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Color of the Year: Magenta

Color of the Year: Magenta-roomfortuesday.com
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. Happy February! How have you been? Did you spend January purging and organizing like Sarah? Or maybe you were busy googling “US cities with the most sunny days and no wind.” Just kidding. (Tucson) Regardless, we have a fresh new month to savor, and I’d like to propose an infallible antidote to gray days or gloomy moods: magenta. Are you surprised? When Pantone announced Viva Magenta as their color of the year, I paused and reflected for a bit. My predilection for bold design and red hues has been amply documented, but I wondered if this could be too much? Click through to see what I decided…

Color of the Year: Magenta-roomfortuesday.com
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That was cheeky. Of course we’re going to chat about magenta! I don’t know where your opinion will ultimately land, but part of the joy with design is the journey. My interior adventures often begin with a dash of research. In this case, I wanted to confirm my understanding of the word itself; communicating about color can be so confounding! My investigation took several interesting turns. I discovered two different color-mixing models, read hilariously vague descriptions, and even learned that magenta doesn’t exist. Something about wavelengths? I settled on this definition: where red and violet meet. A lovely place, methinks. Once I could clearly identify magenta, I wondered about its history. Remarkably, this hue boasts connections to several nineteenth century chemists, the development of synthetic dyes, and a bloody battle for Italian independence! Who knew? Thanks for indulging my nerdy curiosity; now let’s get to the fun part!

Color of the Year: Magenta-roomfortuesday.com
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Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds.

01: schumacher chinois wallpaper // 02: garnet journal // 03: pair of champagne glasses // 04: vintage designer chair // 05: ikat lampshade // 06: harris tweed dog collar and bowtie // 07: original nude drawing // 08: vintage vera napkins // 09: velvet and linen pillow // 10: magnolia linocut // 11: turkish towel // 12: antique art deco rug //

Have you ever seen a happier collection? Pure delight. Let me start by saying that four different items I had saved sold out before I could even put them in the collage, so someone got the magenta memo! I adore each and every find, but I must highlight that fabulous wool-clad chair! Not a practical choice for about eight thousand reasons, but the color combination just makes my heart sing. Also…70s’ design forever. Now, I have zero naked floors, but I still fervently covet that Chinese Art Deco rug. Absolute stunner. Realistically though, I would choose between a gift for myself or one for my pups. Ha. That luminous pastel nude is a steal for an original. On the other hand, my doods sporting those bow ties would be the dapperest! Decisions, decisions. Does anything here make your heart flutter?

Color of the Year: Magenta-roomfortuesday.com
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OK. We’ve established a definition and ogled some lovelies, now let’s strategize. Operation Magenta. Feel like a statement? Drench your walls or cabinets in this jubilant shade. Think powder bath, laundry or dressing room. Heck, why not the entire kitchen and pantry? Ooh, perhaps just the ceiling?! Cover less real estate by painting only the moulding and doors. Strikingly pretty! Accessories are the answer for a temporary splash. Pillows, throws, candles! Sprinkle them throughout a room to great effect. For the lightest possible touch, enjoy a magnificent magenta tablescape. Bask in the flattering glow during dinner; then stash everything away for another time. Whether you want a pinch or a profusion, keep in mind that the paint sheen, lighting, and surrounding colors significantly affect the overall impact. High shine and bright whites or black for maximum drama; matte finishes and deep shades or patterns for more subtle energy. You decide.

Color of the Year: Magenta-roomfortuesday.com
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Can’t make magenta work with your current interiors? Head outside! Perfect blooms abound. All of these flowers possess rosy red varieties: peonies, petunias, dahlias, cosmos, gerber daisies, zinnias, geraniums, and cannas. Don’t forget wonderful foliage plants. Coleus and heuchera are so versatile. This, not exhaustive, list includes both annuals and perennials for all of your garden goals. Incidentally, green is the perfect complement to magenta, so these posies will positively pop in your landscape. Anyone else super excited for spring?

Color of the Year: Magenta-roomfortuesday.com
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Clearly, I’m in favor of magenta. I appreciate its zing, snap, boom! I also love how it enlivens colors I normally avoid. (Looking at you, brown.) Now I want to hear your thoughts. Too much or juuust right? What do you think of the whole concept of a “color of the year”? Drop into the comments and let me know! Until next time, friends.

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  1. Good Morning Peggi!
    Your post made my eyes pop open this morning 😍 haha! My gosh your inspiration images for the use of this jubilant color are amazing. I love the magenta kitchen, what a gorgeous little jewel 💖 so fun! While this is a color I’ve only considered for a gals birthday or Valentines, my sweet mother loved pink. Actually she was quite feminine and loved everything really girly. My childhood home had one bathroom and can you guess what color the sink, toilet and bathtub were? PINK 😆 oh and for a while the living room was painted a color called Flamingo 😱 can you guess the color of my bedroom? Bubble gum pink….So I guess you could say I lived with my fair share of this invigorating shade 😜 I do admire those that can add this vibrant, very feminine tone to their homes. I definitely love this beautiful color in my garden though. I have stunning magenta peony bushes in my back garden and last fall I used Coleus in my planters in the front instead of mums which were such a wonderful change. Peggi your passion for color is admirable, and I enjoy every colorful post you present. I’m a girl who loves color too but definitely lean toward the blues, greens and yellows however magenta certainly livens up a room for sure. I had no idea this was Pantones color of the year. They definitely picked a bold color. Wowza! I could definitely see myself sipping some yummy rose in those champagne glasses though! Thanks again Peggi for another perfect dose of colorful inspiration 💖 Wishing you and everyone a very jubilant Wednesday 🌺 💖🥂 You certainly got the party started 😜

    1. Good morning, Colleen! Ha. Magenta’s an eye-opener, for sure! I’m so glad you mentioned that kitchen…I instantly thought of you because it features wallpaper! I adore the look. Consider it a little nudge for your kitchen wallpaper project.😉 Your mom sounds darling! Did you see that Kohler is reissuing 2 vintage bathroom fixture colors?! As for my preferences, I tend to think I favor blues and greens…then I look at my red entry, cranberry sofa, magenta rug, pink dressing room. Ha. I just crave color. Any time you describe your gardens, I’m instantly envious! Aren’t coleus killer? Until a few seasons ago, I feared their delicate, fleshy stems, but I was finally wooed by their dramatic variegation. They do wonders for my partially shady border. I’m not clear on Pantone’s purpose with a “color of the year”, but I’ll take any opportunity to ogle, discuss and appreciate a new shade. I would happily sip a tipple of Prosecco from those champagne flutes, too. I like the way you think, Colleen. Thanks for the chat and have the loveliest of days!💜

  2. Hi Peggy
    Good to see you back with all your excitement and magenta fever 🥰. I hope you are doing well. I would just love love love to see your home tour here in the near future,my heart flutters just thinking about all the colors and things you might have on display.

    1. Good morning, Saba. Thank you so much for such a lovely, sweet comment! Truly, you’re so kind. Despite frigid temperatures, I am doing quite well. Searching for all this magenta inspiration definitely helped; I really do get excited to share. While I am utterly flattered at your suggestion of a home tour, that’s not on our to-do list. Lol. We love our home, and I think she’s filled with treasures. However, she’s certainly not “ready for a close-up” if you know what I mean. Thank you again for reading and commenting! I hope your day is amazing!💜

  3. Good morning Peggi! You hit the nail on the head defining magenta- and if that intersection of red and violet were an actual place, can you imagine how beautiful it would be?! Your stunning examples of utilizing this particular hue are divine. These type of examples always have me wondering if I should dare to go bold somewhere in my own home. Were I to use this color it would likely be in splashes of decor that could be swapped out, and most likely a more muted version. Although I have to say my favorite application of bold colors like this is always in a delicious velvet. Ha! For my own home I’d be much more likely to select a bold blue, green, or even yellow- although one sweet daughter would delight in having a magenta bedroom. I love your idea of pulling bold colors like this into the garden/landscape. I’m anxiously awaiting my Martha Washington geranium buds. The center of them is reminiscent of some of your samplings here. I’d love to know how Pantone selects their colors of the year- actually I’m intrigued by the entire process. What factors determine the ultimate selection? Or are colors of the year simply a prediction of what will be the top trending? Regardless, I’ll take the inspiration and beautiful images to ogle. The nude drawing gets an immediate yes from me, and I can’t help but wonder how adorable a certain yellow boy would look in that handsome bow tie collar. Thank you for an always lovely roundup, Peggi. I have spent most of January purging and reorganizing, and next on my list is tackling my closet. It’s crying out in desperation, ha! I hope your January has been lovey, albeit cold and blustery. Have a wonderful day Peggi. Xo

    1. Hey, hey Lauren! How are you? Wouldn’t a magenta lounge be dreamy? All lush velvets, supple leathers and plush carpets? Candles and crystal…Ok, I’m back. Anyway, I’m officially registering my vote for “go bold.” Surprising no one. I do think vaulted ceilings and open floor plans make that trickier. I actually think they make everything about decorating knotty. One advantage you have is all that California sunshine! Bright, sunny climes can handle the heat of hot hues. Ha. Speaking of outside, my most missed plant from AZ is bougainvillea. Talk about magenta majesty! Do they grow in your area? Sounds like you’ve also got gardening on your mind. As for the roundup, yes to all of your choices. That nude is SO pretty. I adore the burgundy, fuchsia, magenta shading. And I say let’s all get those adorable bow ties for our neglected boys.🤣 Even after reading a bit about color of the year selection, I remain unclear. Like yourself though, I appreciate the discussion! Sounds like your January has been productive! Good luck on the closet clean-up. Despite the pain, the resulting ease and relief of a freshly purged closet can’t be beat. Cheers to a stellar February! Happiest day to you, Lauren.💜

  4. Magenta, what a good color to brighten this icy gloomy day we are having in Texas! When I read that green is the perfect complement to magenta you had my mind turning. Green is my favorite color and pops of magenta would look good in my office. I usually do shades of purple and yellow in my planters for spring but a change would be fun! I agree with Colleen that kitchen is adorable! I think I would have to take smaller doses of magenta say in pillows, throws, art, maybe a painted piece of furniture. I have had a magenta poncho for several years and love the pop of color it adds. My husband says “it is the color you can’t miss when trying to find you”. Ha! Last but definitely no least, I would love to sit in that banquet area and have drinks with friends.
    Stay warm, safe and cozy friends! Great post Peggi!

    1. Hello, Danna! Oh my gosh, the ice storms and weather warnings in Texas?! Misery. I hope you are safe and warm. As to your office plan, I give a hearty thumbs up to green with pops of magenta! Green for grounding and knowledge; magenta for passion and energy. A take-charge office combo. Since my Pinterest feed is now magentafied, I’ve been noticing the shade on banquettes, nook cushions and benches. I really like that application! You know I would also adore a magenta lamp or shade! (Which I had little luck finding; might need to do more hunting!) Of course, I also endorse all planting ideas! Flowers are an absolute goldmine of magenta shades. Aren’t boys funny with their fashion commentary? I’ve received my share of good-natured feedback over the years. Ha! But who could be irritated when you know you look adorbs? Here’s to warming trends and robust power grids. Thanks for popping in, Danna. Stay snug & toasty! 💜

  5. Oh la la, Magenta!! I’ve always had this weird aversion toward bright pinky pinks and fuchsia hues (probably because growing up- my mom always wanted me to wear those shades and painted my bedroom that color… and I never felt like a “girly girl” that was associated with that palette), but you’re making me second guess why I’ve never tried it at home- even in moderation. I don’t think I have a single piece of decor that is magenta- other than fresh florals, but I think I it’s time to change that. It’s an awesome color! As always, you make excellent points here! Thanks for sharing another beautifully written and entertaining post with us. You’re the best and I hope you had a fabulous day! xo

    1. Good morning! I love being greeted with an “oh la la!” 😄 Your story is precisely why I resist gendering colors! Our cultural training on this starts early and never stops, and the messaging is ubiquitous. I’ll limit my rant to saying that colors are for everyone. No restrictions on beauty! I can imagine stunning magenta accents anywhere in your home… as long as you find them inspiring and lovely. Thank you for taking time to pop in! I hope your family arrived without incident and your visit is off to a grand start! 💜

      1. EXACTLY! It took me a long time to learn that and I feel like it’s time to splash some magenta into our home. Colors are for everyone, indeed! We’re off to a fun start over here with the fam :) Hope you’re also having a great Thursday!