    My unicorn is a bar stool that I have two of and need a third. I’d probably drive a very long while to buy like eighteen if I could just come across them! :D

    1. I love hearing that, Dawn! Bad news on the bedside tables- the seller doesn’t want to sell them to me. I’ll have to keep looking! It’s fun hearing about everyone’s unicorn pieces. Crossing my fingers your bar stool will turn up soon :)

  13. love all
    please do sacramento california

    1. Thank you! Adding Sacramento to the list :)