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A New Adventure + Inspiring Interiors

About a month ago, you may remember reading a post titled, New Beginnings. I’m really excited to share that I stumbled upon a new opportunity with an interior design firm. I’ve been working with Vintage Scout Interiors for nearly a month and I can certainly say that I am loving it! I have always had a passion for interiors and textiles; after renovating my own home, I knew that I would enjoy designing and styling spaces. One month in- I’m learning more than I could have imagined, taking on exciting interior projects, as well as balancing my  own freelance career as a graphic designer and photographer. I’ll even be sharing a fun project where my graphic and interior worlds meet- I’m rebranding and designing a new website for Vintage Scout. It’s been a thrilling month full of creative energy, motivation, and happiness. Speaking of interiors, here are a few images I’m finding inspiring this week:


Image: Stadshem

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