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Design Eye Training : 107

It seems we’re overdue for a Design Eye Training post. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do, and it brings a splash of happiness to your day! This is our seventh post in the series, and it has been a couple months since we last analyzed this gorgeous historic bathroom. Today I found an equally as impressive dining room designed by the talented team at W Design Collective. They’re actually a local Salt Lake City company that is located pretty close to our Tuesday Made office! I’m always very impressed with their neutral and layered portfolio. Click through to admire, analyze, and tour a timeless & textural dining space with me! Continue Reading

Design Eye Training : 106 -
interiors & styling

Design Eye Training : 106

Who is ready to kick off the week with a new Design Eye Training post? I’ve really enjoyed this series! Today, we’ll be analyzing and admiring a gorgeous bath in a historic Maryland waterfront home, designed by the talented Lilse…

Design Eye Training : 105 -
interiors & styling

Design Eye Training : 105

We’re long past due for a Design Eye Training post, and I know how much everyone loves these (myself included)! Today I have a real treat for you, as we’re analyzing and admiring one of my favorite spaces by…

Design Eye Training : 104 -
interiors & styling

Design Eye Training : 104

Our first female designer, and one of my personal favorites, we’ll be admiring today in the Design Eye series is a stunning kitchen by the talented Leanne Ford. It actually appeared on season one, episode two of her popular…

Design Eye Training : 103 -
interiors & styling

Design Eye Training : 103

Many of you asked for more of these posts this year, and your wish is my command! The Design Eye Training series is really fun for me, too. This was one of my favorite exercises in design school and…