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Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comHi, and happy Tuesday! I’ve been updating my Amazon storefront this week (I try to do it at the beginning of each month) and thought my previous bedding post could use an updated roundup. The majority of the bedding packed into this post is super affordable, has rave reviews, would work year round, and looks much higher end than it actually is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- a beautiful and cozy bed is all about layering. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to create a beautiful bed vignette that makes you want to sink into it each night. Click through for some classic budget-friendly textiles to layer on your bed. You know I’m all about mixing high & low! These would work well with any aesthetic and could easily be layered from room-to-room. Oh, and if you missed my bed styling formula, check that out here!

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comTextiles are one of those home items I keep forever. I have a linen closet upstairs that is packed full of extra blankets, quilts, sheets, duvets, pillows, and throws. I’m constantly swapping things out seasonally, grabbing a blanket on the go, making beds for our house guests (we’re excited to start hosting family & friends again), or finding old favorites to snuggle up in. I never get rid of my cozy textiles- they seem to get better with age and even the really worn ones still come in handy for outdoor picnics, concerts, using for the dogs, or camping. Does anyone else do this too? Please tell me I’m not the only one who hoards blankets.

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the bedding below to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01:  striped sheet set // 02: wool throw // 03: taupe duvet set // 04: coop home pillows // 05: blue lumbar // 06: cotton blanket // 07: grey quilt // 08: tassel pillows // 09: grey sheets // 10: tassel throw // 11: crisp bedding set

There are so many great options in this one, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. If I had to choose a couple standouts, I’d pick #6- the cotton waffle weave blanket. It’s 100% cotton, is under $40, comes in multiple colors, and would be a versatile piece for layering. You could use that anywhere. It also looks super soft and cozy! I also really love a classic embroidered duvet or bedding set- like #11. It gives sophisticated hotel vibes, looks crisp, and fits the budget. There are also multiple color options. That one feels very timeless to me! Which are your favorites?

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comI also wanted to report on our new mattress! Awhile back in a Noteworthy post, I shared that we took advantage of a big sale and bought a Sleep Number bed… that was back at the end of May. Well, our bed was finally delivered a few weeks ago and so far, we’re loving it! Shoutout to Lauren who reassured me on our decision, but it has been really great. Emmett & I both feel like we’re already getting better sleep, and we’re still trying to hone in our numbers and figure things out. If you have a Sleep Number and have tips, please share. I feel like that was a splurge worthy investment.

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve missed any Amazon Finds posts, I’ll link the list below. You can always see my top picks and favorites in my Amazon storefront, as well! As I previously mentioned, I try to keep that updated with new things each month. It’s a fun way to curate my finds and share good resources I uncover.

Amazon Finds : Bedding - roomfortuesday.comI hope you’re all having a great week so far. Let me know if you have any bedding or textile questions in the comment section below. I’d be happy to help! Is there anything specific you’re looking for and would appreciate sources for? I can add that to my home roundup list, if you’d like?

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  1. Good morning! Fellow blanket hoarder here! I’m always searching for special wool blankets and luxury linens when I thrift. I have yet to score an amazing plaid specimen, so #2 is really calling to me. Like you, I basically have a throw on (or near) every sofa. Even in the summer, we reach for them. I also love having several layers of blankets on the bed; not only do I get to mix colors and patterns, but I increase my odds of keeping at least one of them on me! (The struggle of sleeping with a cover-stealer!) I appreciate you keeping your Amazon store updated. I find searching on there crazy sometimes, so having a trusted place to start is a definite time-saver!
    Today I’ve got garden, flower beds and mowing on the agenda. Haha, we’ll see if I’m really that productive! Happy Tuesday, Sarah!💜

    1. Yes!! Me too. I’m always on the hunt for a cozy Pendleton blanket when thrifting. I have yet to score one. I’m all about the blankets and throws year round. I just like snuggling in and getting cozy- that’s one of my favorite things about feeling at home. I’m with you on liking a lot of blankets. Emmett thinks I’m crazy, but I sleep cold and he sleeps hot. I’m pretty sure I’m the cover stealer in our relationship. Haha! Good luck with the garden, flower beds, and mowing today! I need to do all of those things, but our air quality has been so bad- people are being warned to stay inside. It has been an icky hazy week here. I’ll live vicariously through your end of summer chores! Have a great day, Peggi :) xo

  2. Sarah serving up all the cozy fall vibes this morning!! Give me all the blankets! It’s difficult to keep throws neatly on the sectional with the littles in tow, however I found an amazing sea grass basket (ginormous large😂) that I keep full to the brim year round. This year I’ll be switching out some of my budget friendly ones that are worse for wear, or just too small. What is a decent size for throws? I find that sizing varies greatly in this realm.
    My favorites are definitely #3 (hello khaki dream), #6 (in the color you selected or navy), #8, #10, and #11 (in navy as well). I’m drooling over the khaki duvet cover though. I love waffle textures that are very defined like this example-it’s so waffled I want to eat it! Lol. Bedding is something I’ll be forever shopping, even if I don’t need it. Currently I’m searching for a duvet insert that has more areas for tying- my cover has 6 ties and it would be far more functional to utilize them all-the daily shake out makes me crazy. I have to say, your Amazon storefront is always a favorite visit! It’s my jumping zone when I’m looking for anything home. I hope your week is off to a great start. It isn’t scorching hot this morning so I’m hoping we have a cooler day ahead. Cheers friends!

    1. I’m so ready!! It has “felt” cloudy and dreary here lately, but not in the fall sort of way- because we’re getting all the CA smoke. It’s so weird and sad looking. Here’s to hoping the fires are controlled soon and our SLC air quality can improve. I miss seeing the sun and our beautiful mountain view is blurred with haze. I hope it isn’t too terrible at your house, Lauren! It seems like the wind has been pushing it this way. Anyway- bring on fall and clean air! We do the same thing with our blankets on the section- they go into the basket because they get used every night. The size of throws really depends on the brand and where it’s made. I’ve found “throws” to be smaller, and if I’m looking for something to really cozy up (with excess), I’ll opt for a “blanket” (full size or larger) instead to use like a throw. I like a lot of extra! I also find those are more versatile for use outside of the home (taking on picnics, outdoor concerts, taking in the car, etc). Waffled textures are my favorite, too! Anything that feels plush and cozy is a win for me. I’m so happy my Amazon lists have been helpful. It’s something I enjoy organizing and putting together each month! :) Hope the weather cools down a little for you! Have a great day! xo

  3. Forgot to mention: so happy you went for it on the sleep number bed!! Which model did you end up with? I’m glad my recommendation served you both well. Hopefully after just a few weeks you’ll both have it all dialed in and living your best (sleeping) life! Welcome to the club!!

    1. We’re loving it! I think we have the i10, with the fitflex (but just the top section). It has been really nice, and I’m shocked how far apart our numbers are- no wonder we weren’t getting great sleep. Haha! Mind blown.

  4. Kristin Richardson says:

    Hi Sarah,
    As usual, your timing is impeccable. I’m redoing a bedroom right now and after making drapes and new pillow covers, I’ve decided the decades old cream matelassé is not vibing. And yes. I keep linens forever too—this particular piece came from the old Linens and Things… anyone remember that place?? Anyway, I’m on the hunt for a dark blue, even indigo, coverlet or duvet. I’ll keep the matelassé as lightweight blanket. The walls are Sea Serpent by SW, furniture is cherry tone, drapes a deep gold, art frames will be mix of dark wood and black, hardwood floors with textured ivory rug. Goal was dark and moody for this room. Any ideas where to source? And as always, I’m a budget shopper😁.

    Thanks, Kristin

    1. Thanks, Kristin! I’m so happy it was timely for you :) I do remember Linen and Things!! I’d check Etsy, Amazon, Target, or HomeGoods for some budget friendly options. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, I love our navy / chambray duvet from Annie Selke… check it out this post:

  5. Blankets, pillows, and lamps will be my downfall. I’ll be found underneath a pile!