August Moodboard

Cane ChairsIt’s hard to believe we’re already halfway into August. It seems like most people have their minds set on back to school and are looking forward to fall. As far as interiors and design is concerned, I’ve found myself gravitating toward textural decor that works year round… summer through fall- that’s always the goal right? I’m really feeling webbed cane these days. It’s a classic pattern and texture I’ve loved for as long as I can remember (I wanted to cry when my gorgeous chairs sold). I’m predicting we’re going to see a LOT of this gorgeous pattern as we ease our way into fall and winter. Click through for my favorite woven finds and a brand new August Moodboard…

August Moodboard01: woven oversized pendant light // 02: cane and wood bed // 03: cane side chair // 04: stockholm cabinet // 05: vintage cane dining chairs // 06: vintage modern cane end tables // 07: cane woven leather pillow // 08: vintage wood & cane settee

It’s really difficult to narrow down favorites from this roundup because I have so many! For starters, that bed (#2) is pretty spectacular… the shape, the color, the scale. I pretty much like everything about it, and it could easily work with many different aesthetics. I’ve also always longed for a giant woven pendant light fixture (#1). That thing would look so perfect above a breakfast nook or eat-in dining area! I have to mention IKEA’s new cabinet (#4)… I did not see that thing coming. As soon as I opened their latest catalog I ripped that page out pretty fast. From the chunky brass hardware to the lightly woven, feminine cane, they pretty much nailed it- not to mention the price. Lastly, I’m obsessed with the modern cane dining chairs (#5). The have the perfect curve and would be fantastic paired with a traditional OR modern dining table- they’re pretty versatile.

Cane Dining ChairsActually, most people are partial to cane dining chairs, but I really love it anywhere. If you’re curious about my old dining chairs or the bar stools below, you can find them here and here.

Cane Bar StoolsSee what I mean when I say it has a warm and traditional, inviting quality? The settee below is the perfect example of beauty and warmth, yet at the same time- it feels very hip and modern.

Cane Settee

Do you guys have any cane in your home? I’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup or any other items I should add. What type of decor are you most looking forward to transitioning to this fall? I’m all about adding cozy texture and pattern.

images: architectural digest | arent & pyke | house of jade | home adore

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  1. I don’t have any in my home atm, but I used to have a vintage dining set (table and chairs) and the chairs had webbed cane backs. This was years ago though, and I didn’t love them at the time haha. I would love to get something similar for our new house though, I’m just not quite sure what. I’m really liking that Ikea cabinet though, so that’s now an option! Also love both of those settees :)

    1. That Ikea cabinet is pretty amazing!! They’re really stepping up their furniture game. I’m considering grabbing one for my studio… so much storage! xo

  2. Ann Heltzel says:

    Hi Sarah, I love the way you use cane in your design. But I also love that pole lamp on the first picture. Can you tell me about it?


    1. Thanks, Ann! It’s so gorgeous, I also noticed that little detail. Sadly, I believe it’s vintage. You might check Chairish for something similar? xo