Lately, I’ve been feeling very encouraged and inspired. I’m not sure if it’s the changing of the season, an adjustment in my own attitude, or an increasing itch to travel, but things are looking positive! I’m welcoming this new found inspiration with open arms. I’ve made the choice to be proactive, reminding myself that I am indeed responsible for my own happiness.

One of my favorite bloggers, Megan Gilger, of the The Fresh Exchange is currently traveling throughout Spain, posting her daily adventures. I’ve found her series to be really beautiful and enlightening. Her European photos remind me of my time studying internationally and bring back wonderful memories; more importantly, her content and storytelling is fabulous. One sentence in her recent post stuck with me, “Life is simply what we make of it; we’re given the chance to choose what story we write in our lifetime… to choose the pages in each chapter.”

This, of course, made my mind start to spin with a thousand questions about my purpose in life and what direction I want to take. The reality is- I can take any path I choose. I’m in control and my new goal is to find the good in every day, living with a smile on my face. I’ve decided I want to write some great chapters in my story, starting today.

Apologies for a deep post on a rainy Thursday (that felt too much like Friday), but don’t worry- I’ve been shooting a lot of fun new content for next week (think birthday cake & cocktail recipes)!

Image Source: Painting by Clare Elsaesser

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