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Cookie Swap : Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Cookie Swap : Classic Gingerbread Cookies - Today marks year three of my annual Cookie Swap! However (plot twist), this year Kyla took the reins and organized the event because I’ve been so busy with our shop. She saved our Christmas tradition (thank you, Kyla!), and I’m super excited to be back for our third year of incredible cookie recipes… it’s basically a virtual cookie exchange between design blogging friends- and you’re invited to our cookie party! Last year I shared my grandmother’s Classic Butter Sugar Cookie recipe that has been in our family for YEARS, and while there is no way I could ever top that recipe, I wanted to share one of my personal favorites (to eat) today… Classic Gingerbread Cookies. I like to have one or two of these with my coffee in the morning during the holidays, but they’re truthfully good any time of day. They also make great seasonal gifts! Click through for the recipe and of course to see what my friends made this year! Kyla organized an awesome group. Enjoy!! Continue Reading

Holiday Blog Hop Cookie Swap -
food & recipes holiday

Holiday Blog Hop Cookie Swap

I am SO stoked for the first annual holiday Blog Hop Cookie Swap! I thought it would be fun to host a modern day Christmas cookie exchange, so I gathered up a bunch of my seriously talented design friends…

Noteworthy : Inspiring Links and Updates -


With Christmas a few days away, I wanted to squeeze in one more Noteworthy post this year. Today I’m doing some holiday baking for tomorrow’s blog post, but I’ve been hoarding some links I wanted to share. You know the…