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stock images for social mediaI don’t know why it never occurred to me to share a post like this sooner! I obviously read and love blogs too- especially as a blogger (obviously). It’s about time I shared some love for my friends and fellow design nerds… check out the list of blogs I keep coming back to, my favorite posts, and why.

I read all sorts of blogs, but for the sake of time- I’m only going to share my favorites from the interior design category. We’ll save the others for another day. I know this post is pretty copy heavy, but I felt it was actually more difficult to navigate with lots of images… I hope you’ll scroll through and discover some new favorites!

First I’ll start with some of my favorites you might(?) not know about…

  • Megan Pflug’s Blog // I first discovered New York based blogger, Megan, on One Kings Lane… she produces some amazing DIY blog posts for them. I fell deep in love with her vintage runner DIY. You guys have to check that out- so gorgeous! She just purchased another home and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.
  • Thou Swell // Kevin O’Gara is pretty much an aspiring genius in my book. He found a way to makeover his dorm room while settling into his first year at Cornell. Let me tell you- this is not the average or basic dorm room. It turned out pretty spectacular. He also finds *the best* home tours and products.
  • The Gold Hive // Ashley is restoring her historic bungalow in San Diego and I can’t get enough! Aside from being one of the nicest blogger’s I know, she has such an artistic eye. I also love that she keeps her voice 100% real and honest. She’s definitely one to follow!
  • Manhattan Nest // Daniel Kanter is another New Yorker you guys are going to love. I cannot believe I hadn’t discovered him before the ‘A Night In‘ challenge! His den is to die for. He is the perfect kind of weird… the kind of weird I wish I was. He curates his home to perfection – the art, the lighting, the textiles- I love it all. You’re also going to love his dogs, Mekko and Linus.
  • Centered by Design // I officially met Claire on a blogging trip last year in Georgia and we instantly became friends. We have so much in common and this lady is mega talented. She’s also renovating her home, she’s tagged ‘The Warwick Reno‘. Believe me when I tell you, she’s taking Chicago by storm. She’s been featured in LOTS of amazing publications this year and is finally getting the press she deserves.
  • jojotastic // Joanna is located in Seattle and I feel like I’ve been following her forever now. She’s the type of lady blogger I aspire to be. She has the best Insta stories lately… after a really bad injury and getting brand new chickens (the two aren’t related), it’s pure entertainment. Long story short, she’s amazing, has a great eye for pattern and textiles, and her overall aesthetic is perfection. Her claimed motto is, “You are doing a great f—ing job.” In my opinion, we can never have too many of those type of female role models- love her uplifting personality!

The blogs below are are what I sometimes refer to as ‘the big guys’…. they are succeeding and doing things right! They’ve paved the way for many of us “new” bloggers and I definitely look up to these talented individuals and aspire to someday reach their level. There’s a good reason these outlets are doing so well and people love them. I try to take note and learn from these amazing individuals, some of which I’m lucky enough to call friends.

  • sfgirlbybay // Victoria keeps finding one dreamy space after another! I don’t know how she does it, but I could spend hours perusing her blog. She also just wrapped up her own bathroom remodel and it’s nothing short of spectacular.
  • Little Green Notebook // Arizona blogger and designer, Jenny Komenda, has been one of my designer icons for what feels like years. I swear that woman can take $10 and create something that looks like it cost $1,000. Despite her size and growth, her blog is still super down-to-earth and honest. I’m also a sucker for her Insta stories and indulging in her latest Mesa client reno.
  • Stories by Sarah Samuel // Sarah is another California blogger I’ve been following since she started. From her very first cabin in Michigan, to her latest A-frame project… I can’t get enough of her mod aesthetic. The artsy photographs are a total bonus. I feel like her images belong in a high-end fashion magazine.
  • coco+kelley // Ok, I may be biased because I write for coco+kelley, but Cassandra’s home tours top them all! That girl can also curate and style the sh-t out of a tabletop. I feel like coco+kelley is really the total package- interiors, food, travel, entertaining, and roundups… a little bit of anything classy. Cass is actually getting married next week, and I’m taking over the blog for a couple days. At the very least- follow along then!
  • Chris Loves Julia // Julia is amazing. I feel like she just came out of nowhere, amazing the world with her talents! Things I love about her blog? The DIYs, the honesty, her sweet personality, and the podcasts. I did a happy dance when she invited me to join the ‘A Night In‘ series. I loved getting to know her a bit better! Chris and Julia are quite the pair and I’m totally hooked.
  • Style by Emily Henderson // Yes- along with the rest of the entire world, I’m over here fangirling Emily Henderson. To be fair, I started following her before she got insanely popular years ago… I swear that wasn’t supposed to come off like a ‘snarky cool kid’ remark. She’s great at what she does and I’m loving the amazing additions she keeps adding to the team (Hi, Ginny!). You know I’m also pinning all of those gigantic roundups as well.
  • Studio McGee’s Studio Blog // I love that Shea is also located right here in Salt Lake! Each one of her renovations keeps getting better and better. I always think, ‘how can she possibly outdo that?!’ … and then she does. I feel like we have a very similar aesthetic and I’m always drawn to her choices. The best part of Studio McGee? The webisodes!! They’re killing it (in the best way).
  • Apartment Therapy // This is one of those blogs that I started reading before ‘blogs’ were ever a thing. I’ve always looked at Apartment Therapy as one of those at the forefront of this industry. I continue to read this blog because it’s still one of the greatest.
  • MyDomaine // I’m not going to lie- I liked MyDomaine better when it was just an interiors-only blog… but then again, that’s my thing. Regardless, I still read it ALL the time and love the design content they produce.
  • Yellow Brick Home // I think of Kim & Scott as another version of Emmett and myself. Ha! I know that sounds ridiculous, but I feel like we tackle the exact same projects in our home. It’s always refreshing to witness and follow along people who share our pain and frustrations that come along with renovating. They do such an amazing job, we’re always cheering them on! And c’mon… you KNOW I can’t get enough of their two dogs. They might even be cuter than ours (sorry boys).
  • Lark & Linen // Jacquelyn is located in Toronto and I can’t get enough of her posts and dreamy images. My favorite to date, might be this client project she shared. I know I can always count on her blog for mega inspiration!
  • Copy Cat Chic // You guys know I like a good budget or bargain find… but it HAS to look nice and still be decent quality. I’ve got high standards! I’ve been following Reichel of Copy Cat Chic forever and nobody does it better. Girlfriend can find an exact replica of a product for a fraction of the price. What’s not to like about that? If you have two identical options, of course you’re going to pick the less expensive option. It’s a no brainer. This is probably the most practical blog I read.
  • Amber Interiors Blog // Oh man. Amber Lewis is a like my design soul sister / interior icon. Every project she touches turns to gold. There is not one single thing I haven’t gawked at and loved that she has shared. Pure inspiration, folks! That lady can do no wrong.
  • Hommemaker // Orlando Soria is an über talented designer, but let’s get real… the best part of his blog is the writing. I literally laugh out loud every paragraph. That guy cracks me up! It’s comedy meets great design. Hommemaker is a win/win and a definite feel good pick-me-up.
  • Grey and Scout // Liz started staging homes and her business grew into something so much more. I love watching her renovations come to life! I’ve been intrigued since the beginning and am still coming back for more.
  • Apartment 34 //  Erin shares such a good mix of content! I’m most into her home tours and her own renovation… lots of amazing things happening over on Apt. 34.
  • Lauren Liess Blog // Believe it or not, I just recently started following Lauren. I’ve already spent lots of hours down the incredible rabbit hole of her blog, scouring one beautiful room after the next. I’m eager to continue along the journey and find even more inspiration!

Now, please tell me who YOU love and what else I should be reading!! I’m always adding to my bookmarks bar.

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  1. Ashley @ The Gold Hive says:

    Holy smokes! Me??? What an honor to be included amongst these star bloggers!

    I can’t believe you didn’t know about Manhattan Nest! Daniel is the best, so you have LOTS to catch up on!

    1. Ha! Seriously!! How did I not know? Excited to catch up tonight and chat blog shenanigans. xo

  2. Laurie Anne says:

    So many new people to follow! Thanks for the round up!!

  3. I’m super in love with Megan Pflug’s lodge that they’re renovating. It’s just so cool! And there’s several of the big names on your list that I read (love Chris Loves Julia, their podcast is great, Studio McGee, and Apartment Therapy) but there’s several I don’t :) so that’ll keep me busy for a while! Haha. I also like Making Nice in the Midwest, Boxwood Avenue, and I’ve just started following along with The Fresh Exchange blog, but I’ve been following them on instagram for a while :)

    1. Woohoo!! Thanks for the new ones. Boxwood Avenue is right up my alley! Emmett and I both grew up with horses on farms, so that is really relatable. xo

  4. I hadn’t heard of a few of these my dear, thanks for sharing.

    1. So glad to have shared some new favorites! xo

  5. What a great roundup! I loved this. Found quite a few new people to follow.

    1. Yay!! So glad to hear that. That was my hope with this post :) xo

  6. Kevin | Thou Swell says:

    You are too sweet to include me in such great company! Thank you so much Sarah!!

    1. Love what you’re doing, Kevin! Keep up the amazing work. xo

  7. Yay , Good post. Something I always have wondered. Who do the bloggers really like to follow?

    1. Now you know ;) …. at least my favorites, anyway! xo

  8. “A Night In” – THAT’S how I found you!! I read that and the light bulb went off. :) This is a great list… I follow the majority of these bloggers but have several new ones to check out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yay!! So glad you found me, and happy to hear you liked this one. Have a great weekend, Alex! xo

  9. This is a great list – love your taste! Not going to sleep tonight now that I found all of these fun blogs to scroll through all night and be inspired by :)

    – Rianna | http://www.herprettysoul.com