August Moodboard

August Moodboard : Saddle Taupe -
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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend. I’m ready to tackle a new week and am finally feeling like I’m back into my normal routine. Our friend who was living with us, moved into his new house over the weekend (which is gorgeous- look for a tour soon!), our house guests flew back home, sickness that plagued our home is nearly gone and everyone is on the mend- plus I’m finally feeling more caught up with work priorities. Whew! All of that to say… inspiration struck and a new monthly moodboard felt appropriate. Emmett and I sat down and brainstormed what projects come next and I’m feeling creatively rejuvenated. Click through to see this month’s moodboard and what I’m liking lately… 

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop.

01: woven stool // 02: striped curtain panels // 03: pendant light // 04: taupe wallpaper // 05: hide rug // 06: two tone urn // 07: modern french press // 08: leather sofa // 09: nightstand // 10: planter // 11: wool throw

Are you surprised? This color is warm, inviting, and perfectly bridges the gap between summer and fall. It feels sophisticated and cozy, but also light at the same time. I’ve been dreaming of installing that wallpaper (#4) somewhere. I also would love to get #2, #3, and #11… those are all at the top of my list. Which are your favorites?

August Moodboard : Saddle Taupe -
via alice lane interiors

I found mega inspiration from my friends at Alice Lane for this post. They are so good! Those swivel chairs, pictured above, were beautiful in person.

August Moodboard : Saddle Taupe -
via alice lane interiors

There you have it… another moodboard in the books! This summer is flying by. I’m trying to pack in all of the activities before the crisp fall weather arrives (which I’ll gladly welcome), but in the meantime- I’m wishing time would sloooow down. Does anyone else feel like this year is blazing by? It sure has been a good one so far! Lots of exciting things to come…

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  1. That wallpaper is pretty spectacular! Where would you envision it? Sadly, I must admit that I am not sophisticated enough for neutrals. At heart, I’m just a gypsy magpie Vegas showgirl. I can get excited for all of your impending projects though! Are you going to share a peek at your list?
    Happy Monday!!

    1. I kind of want it for the guest room window nook! Would that be a pretty monochromatic scene?! I think you ARE plenty sophisticated for neutrals :) haha! But really. I’ll work a post with our project list… great idea. Happy first official week back to school! xo

      1. OOOh! Window nook! Yes! That would be beautiful. The arches in the paper kind of mimic the soft lines of the settee.😍

        1. That’s exactly what I was thinking!! Someday hopefully I can make it happen :)