Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comAs we’re nearing the home stretch of our kitchen renovation (come back for a BIG update tomorrow), my mindset has slowly shifted from design & DIY to styling and accessories for our new kitchen. Given the space is nearly double the size of our previous kitchen, I’m taking this as an opportunity to add function, organization, and grab some pretty new items for our brand new space. Of course I turned to Amazon first because fast, Prime shipping is my go-to move. Click through to check out what I found! I came across plenty of designer items for a fraction of the cost…

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items below to shop!

Want to know what I bought? The round cutting board (#15), the bread box (#3), the pitcher (#20), the scrub brush (#4), the coffee clips (#16), and some new wine glasses (#21). I know- I went a little crazy… and there may or may not be more items sitting in my cart. I think I’m getting antsy to finish the space and this somehow makes me feel productive, in a weird way.

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen -

Whether you’re looking to layer cookbooks, canisters, or tea towels on your countertop, I tried to include a variety of functional AND beautiful objects.

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comSpoiler alert… there will be another coffee station in our new kitchen and I can’t wait to move my espresso maker back upstairs!

Amazon Finds : For the Kitchen - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in more of my Amazon Finds, I’ll link some of my favorites below. You can also shop my Amazon storefront, where I curate my best finds!

Hope you all are having an amazing week! This one seemed to go super fast.

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  1. Lovely finds. You must be a search ninja because I sometimes get lost in my Amazon forays. The apron made me chuckle because I finally broke down and bought one last year; no more splatters ruining my shirts! Can’t wait for the big update tomorrow! The peak at the cabinets was pretty exciting. I can’t believe it’s almost twice the size of your last one? That amazing kitchen never looked small in photos. Happy Day Before Friday! (Summer weeks always zoom by!☹️)

    1. Thanks Peggi! I don’t ever wear an apron, but I’m going to start once our new kitchen is finished because I have a feeling I’m going to be cooking alllll the time. ha! We’ll see how it plays out. That one is in my cart. Yeah- I think our previous kitchen seemed bigger than it actually was because of the dining nook. Since it was all open concept, it looked like a larger room, but not all of it was designated “kitchen” space, I guess. Happy Thursday! Hope you’re enjoying your summer… even if it’s zooming by :)

  2. You are the best at Amazon finds, Sarah! That wood dough bowl definitely peaks my interest. And number 20 is a staple at my house and I think I’ve even given it as a house-warming gift filled with fresh flowers. Sure love these posts!

    1. Aw thanks Cathy!! I also loved the wood dough bowl. Love the idea of using some of these as house warming gifts :) Have an amazing weekend!