Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAs promised, today I’m sharing our evening holiday home tour! This time of year, our house feels most cozy during the evening hours… even more so than during the daytime when everything is drenched in sunlight. It takes on a totally different look & feel thanks to the glow of lamps, twinkling lights, and holiday decor at night. Since it gets dark so early these days, I usually begin switching on our lights around 4pm. Is there anything better than warm glowing lamps and flickering candles during a cold winter evening? We currently have about six inches of snow left on the ground from the weekend storm, and there is nothing I love more than snuggling up and getting cozy at home. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- our house was made for winter and the holidays. It looks best blanketed under snow, and while the exterior is looking pretty picturesque right now, the interior is also looking rather festive lately! Click through for the nighttime tour… come on in! 

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI figured I’d start with a couple exterior shots, so you can see our holiday lights on the outside of the house! I’ve always been a fan of classic Christmas lights. When we bought our first home, Emmett went all out and basically covered the entire house. It was so fun and festive! Then we moved to Utah and didn’t have a garage or a proper place to store all those lights. We got rid of them and had a couple Christmases without exterior lights. Once we moved to our current home with adequate storage, as well as the shed, we decided it was time to get back into the tradition of lighting our home exterior for the holiday season. We keep it pretty simple by highlighting the roofline and wrapping the columns.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI shot the exterior images on Saturday night- check out that moon! It was a cloudy night, but it peeked through for a photo. Ready to step inside? I decided to focus on and feature our living room and kitchen, since those are the two spaces that are feeling most festive right now!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWe use our fireplace almost every day during the winter months. I love the way it looks while burning, and it helps to heat our home. It’s controlled by a remote and we usually click it on for an hour or two each evening. The dogs live for fireplace lounging! This is without a doubt their favorite spot in the house.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI also enjoy snuggling up in front of the fire. My ideal wintertime evening is sinking into one of our swivel chairs in front of the fire with a good book. After dinner, Emmett & I usually gravitate toward this space.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comAs always, the tree is the twinkling star of the show in our living room. The dotted lights reflect back into the space, bouncing from the windows and french doors, making this corner bright & cheerful.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI could sit by the fire and stare into the tree for a long time. Does anyone else do that? There’s something so mesmerizing about the way the lights bounce, absorb, and reflect from the different ornaments & textures.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI’ve slowly been wrapping gifts and decorating with those as well. I like to style them around the tree vignette in fun ways! This above package fit perfectly into the window sill.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOver the weekend, I knocked out the remainder of my holiday shopping. I feel like I can finally focus on enjoying the season now that my to-do list is pretty much finished. How is your holiday looking? Have you been enjoying it? Are you almost finished with your shopping, prep, or to-do list? We’re excited to be hosting friends this year, so I tried to get everything in order early.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comOur holiday festivities are actually kicking off this week. Emmett has some fun things planned for us, and I’m excited to slow down a bit. Anyway, this corner will forever be a favorite of mine… with the demilune, tiny table lamp, and art vignette!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comLet’s move into the kitchen, shall we? I dimmed the lights nice and low to make for some soft photos in this space. Though I’ll admit- I’m not the best at low light photography. I feel like evening photos don’t do our kitchen justice. It has so many beautiful light sources & settings, and it can easily be customized to be super bright for cooking, or softly lit as we settle in for the night.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI don’t do much in the kitchen for the holidays… I hung a couple pieces of garland above the windows, and styled a little pine tree next to the range, but that’s about it. Trader Joe’s had beautiful amaryllis and paper white bulbs, so I did buy one of those for the windowsill, and I’m looking forward to watching it bloom! I also made some seasonal swaps- like my hand soap and dish soap. Our pantry is also stocked full of holiday treats and food!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comWe got the most amazing candles in at the Tuesday Made shop last week, so I got one of those for myself. It smells incredible and is the perfect winter fragrance! Of course I paired it with my clawfoot pedestal. You can see more of the candle here, if you’d like, but I love adding these seasonal fragrances throughout our home. Like I said previously, a flickering candle goes a long way during the holiday season to create that cozy ambiance!

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed the evening tour! I think it’s always fun to see homes from a unique perspective or at different times of the day… not just when rooms are flooded with sunlight. Those evening hours are so magical- especially during the holidays.

Evening Holiday Home Tour 2021 - roomfortuesday.comThanks for scrolling and touring with me! If you’d like to check out last year’s evening holiday tour, click here… and to see my holiday decor during the daytime, click here. I hope everyone has a wonderful and festive week ahead! See you back here on Wednesday? I’ve got a recipe to share! Cheers to a fun and festive holiday around the corner.

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  1. Good morning! Although, I almost feel like saying good evening! No question your home was made for winter; glad you finally got a little snow. I prefer simple exterior lights, and yours look perfect. Did you have them professionally done again? (That second story roofline…scary!) Seeing your pups in front of the fire makes me think we should start lighting ours. I am certain Joe would be in heaven. For a minute there, you also had me pining for a Christmas tree; I definitely used to sit and enjoy the mesmerizing twinkle. For now, the glow of candles will suffice. Thanks to your candles, our home smells amazing! When I saw the new tortoise one in stories, I oohed and aahed! So beautiful…and I adore vetiver! It sounds like your holiday prep is ahead of schedule! Nothing like the motivation of incoming house guests! We don’t have any plans yet. Our current rainy weather isn’t feeling very festive; we had snow last week for about 3 hours.🙄 Perhaps some holiday cookie-baking would help with my holiday cheer? I’ll definitely be here on Wednesday to see what you’ve cooked up! Until then, stay warm, friend!💜🎄

    1. Good evening definitely feels appropriate! I didn’t get around until reading comments until last night, so hey- it worked out well :) We hired the same light people we used last year. It’s a cool setup- you buy and store the lights, and then they come whenever it’s convenient to install them. I do not enjoy watching Emmett climb around on our roof. It just makes me so nervous, so I figured we’d leave it to the pros again. Haha! The dogs and the fireplace crack me up… they think that anytime we turn it on, they should be lounging in front of it. It has become quite the thing- Cash will stare at it until I switch it on. Talk about spoiled. I’m all about candles- especially during the winter months. I meant to tell you- I FINALLY thrifted some colored tapers. I’m excited to use them for our holiday tablescape next week. I think we got your rainy weather this week. It has melted most of our snow, but maybe we’ll get some more soon. I’ve got a fun treat in the oven right now and I’m looking forward to sharing the recipe tmrw (if it turns out). Hope you have an awesome day!! xo

  2. Good morning! Ahhh your house truly was made for Christmas! I adore the way the snow reflects the white lights on your exterior-almost illuminating the entire house. It’s such a picturesque scene. The interior is equally gorgeous-the cozy fireplace flickering in the background, with your gorgeous tree shining in the corner. Your home really is beaming in Christmas glory right now. I’ve gotta say, your nighttime holiday tour is one of my favorites each year. We still haven’t put up a tree, but the kids and I made paper bag snowflakes to add some festivity in the meantime; they turned out beautifully, and we hung them here and there around the house. Today I’ll be able to take some time to really sprinkle some Christmas throughout, and I can’t wait. The wrapping is done but we still have much to do in the way of cooking and baking. We’ll be ice skating for the first time ever on Wednesday afternoon and I’m excited for that. Cheers to a fun holiday season friends!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! You are so sweet! I just love this festive time of year. You also made my day saying that the nighttime holiday tour has been a favorite for you! I’m not great at low light photography, but it’s always fun to try to capture the evening vibe around here. I love that you made paper bag snowflakes! That’s super fun and I bet the kids really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to lots of cooking and baking in the week ahead. I’ve got something tasty in the oven as we speak… here’s to hoping it turns out, so I can share the recipe with everyone tomorrow. Ha! Have so much fun ice skating tomorrow! xox

  3. Hope it is a good Monday for you so far. So festive and beautiful Sarah! It’s my favorite time of year because of all the lights & glow. The snow makes it that more magical! Lucky! Your living room is always so beautiful! I especially like that you set wrapped gifts around the room instead of all under the tree. Need to try this. We do spend a lot of time wrapping..ha! The low lights in your kitchen with the beautiful pine garland and touches are what dreams are made of.
    I’ve tried to be very intentional with anything I get in holiday decor because we have so much stored away and cannot get to for awhile. It has been 24 years since we purchased a real tree and I was in sticker shock! I have an idea for getting a 4ft one and putting in a tall urn with just lights. We will see how that goes. All because both my kids asked to have a tree up in which I could not resist their request.
    So glad you are able to get away and do some fun things. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you, Danna! I hope you’re having a great week so far, too. I’m so thankful we got a little snow last week! It’s melting quickly, so I’m crossing my fingers we get a little more in time for Christmas. You’re sweet! Thanks for your nice compliments! I think it’s fun to style with the gifts, because you’re right- so much time and energy goes into making them look nice, plus it reminds me of my childhood. My dad used to hide some of our gifts and it was like a fun treasure hunt before we could open them. We have never purchased a live tree, but I hear they’re very expensive! You are the best mom for decorating for your kids this year, despite having most of your items in storage. It will be a special Christmas! Have a happy Tuesday, friend! xo

  4. Yay! Thanks for sharing another nighttime tour with us. And you got snow WooHoo! The exterior of your home is so picturesque and the moonlit shot is stunning. We don’t put up lights on the exterior anymore but I do love seeing other homes all brightly lit for the holidays. So very festive!
    Of course the inside of your home is fabulous, as always, and sweet Cash and Crosby take the best pics and pose so perfectly 😍 So precious! Oh Sarah your home has such a beautiful glow and sparkle, I just LOVE it! The tree is amazing and I adore your mantle and fireplace 💖 Its all perfection, so warm and inviting it would it be so difficult for me to leave that living room 😊 Your kitchen is so lovely too, I love how the backsplash shines at night and the contrast of the counters and gorgeous cabinetry is beyond amazing! I didn’t see Emmett’s skiing Santa though. HaHa! So adorable 💕 how he likes to tease you with that. You have reminded me I have to find Paper whites as I just love to add them to our home this time of year too. I couldn’t find any last year, they are my favorite holiday plant.
    I’m glad to hear you are finished your holiday shopping, I have a bit more to do and packages to mail to family but I’m on the homestretch, I think. You will be able to enjoy and appreciate all the festivities without the worry of shopping. Yay! Cheers to that.
    The new candle is gorgeous and looks amazing in your kitchen and I bet it smells heavenly. Yum! Candles do add a wonderful ambient light and the scented ones really add to all the fabulous smells of Christmas. You have all the perfect décor touches in your kitchen, just enough to create a warm and festive space for holiday baking which I’m sure you are excited to start. I look forward to your new recipe, I know it will be delicious! Thanks again for another spectacular tour of your gorgeous home, it truly is amazing at night 💖

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Colleen! I’m so happy we got some snow. You have such a good memory!! Emmett “styled” his skiing Santa in the basement living room this year. Haha! I definitely should have grabbed a photo of that. I LOVE paper whites! I was excited to find those at the grocery… and for under $5. I can’t believe we’re almost to Christmas next week… it really snuck up on me this year. I’m waiting on the oven right now and am excited to share a fun recipe tomorrow- hopefully it turns out delicious. It is a festive dessert I’ve been wanting to attempt for awhile :) Thanks for taking the time to scroll through my evening holiday tour and chat with me! Have a great day, Colleen! xo

  5. W Strickland says:

    Hi Sarah, you mentioned that your fireplace is controlled by a remote. Is it electric? If so, could you share your knowledge about electric fireplaces? We’d like to add a built in one to our master bedroom and would like it to look authentic and custom. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Yes- it’s controlled by a remote, but the fireplace is gas. We’ve never had an electric fireplace, so sadly I can’t be much help there. I’m sorry!

  6. W Strickland says:

    Thanks! It was worth an ask ;)