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Buying a New Kitchen Range

Is it just me or does homeownership always turn into buying things you don’t really want to buy instead of buying things you do want to buy? Not to mention – the timing is always perfect. A few weeks ago, Dan and I hosted a housewarming party (we were only a year late). The day before our party our oven stopped working. When it took an hour for the oven to reach 250 degrees I knew we were in trouble.

Needless to say, the oven was so old the parts could no longer be replaced and we have spent the last week and a half searching for a new range. Good news is, Dan works for General Electric and can get us a decent discount. However, that did not stop us from doing our homework and looking at multiple brands and styles. When it comes to making big decisions, we are both very thorough. Maybe even to a fault sometimes. After visiting several stores and online retailers, we finally narrowed down our top choices.


Sources: Top left / top right / bottom left  / bottom right

Naturally, we are leaning towards the GE models because of Dan’s discount. After pricing out multiple stores we found Goedekers to be the most affordable. Since I am a lover of all white kitchens, I love the white Kitchen-Aid model. Although it would be fun, it does not match the rest of our appliances. Bosch is another great option and I love the sleek look of the model above. Everyone we talked to suggested Bosch, GE, and Kitchen-Aid. What brands do you have in your home? Do you love them or hate them? We would love to hear your opinions!

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