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Welcome!! I’m Sarah, founder of this blog. I started Room for Tuesday in 2014 and haven’t looked back! You can expect to find a lot of interior and design related stuff here, and pretty much anything else I find inspiring.

If you’re new here and need a place to get started, the following are some of my all-time favorite posts:

Last but not least, a lot of people ask about the name… long story short, it’s the result of a project way back in college. When “blogging” first became an online thing, my design professor assigned each student to create a Tumblr. I had to make “room” every Tuesday to gather creative resources for my tiny Tumblr account. Years later, I launched this blog with the same name and it turned into the real deal (much bigger and better than I could’ve ever imagined)! Thanks for your continued support and for reading- you guys are the best of the best!! xo, Sarah