Bachelor Girl’s Night / Chex Mix Recipe


It’s no secret we are Bachelor/Bachelorette fans. We admit, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but we love it! There is one good thing about the month of January and Mondays – the return of one of our favorite (bad) television shows and regular girls’ nights with friends. We thought it might be fun to share our weekly viewing party routine so you can also indulge with your friends – if you also partake in bad tv!



Our menu for the night usually consists of a snack (amazing chex mix! recipe below) and some type of chocolate. We are fortunate to have a great local market a block away from our house with a selection of baked goods that is to die for! So, most of the time we bring something home to enjoy, like these Oreo balls and macaroons. This homemade check mix has been a family staple for years and I’ll use any excuse to make it.

Also on the menu…drinks! We usually keep it simple and sit back with a glass of red wine. Bachelor, wine, and yoga pants- right?

This year we are even participating in a Bachelor fantasy draft (or two). This is a great way to keep it fun and keep track of who you think will receive a rose each week. Much like fantasy football, there’s a cash prize for the winner at the end of the season. Last but not least, don’t forget the decor. We love red roses and candles to fit the theme of the evening.

Homemade Chex Mix

1 small box of wheat chex
About 2/3 a box of rice chex
1 small box of Cheerios (eyeball it – I usually only use about half)
1 small bag of pretzel sticks (again, eyeball it)
1 can of mixed nuts
(mix in a large roasting pan and 9×13 pan, if needed)

In a saucepan heat:
2 sticks of margarine (I usually don’t use the full amount)
1 cup of vegetable oil
1 Tbsp. garlic salt
1 Tbsp. celery seed
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbsp. horseradish
1 tsp. Tabasco sauce (I use Frank’s)

Pour over chex mix and stir well to coat. Bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours, stirring occasionally (about every 20 minutes).

Ok, so who else still watches the Bachelor? We admitted it, so you can too!

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