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Amazon Finds : Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI consider myself to be a bit of an area rug connoisseur. As much as I love finding beautiful vintage rugs, I also appreciate modern rugs- hand knotted, hand loomed, and new rugs. You don’t have to worry where they came from, if they need repaired, or figure out cleaning before bringing them into your home. It’s easy to find a gorgeous new area rug, and it’s even easier when it comes from Amazon (hello Prime shipping!). I figured this post might be helpful for some of you? Click through to see the best rugs I found on Amazon, as well as the first rug I ever purchased from Amazon… 

Amazon Finds : Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comThe first time I bought an area rug from Amazon, it was this $36 runner for our previous hallway. We actually still use this rug in a hallway in our current home, but ever since then- I’ve had Amazon rugs on my radar. You can score some seriously good options!

Click directly on my finds below to shop or use the numbered links at the bottom…

01: powder rug // 02: sarouk rug // 03: oushak rug // 04: moroccan rug // 05: loom knotted rug // 06: geometric rug // 07: hand loomed rug // 08: neutral persian rug // 09: jute rug // 10: dark hand knotted rug // 11: traditional medallion rug // 12: momeni rug // 13: kilim rug // 14: light blue rug // 15: rust colored rug with fringe // 16: jonathan adler rug // 17: geometric oriental rug // 18: silver persian rug

My favorites from the roundup include numbers #1, #2, #4, #7, #12, and #15. Did any of those make your top choices?

Amazon Finds : Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested in more of my Amazon Finds, I’ll link some previous posts below. You can also shop my Amazon storefront, where I curate my best finds- travel items, fashion & clothing, pet products, furniture, home decor, business tools, all sorts of things!

Amazon Finds : Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comHow is everyone’s week going? Have you been following my journey on Instagram? I’m going to post a recap of our adventures later this week!

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  1. Where did your previous living room rug come from? That has always been my favorite. Will you be using it again in your new house?

  2. Amazon. What don’t they sell? I think we both know I’m never going to own a neutral rug, but I do find the brick/giraffe pattern of #4 intriguing! Safe travels on your way home, and I look eagerly forward to your vacay recap. I hope you are refreshed and energized!


    Where did you find your vintage rugs in your living room, office and guest room?

  4. I have #11 in a 5×8 (over an 8×10 seagrass) from Wayfair! Amazon only seems to have the runner. I combed all the big sites for an affordable, faded looking terracotta and navy rug. Still love it and would recommend for a realistic worn appearance, none of the weird pixelations or stripey colors I’ve sometimes seen to fake look worn. I just rotated it to wear evenly and hide the traffic dirt/not have to wash it till next year.

  5. Melanie T says:

    I purchased a larger version of #4 a couple of months ago, although not from Amazon. I needed a rug to blend with the existing oriental rug in the next room with earth tones. It’s perfect!

    1. I love hearing that Melanie! :) It’s beautiful

  6. I’ve been a bit of a lurker, this is my first reply after following you a couple years. Since you love vintage rugs, what’s your stance on poly rugs? I used to have a lot of polypropylene rugs, then moved to wool and other natural fibers. But I’m tired of waiting ages to be able to find natural fiber rugs in my price range! Have you,not do you know anyone, who’s bought a Ruggable? Thoughts?

    1. I prefer natural materials when it comes to rugs, but totally understand poly being budget friendly. I just don’t love a lot of the chemicals they contain. I don’t know anyone who has purchased a Ruggable. I’d rather buy vintage for the price point! Hope this helps :)