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10 Tips for Shelf Styling with Lots of Books

10 Tips for Shelf Styling with Lots of Books - After revealing our formal living room, I received a bunch of questions in regards to our built-ins… specifically- styling with lots of books. This time around I went heavy on the books because, after all- it is a bookcase and that’s what it’s used for (Emmett and I both really enjoy reading). However, when styling with bunches of books, you’ll likely encounter challenges. It’s not quite as straightforward as typical shelf styling (with objects). I’m sharing 10 tips to make your bookcases or built-ins look collected, curated, and intentional… as opposed to chaotic and non-cohesive. Click through for the post!  Continue Reading

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Amazon Finds : For Shelf Styling

It’s time for another Amazon post! The first in the series was wildly popular and I’m hoping this one leaves you with just as much inspiration. If you’re looking for accessories and decor for styling your shelves (or home…

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Essentials for Shelf Styling

I’m sharing the essentials for shelf styling over on coco+kelley today! Click over and check out my favorite objects and tips for organizing and curating built-ins. If only I would’ve found this vintage hand one day earlier, it definitely would’ve…

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Bookshelf Styling: 4 Ways

We’re big fans of bookshelves and built-ins. They’re the perfect place to show off your personality with items you’ve collected throughout the years. Maybe you want to feature family photos, collectables, or accessories you’ve accumulated from traveling across the world. Here’s…