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Basement Bathroom Reveal

Basement Bathroom Reveal - Happy Tuesday, friends. I’m hoping this post will brighten your day a little! I’m finally ready to share our finished basement bathroom renovation. We’ve been working on this project since January and I’m really proud of how it came together. Working with a small, tight, short space (in a dark & cool basement) had a LOT of challenges…. from designing to photographing, this was simply a tough room. The ceiling is only 81″ tall (I can actually touch it!) and this space gets zero natural light. My goal was to make the basement bathroom feel clean, cozy (thanks to heated floors & a fancy towel warmer), luxurious, and more functional. I’m getting into the nitty gritty details in this post and am sharing all the angles & close-ups. Click through for the complete tour and my design thoughts. Continue Reading

Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update -
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Basement Bathroom : Renovation Update

We’re over halfway finished with our basement bathroom renovation and things are starting to get fun! The heated floor tile is finished, the shower floor tile is complete, and now we’re working on tiling the shower walls. We’re hoping…

Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video -
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Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video

Last week, I shared our next big renovation project… the basement bathroom! If you missed that post, which contains before images and the design plan, check it out here. Emmett and I have been so busy wrapping up our…