Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comHere we are well into September, and it’s already time for another Facebook Marketplace finds post! Time flies. Last month I received some requests for Georgia, so I scoured Atlanta and the surrounding areas this month (I always set my search parameter to a 100 mile radius). I found lots of inspiring home decor, furniture, and lighting- both vintage and new! Click through to check out my finds. Pro tip- even if you’re not based in Georgia, be sure to save the items you like to help refine your algorithm. That should help provide similar results in your local area! 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Rattan Dining Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comFirst up, a gorgeous rattan dining set. For $150, this set has serious potential! I could easily see this being installed in a small dining room or breakfast nook. If I were buying it, I’d replace the glass top with marble or stone, and potentially reupholster the dining chairs- although they seem to be in pretty good shape and the neutral fabric really isn’t bad. It’s a charming, classic look that would add warmth & texture!

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Iron & Marble Coffee Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comNext, I found a marble top coffee table with a traditional iron base. It was just listed at $100 and I feel like this one is going to go FAST. It looks extremely heavy and timeless. It would make a great foundation for any living space. The base is my favorite part of the design! Isn’t it gorgeous?

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Visual Comfort Hicks Pendants

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comMost everyone here has probably heard of Visual Comfort lighting or have heard me sing the praises of the designer lighting lines that can be found there. The beautiful Hicks Pendant comes from Thomas O’Brien’s lighting line and these pendants retail for $659 each… they’re also always backordered. These pendants are being sold for $300 each (less than half the retail cost) and they’re available for immediate pickup. Believe me when I say- these are a steal! Someone grab these for your kitchen or laundry room.

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Antique Dining Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comThe table base and intricate leg style with the stretcher is what really does it for me… this table is listed at $250 and it even comes with a leaf. It’s a stunning piece of furniture that I could envision in a dining room, or maybe even in an office- depending on the size.

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Marble Top Antique Chest

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comI feel like I’ve been finding a lot of these lately… but this one is in excellent condition and the marble top has a really pretty patina. This one seems to be available at an antique shop, but the price is really great: $129!! In my experience, antiques cost less in cities like Atlanta, where they’re more plentiful or readily available. This would be listed for $600+ here in Utah.

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Custom Mohair Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comThis custom sofa is pretty perfect and checks lots of boxes I love and look for: mohair fabric, a singular bench seat, down cushions, it’s a great neutral color, and it has a lovely fringe appliqué trim detail at the base. It is expensive, as it is listed at $2k, but it has been on the market for over two months. I’d offer $1200-$1500 and see what happens. It’s a stunning heirloom quality sofa!

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Dining Chair Set

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comNormally I’m not a fan of furniture makeovers, unless I’m customizing something to my liking for my own home… but these black & white cane dining chairs look nice and clean. They’re not bad! They could look really chic styled around a wood vintage (or perhaps even skirted) table. Can’t you see that pretty vision? They’re listed at $300, but have been on the market over a week… I’d offer $250.

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Buffet Table Lamps

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comOook, there is a LOT going on in this photo, so we have to really focus solely on the buffet lamps. The height, finish, and shape is really awesome (and the fact that they’re a matching pair)… the shades are meh, in my opinion. You could easily swap the shades and end up with a gorgeous designer look- especially for the $30 price tag! That’s right- $30 for the pair. Someone snag these!

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Modern Bernhardt Chairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comDid your designer recognition bell ding when you scrolled to these chairs? Bernhardt is a high-end furniture brand and these down side chairs have a really great modern shape. You already know I’m a fan of that arm style. It looks like they could use a good clean, but the fabric appears to be in good shape. These were just listed… $700 for the entire set (a sofa, the two chairs, and a coffee table). Personally, I think the chairs are the coolest, and the sofa and coffee table are just ok… but you could ask the seller if they’re willing to split it up?

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Antique Hall Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Atlanta, GA - roomfortuesday.comLast but not least, I stumbled across this really fun hall table! Doesn’t it have a really interesting shape? It’s an antique and is listed for $150. It may need a little work, but I could totally see this making a great conversation piece in an entry or hall.

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That’s it for this month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know which city you’d like me to search next in the comment section below. The short work week is zooming by over here. Emmett & I have been working around the clock to get all of your Tuesday Made orders out, from the Labor Day sale. Thanks again for being so supportive of our small business! You all are the best. I hope you have a great day and a fun weekend ahead! See you back here on Monday?

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  1. Great finds on this lovely Thursday morning! I’ve always wondered if exchanging a glass top for stone on a dining table or coffee table would look unnatural-like an obvious alteration. I’m not a fan of glass tops, but that rattan set is cute! Those Hicks pendants are a great reminder to search FB for light fixtures. I’ve stumbled upon some interesting examples in my area. The prices in Atlanta seem much better than I would expect; that dining room table and Eastlake dresser are cheap! (Especially since one is in a shop) $30 for those buffet lamps?! I have wanted a pair for my mantle for ages; I would love them with a set of tortoise shell shades. I guess the mohair sofa price isn’t terribly high, but wouldn’t you fix the seat cushion before you photographed?! I adore those square Bernhardt chairs, but I prefer when sellers list individually priced pieces. Who wants to buy someone’s whole look or a “set” of anything? (Although, I just found on Boise Craigslist a vintage mirrored Ello bedroom set that made me rethink my entire aesthetic.😍) These posts really are fun! I enjoy seeing what’s available in other places, and I’ll take any help my algorithm can get.
    Have a spectacular weekend! I’m making a Hobbit house cake for a sweet 10 year old, and we’re expecting rain! See you Monday, friend!💜

    1. Thank you, thank you! I used to have a glass rattan dining set that I inherited from my dad after he passed, but it didn’t end up making the cross country move from Ohio to Utah with us. My plan was always to swap the glass top. I think making it feel cohesive is dependent on the environment and the space it exists in. Marble would be beautiful- or even wood! I agree- the prices in Atlanta were better than expected! Ooooh, you also have me imagining those buffet lamps with tortoise shades… that would be perfect! My pet peeve is odd listing FBMP photos and not sharing dimensions. I’m with you, why not fluff the sofa cushion and remove the pillows so people can actually see the entire sofa? Drives me nuts! I also echo your sentiments on selling sets. Nobody wants to commit to an entire living room set, bedroom set, etc. I feel like sellers could actually get more for their items if they list separately. Yes, it’s more work, but I think in the end- it works out better for both parties. A hobbit house cake?! That sounds so adorable. I can’t wait to see photos! Enjoy your rainy day baking in the kitchen- that sounds absolutely perfect. xo

  2. I love these posts! Could you do St. Louis next please?

    1. I’m so happy to hear that, Becky! Adding St Louis to my list :)

  3. So many great finds!! I’ve been scrolling FBMP quite a bit lately-not necessarily hunting for anything, but taking the time to really hone in my algorithm. It’s finally starting to pay off. I’m in love with the mohair sofa, and the pendant lights. Such bargains! The stone top coffee table is the dreamiest-and already sold. Georgia had some amazing finds this morning! Cheers to a fun weekend ahead friends! I’ll see you all back here Monday. Xo 😘

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I’ve been doing the same… lots of scrolling, but unless something incredible comes along, I’m content just browsing right now. I also love that mohair sofa and the hicks pendants- those are a steal! Cheers to a fun weekend ahead, indeed. We’re planning to get some work done after being away, but I’m looking forward to crossing things off our to-do list. I hope you have a good one! xo

  4. Gorgeous finds this month Sarah! My favs are the marble topped dresser, the coffee table and the dining table. Love the algorithm refining tip. It’s certainly helping me find what I’m after.

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! I’m so glad to hear that it’s helping your algorithm find what you’re looking for locally :)

  5. One of my favorite series! Especially love that marble and iron coffee table.

  6. Someplace in Washington state!

    1. Thanks, Teri! I’ve added it to my list.