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  1. Carmen Gomez (Lilly) says:

    Oh such a simple and beautiful entryway! I love being inspired by such simple but super stylish rooms!

    1. Thanks! Ha :) I read your comment over on coco+kelley, and much like you- I fell for the expensive one. Of course. :/ lol

  2. Erin @ Indigo House says:

    Love this sleek and elegant entry! Of these choices, my favorite is the first pairing. It’s so subtle and classy and would blend with any decor that might be seen in adjacent rooms. Of the rest over at Coco & Kelley, I surprised myself and loved the industrial wire pairing.

    Great, fun post!

    1. Thanks, Erin! I surprised myself with that exact same option. I have the wire option in my mudroom. It’s not something I’m normally attracted to, but I like it! Maybe for the front entry, I’ll choose a chic or feminine option. Thanks for reading! xo

  3. Where is the mirror from?

    1. The mirror is from Ikea!