Bold Marble & Stone

Bold Marble &
via the local project

Good day, design friends! Peggi here. Happy late spring, midweek, early June. Ha. I hope this Wednesday finds you well-rested and ready for whatever comes your way. As the title suggests, I’ve got bold marble and stone on the docket. Adjectives like bold are so subjective; for our purposes today, I’m referring to colorful stone with ample pattern and movement. Examples include various marbles, onyx, travertine and jasper, but we won’t be having a geology lesson. This is strictly aesthetics! If the dreamy olive and mint bar situation above piques your interest, click through to feast your eyes on more dazzling natural beauty and read my tips for bringing a bit of (good) drama home.

Bold Marble &
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Although certain varieties (Calacatta Viola) are definitely enjoying a moment, marble is timeless. Colorful stone has adorned lavish interiors for centuries. Versailles boasts a veritable quarry of red marble alone! Don’t live in a French palace? Same. While I adore these gloriously audacious spaces, I also do not have a king’s coffers. Plus, deciding on such a powerful (and permanent!) statement terrifies me. Bold marble accessories and furniture to the rescue!

Bold Marble &
via architectural digest

Ogle this collection of treasures and keep reading for my favorites!

Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds.

01: red travertine sculpture // 02: green onyx pyramid // 03: pink marble fruit bowl // 04: carved green marble lamp // 05: zebra calcite coasters // 06: pink marble side table // 07: green onyx obelisk // 08: pink marble cake stand // 09: mixed stone tangram // 10: decorative marble bowl // 11: marble and chrome coffee table // 12: red jasper mortar and pestle // 13: marble soap dish // 14: red marble bowl // 15: brown marble bookends // 16: marble vanity tray // 17: vintage onyx cocktail table // 18: vintage marble vase // 19: green marble bowl // 20: marble lidded vessel

Oh boy. Gorgeous choices abound! If I hadn’t recently scored a pair of green alabaster lamps (eep!), #4 would surely be speeding my way. Sourcing a new lampshade is a snap! I dig #6 for adding a touch of modern graphic yum to a space…that no man nor mutt can topple! Number 11 fills my 70s slinky glamour-loving heart with glee. Rest your Negroni on that between sips! The most pizzazz for your pesos prize goes to #12. That hefty hunk would easily star in a kitchen counter vignette, but I’m tempted to stash the pestle and style the chunky bowl on a coffee table or built-in. What pieces are speaking to you?

Bold Marble &
via 1stdibs

In addition to its sublime appearance and literal earthy presence, bold marble decor offers other advantages over installed slabs. For the cautious decorator, a striking set of bookends or eye-catching obelisk might be just the right amount of daring. Those of us who favor variety will appreciate the flexibility smaller pieces allow. Try that onyx lamp in the living room, the library or on the buffet. A petite marble table suits virtually any space. To say nothing of the styling possibilities of a stone vessel or pedestal! Great expanses, though breath-taking, are not the only way to enjoy Mother Nature’s mineral artistry.

Bold Marble &
via kelly wearstler

Speaking of artistry, can we pause to appreciate the absolute marble masterpiece above? I know. Not your everyday dressing room, but consider the floor. Isn’t it just a more opulent version of this?

Bold Marble &
via vogue living australia

From soothing soft green to riotous rust and all of the incredible variations in between, thus concludes our bold marble adventure. Are you as enchanted as I am? Do you also marvel at the endless array of natural materials? As always, I’m anxious to hear your thoughts. Drop me a line in the comments about your favorite image here. (I have a bet with myself.) Take care, friends. Until next time.

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  1. Hey Peggi, I hope your Wednesday is going terrific! A very interesting post and beautiful examples of marble with lots of character and movement. While our cottage project (aka money pit) is burning up all our funds at the moment I’m dreaming of a new kitchen someday ;) And your post will allow me to dream some more. That kitchen by the local project certainly is quite stunning and countertops these days seem to be getting bolder in color and veining. I’m currently thinking something dark and dramatic but I’ll probably change my mind a few times until we have the funds for a kitchen renovation. Ugh! Everything keeps getting more expensive. Crazy!
    I love #5 coasters, #15 bookends and #20 jar with lid, so many beautiful natural stone objects to add some pizzazz into our homes. I have a soapstone vase which I love and is incredibly heavy piece. It works like a dream outside as it doesn’t blow over on windy days and we don’t have any glass on the patio due to the pool. A set of candlesticks in marble would be awesome too! As usual your posts always gets my wheels turning and an opportunity to dream of all the amazing stone options I could have. Ha! Cheers to a fantastic day, we have beautiful weather here and I hope you do too! xo

    1. Hello, Colleen! so far my Wednesday has been spent fighting weeds after all the rain we’ve had! My garden is happy though! I so love the idea of a cabin, but I can never wrap my mind around home expenses times two! I’m a coward. And you are not kidding about costs these days. Yikes. I enjoy dreaming of kitchens even when I don’t have a renovation on the horizon. I’m team dark, moody counters too, although I saw a kitchen with pink onyx counters and backsplash a few years ago that just about made me faint! I’ve somehow lost the image, but it still haunts me. A soapstone vase for outside is SO smart! The heft of these pieces is one of the aspects I really appreciate. I hope you are enjoying your lovely weather by the pool this afternoon! Thanks for popping in!

  2. Good afternoon Peggi! Love the olive green marble and have to admit I did not know it existing in the color hue. Wow, have never seen these marble options like in Vogue, Kelly Werstler or 1stDibs’ pictures! My favorite is still the white with grey veining (Calcutta). Wish we could put this in our new home but I know my family well and this would not be a good idea. Ha! You can given me all the marble dishes, trays, marble top tables, candleholders, etc.
    Enjoyed the post. Hope your day is going well.

    1. Hello, Danna! Isn’t that green stone divine?! That entire kitchen is amazing. I’ve definitely never seen some of these stones. I’ve only looked at slabs once, and I suspect the selection in my area tends to be common, more moderately priced varieties. You can’t go wrong with beautiful classic white marble, but I share your trepidation. We are tough on surfaces. Building a home requires so many decisions! I hope that your process is going smoothly. Thanks for chiming in this afternoon! I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday!

  3. What a beautiful post, Peggi! Although I would not choose it for my current home, the last modern bathroom image made me gasp. I love the marble, and the way the rest of the minimal room lets it shine.

    1. Hello, Jennifer and thank you! Isn’t that marble sink spectacular? To me it almost looks like the Earth as seen from space. I think the overall minimal vibe is what struck me about the space too. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Good morning Peggi! I’m so sorry I didn’t have the chance to drop in yesterday. The bar situation in the opening photo is dreamy. You know I love the moody vibes, and that stormy marble makes the space! One of the things I find most interesting about natural stone is how it capitulates a room- for the good or the bad; and has the ability to completely change a vibe. They say that hardware is jewelry for your kitchen (or any other space); for me, the stone is the canvas for which the artwork springs forth. The more movement the better; and I feel the same about veining. Hello gorgeous fireplace surround!! Can you even with the depth it provides in that space? 😍😍 Were I to choose from the roundup of stunning pieces here, #4 takes the cake, followed by #16- (reminiscent of a beautiful Monet); and then #20. To answer your question, I absolutely marvel at the countless options. We have a stone yard close by and I have made it my own drive-by challenge to not focus on the same slab each day. Appreciating their beauty from afar has developed my taste and eye for catching the out of the ordinary. I think that’s what makes a decision like that easier for me- I already know I like the ones that aren’t run-of-the-mill. I embrace the striking, bold, subtly outstanding varieties of mother natures creation. For me, these selections are easy and come down to how “safe” I want a space to feel. With the expanse of our current kitchen for example, a bit of overstated drama can easily be absorbed. How do you narrow your options when selecting a vintage rug? Are you building the rest of your space off of that rug, or is it bringing all of your other selections together? Maybe the space itself determines if you build off a rug, or if the rug needs to translate some element? The same translation applies to stone. In our last kitchen, there wasn’t space enough to infuse much drama- that space necessitated that the smaller choices be made first, and the stone needed to be a comforting blend of its surroundings. I chose the stone last, with samples of everything from the kitchen in hand. When we renovate this kitchen, I need to choose the stone first, and allow the rest of my decisions to enhance the vibe the stone creates. Just don’t ask me to choose a rug- even when I apply this technique to rug selection I find myself stuck in decision limbo! Ha! Love this post Peggi, and I hope you have a lovely day! Xo

    1. Good morning, friend! You know you can drop in any old time! I suspected you might be on Team Drama with me. I’m jealous that you have a stone yard nearby; I fear I would “accidentally” veer into the parking lot on the regular just to pet the slabs. Truthfully though, that would definitely help my decision-making process; I like to noodle on every single possibility. Of course, the cost also slows down my trigger finger. I think that’s why I can choose a rug MUCH faster than a countertop. I still look at hundreds of rugs before deciding, but the choice seems less weighty. I like your idea that a larger space can absorb drama, but I also think sometimes a small space needs a bit of shazam. (Leo problems) Naturally, I endorse all of your picks from the collage! If you like #4, I’ll have to send you pics of the green alabaster lamps I scored on FBMP. I’m smitten. I hope your summer is off to a roaring start! I’d love a garden update! And I know you’re plowing through projects. Busy days! Cheers to a stupendous Thursday, Lauren!

  5. Great post! Do you have any recommendations or experience with USA sourced marble or other countertop stones ie. Danby marble from Vermont or Virginia mist?

    1. Hi, Jill! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’m just a marble appreciater. Ha. Sarah is the designer and expert, so I’ll let her weigh in. In the meantime, here’s a really informative post about her experience with soapstone I hope your week is a super one!

    2. Definitely! My favorite resource for USA sourced marble is Polycor. I always use and love their USA sourced slabs… their marble is sourced from a quarry in Georgia (which I had the pleasure of visiting). My personal favorite is the Georgia Marble in Pearl Grey. I installed it as a fireplace surround in our previous home and it was stunning: I hope that helps!

  6. Stop! These are so good and inspiring! I kid you not #16 stopped me in my tracks; how do I find out where to source that marble??? I’m like you and usually a little more safe on the big purchases but find ways in art and accessories to go bold that way if I get tired of it I don’t regret the money spent. But wow, I’ve been mulling over a bold countertop for our primary bathroom vanity for 2 or 3 years now and this!!?!? This is what I was dreaming up hoping to find!!

    1. Hello, Melissa! Haha. I’m glad to know I’m not the only “muller” when it comes to big purchases. I literally researched and considered countertops for four years before deciding in our kitchen. I think your idea of a bold countertop in the primary bath seems smart! A smaller surface than the kitchen means less $$ and perhaps less risk of visual fatigue. I had to include #16 because the blues and greens were so stunning and different! As for sourcing, the purveyor of that tray describes it as an Indian marble called Antique Roquefort. Maybe having a name will help in your search. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; now you’ve got me imagining dreamy marble bathroom! Have a great week!

    2. Isn’t that so gorgeous? You could also try searching for “Connemara Marble” if you’re looking for that gorgeous green veining. Hope that helps in your search!

      1. Thank you both Peggi and Sarah; I’ve been on the hunt now! IT certainly helps to have a narrowed down name to search!