Design Eye Training : 110

Design Eye Training : 110
design : sean anderson

How was your weekend? I’m happy to be back home! We had a wonderful time in Hawaii and although it rained every day, we were still able to make the most of it and get outside and explore. Who is ready for a new Design Eye Training post to kick off the week? This is a space you’ve actually seen before… do you recognize this kitchen from this 10 Pins post? Designed by the talented, Sean Anderson, this kitchen boasts beautiful finishes and provides a lot of inspiration. It felt fitting for spring and the rainy season we’re currently in- somewhere in between wishing for sunny summer days and embracing the rain showers that come along with the month of May. Click through for the quick tenth post of the series… 

To quickly recap… in our Design Eye series, we observe and admire design fundamentals like scale, texture, pattern, material use, lighting plans, color, floor plan & layout, and a variety of intentional styling & interior moments pulled together by the pros. It’s an exercise I used to practice often in design school, and one I still enjoy today. By discussing and breaking down well designed spaces in greater detail, you’ll begin to train your “design eye”, build upon the design fundamentals, and can apply some of these things to your own home, if they appeal to you. I also feel like this series can really help you hone in your personal aesthetic, determining what you like and dislike… and most importantly, why. Ready to give it a try?

Design Eye Training : 110 -
design : sean anderson

The first thing I noticed in this space was the dark, warm wood flooring. I think this is my favorite stain color for hardwoods- it’s very similar to what we had in our previous home and it feels very timeless to me. It goes to show that even with a cooler palette, warmth within natural materials (like wood flooring) can really make a space feel cozy and inviting. Oh- and if you missed this Design Discussion post on installing hardwoods in the kitchen, it’s a must-read!

While we’re talking color, I noted the gorgeous desaturated pale green cabinetry hue. It’s one of those chameleon colors that really changes with the light- looking lighter and darker in different areas of the space. I love the sophisticated tone and earthy element it brings to this kitchen. The simplistic cabinetry hardware is also very well done! Another cabinetry item to note… did you notice the small bead around the inset doors? Paired with the bead board on the island, yet painted in the same color, adds texture while keeping the cabinetry cohesive.

Design Eye Training : 110 -
design : sean anderson

The ceiling treatment, large windows, farmhouse sink, industrial range hood, simple millwork, oversized branch arrangement, and vintage rug were also standouts for me… and you know I’m always here for a countertop lamp moment.

Design Eye Training : 110 -
design : sean anderson

Adjacent to the kitchen is a cohesive or matching butler’s pantry. It also boasts polished nickel and aged bronze finishes. I love the vintage looking lantern light fixture and bar nook. I also wanted to point out the counter resting cabinets- which have been pretty popular this year. I’m seeing more of them pop up in my feed recently.

Design Eye Training : 110 -
design : sean anderson

Overall, this organic and cozy looking kitchen expertly combines modern & classic elements. The modern barstools perfectly contrast the traditional cabinetry, flooring, and millwork. It’s really a lovely and calming space! Wouldn’t you like to spend a rainy day here cooking, baking, or sipping tea? I could definitely take a seat at that island with a good book and listen to a spring thunderstorm rolling through. Anyone else?

Here’s to a wonderful week ahead! I’m still playing catch up over here post vacation, but things are moving along in our entryway (I’ll share a tile update soon) and we made a random purchase the night before leaving for vacation- which will result in another fun project. I’ll be toting my laptop with me to doctor appointments this week (I’m still a medical mystery), trying to design on the go. I’m excited to share more! Hope you have a good Monday.

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  1. Good morning! Oh, so, so lovely! My first impression is how quiet and cozy this kitchen feels. Despite some obviously bold moments (enormous green lamp, large branch arrangement, industrial hood and sizable lantern), the overall look for me is pared back. All of the beautiful cabinetry, ceiling and moulding details drenched in just two slightly contrasting colors is the key I think. That green.💚 Although I’ve never lived with them to know if I’d like their function, I adore the look of those countertop cabinets. I also love the wall of cabinets that houses the fridge; so convenient to the expansive island. I can absolutely envision spreading out on that surface scheming a party menu. Actually, everything about the layout hits just right to me-spectacular windows over the sink, ample counter space around the range, the petite butler’s pantry! Dreamy. While it’s clearly an aspirational designer space, I feel an appealing warmth. I’d happily spend the day giving that range a workout! Which may be what my day has in store since it’s currently wet and windy outside! We got caught in a hailstorm on our walk yesterday, and snow flurries are forecast for today!😱 Spring is full of surprises…as are you with your mystery purchase and new project?! I’ve got a guess, but I’ll enjoy the suspense for now. Thanks for another inspiring post, Sarah! Here’s to a super week-storms, doctors’ appointments and all!💜

    1. I love this kitchen! I think it’s going to provide some serious inspiration for our quick new project! I need some green cabinets in my life. I have to say- I really like our countertop cabinets… from an aesthetic and functional perspective. 10/10 would recommend! You got a hailstorm and rain this week?! We were supposed to have rain, but it missed us. I was hoping for a gloomy day with precipitation… weird, but true. I feel like I get tons of work done when it’s dreary out. I light a candle and go for it, rather than wishing I were outside in the sunshine. I hope you didn’t get snow yesterday! Spring is certainly full of surprises. We skied over the weekend and the mountain that we skied at got 14″ of snow last night- so crazy. I think you can easily guess our next project- it has to do with the outdoors and home. Both of our favorite things. Emmett somehow convinced me. Haha! I’m going to share all the details on Friday. I hope you’re having a good week :) xo

  2. Good morning! I did recognize this kitchen and I’m so glad it’s here for a design eye chat! I’m not a usual fan of two tone kitchens, but this one is done well. I like the earth toned green and off-white; it brings a subtlety to the colors and provides a sense of calming and relaxation I find necessary for this application-compared to the jarring examples I find more commonly. The crown moulding/cabinet risers were a topic of discussion in the last post. Closer inspection in these views provides more context and perhaps an explanation. Utilizing cabinet risers with crown is typically done in instances of uneven ceilings- pairing a riser and applying crown to it, rather than applying crown around the ceiling perimeter creates a trick of the eye; worthy of note for those in older homes where this might be a common issue. The crown can be installed as we see here, or installed against the ceiling. Taking into account the ceiling treatment in this space, this application seems more logical. Did anyone else notice that there is no true crown against the ceiling elsewhere? Rather, they chose to use the same trim that would be applied in a panel moulding, using the box created by the beams as the panel. I think it’s a smart decision, and I love the way it enhances the beaded detail on the cabinet panels. I love the view of the beams in image #3, but image #2 isn’t my favorite. This angle makes it appear more like a soffit in front of the range hood-although I’ll add that I love seeing the beams in the same color as the ceiling. Expanding some of the details I’m not convinced true beadboard was used here. What I’m seeing is tongue-and-groove paneling. It lacks the bead between panels indicative of beadboard, as well as the notorious uniform gap of shiplap. Whichever it is, I do love the use. Imagining a true beadboard in the space strikes less of a balance between modern and traditional, and more of a traditional-heavy vibe one would expect in a cottage interior. I love the oversized element of the lamp, vase, and florals that are allowing this kitchen to be minimalistic and impactful in the styling department. I’m noting how well integrated the refrigerator is with the pantry wall for my own kitchen. Not having a false wall between the refrigerator box and the cabinetry boxes created such a seemless use of the space- also noting the use of drawers and longer upper cabinets here. The butlers pantry is an adorable feature, and I love the smaller dishwasher in addition to the larger capacity one on the kitchen island. So smart to have an option for everyday use, versus for entertaining. It is difficult to get a sense of the true layout with the images though. The marble chosen in this space is as subtle as the other details and while I’m never a fan of the simple backsplash behind the oven, it seems to work here and adds a bit of simply stated drama. I love all of the fixtures chosen, as well as the woven contrast rug against the tone of the flooring. Such warmth!! I also am enjoying the small glimpse of the step stool; the form is as understated as the other details while no doubt providing ultimate function for upper cabinet reach, and a bespoke vintage vibe. There are so many smart choices in this space, and ultimately it may be my favorite kitchen we’ve examined to date. This is a look that seems far more attainable for an average kitchen budget, while still bearing high end finishes. I think I’m in love! I’ll definitely be pinning this images for later. Welcome back to the mainland Sarah! I hope the restful respite provided a much necessary breath of fresh air. Skiing in May??? Lucky lady indeed! I can’t wait to see what you do with RV- these buried details are like Easter eggs, haha! Have a wonderful Monday my friend. Xoxo

    1. Isn’t it such a pretty kitchen?! I love this one. It’s definitely going to provide some inspiration for our newest project / quick makeover. I’m going to share some fun before images on Friday! You make some excellent design points about this one, Lauren! Great eye! I wish there were more images so we could get a better idea of the layout and floor plan. I totally missed the step stool, so I’m glad you pointed that out. I’m glad to hear you had a restful Mother’s Day! I hope you’re having a fabulous week so far :) xox

  3. The suspense is killing me… it a FB Marketplace find? My guess would be something for your back yard. Cannot wait to see the entry update. Wish I lived close, I would help you install striped wallpaper. Sorry Emmett, I am team Sarah! Ha!
    Love love love this kitchen! Sean Anderson is a fave! The cozy warm vibe! Give me all the wood floors, green color, large windows. I especially appreciate the lamp and crank style windows over the sink! This layout is a lot like what we have on paper for our kitchen. Yes, to countertop cabinets.
    Hope your week and doctor visits go well. While I do not know your struggle, I wanted to pass along a book I have been reading because I struggle for years with fatigue, brain fog, thyroid issues, vertigo, etc. Anthony Williams’ (aka Medical Medium) Cleanse to Heal. This is the book I was just reading this morning because I am slowly recovering from c vid. Both my husband & I were sick while on vacation with an upper respiratory infection then getting the other. I plan to do a virus cleanse once I am negative. My sister in law told me about him and without going into all the things, what he says about celery juice is working for my thyroid and skin condition. Just wanted to share that’s all. Again, prayers for answers and healing. xoxo friend.

    1. I’m going to share a post on Friday… it’s really more of a fun toy that can double as providing the comforts of home, ha! Have you guessed it based on that?! Can I fly you out to help me hang some wallpaper, Danna? Lol! I’m only halfway kidding. That would be fun, though… minus climbing on scaffolding. I love that kitchen, too! It may be providing some inspiration for said “new project”. I’m honestly feeling kind of defeated as I’ve had more than 20 doctor appointments in the last two months and still don’t have answers. Emmett counted the amount of blood draws I’ve had since all of this started and that number is in the 30s… I just hoped for answers by now. I really appreciate you sharing the book recommendation! I actually have that one, and I’ve been following a “low histamine” diet the past month, as one of my doctors feels strongly that I have mast cell activation syndrome, along with some other autoimmune things, but nothing is for certain at this point. I have a third appt with my endocrinologist this week to check my thyroid again- those levels have been out of balance as well. I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with a slow recovering from covid and upper respiratory. That’s miserable! I hope you and your hubby are feeling better and back to 100 soon! I’m sending you all the healing vibes and will keep you in my prayers! I need to get on the celery juice train- I just hate the taste so much, but need to tough it out. Thanks so much, Danna! xox

  4. OMG! That’s a lot of blood draws! I am sure you are feeling frustrated with not knowing or not feeling well. Mast cell activation syndrome sounds rare. I’ll keep saying prayers for you & particularly for your doctors. I finally tested negative and feeling better. That virus is weird! The only thing good was not tasting the celery juice each morning. I have learned to guzzle it down fast! Ha!
    My husband goes on 2 trips starting May 24 and I just told him this morning that I may need to go on a trip myself. I would love to help and learn your ways. Not afraid of heights or challenges. Call me if you need me.
    It must be an RV! I am envious! You will make it look comfy and cozy I am sure. Can’t wait to see which kind. ;)

    1. My veins are definitely ready for a little break, haha! Thank you for the prayers- I appreciate it so much. I’m thrilled to hear you tested negative and are feeling much better. Losing your taste is never fun, but way to find the silver lining with the celery juice. Lol! If you’re in need of a fun trip, you always have a place to stay at my house! I would never put you to work though :) There are so many fun things to do and see here. Great guess! We ended up getting a pull behind camper. We’re both excited! I’ve got a post for tomorrow lined up with the before images. It’s an old one, but it has potential!

  5. Joe & Erica Thompson says:

    Really Love your style!! We are in the middle of a remodel of our entire house and wondering if you can help us with the interior design? If available, how much do you charge? We have our kitchen and dinning area, living room, formal sitting area, formal dining area, main entry, front porch, Our favorite furniture and decor stores: (Arhaus, Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn)

    1. Thank you so much! I’m really flattered, but I stopped taking on design clients 3-4 years ago because of time. I wish I could be of more help. Good luck with your renovation!