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The Best Interior Design Magazines

The Best Interior Design Magazines - As many of you know, I have a history in print design- which basically means I still subscribe to magazines. Living in a digital age, I’m probably the anomaly, but I really enjoy having a tactile experience when it comes to my interior inspiration. I love spending time with books & magazines, flipping through pages, tearing out inspiring vignettes, jotting down notes that come to mind, and writing directly on the pages while I read. I’m the girl who always chooses a hard copy over a downloaded version. I think there is something to be said & appreciated about the experience print design brings us. Rather than logging more screen time, I prefer thumbing through the glossy pages and printed text. Over the years, I’ve also began to correlate time spent with books & magazines as “me time”. It feels like a special moment to unwind or find inspiration. My books & magazines often accompany a hot soak in the tub, relaxing by the fireplace, morning coffee- or an evening cocktail. Today, I wanted to share my favorite interior design magazines with you. If you’re also looking to log more hours with books this year, don’t forget about magazines. Click through for my top recommendations and the ones I currently subscribe to… Continue Reading

My Favorite Interior Design Books -
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My Favorite Interior Design Books

How was your weekend, friends? I signed off of social media altogether to recharge, cross things off my to-do list, and I even made time to snuggle up with some good books (and good wine). I’ve actually been spending a…

Design Eye Training : 116 -
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Design Eye Training : 116

It’s already time for a new Design Eye Training post! These have been really fun for me, so I hope you’ve been enjoying them, too. It’s hard to believe we’re already 16 posts into this series. Today we’ll be analyzing…