21 Spring & Summer Finds

Summer String Lights

It seems as though nice weather is finalllllly here to stay- aside from a rainy morning, and I’m planning to spend as much time outside as possible this spring and summer (at least before the humidity hits the Midwest). Here are 21 finds I’m coveting this season.

In addition to trying new things, I want to enjoy outdoor games, barbecues with friends, a few little getaways, hiking, camping, paddling, fireside cocktails, boating and any other adventure that comes my way. In preparation for a little beach weekend I have planned in a week, I started searching online for items I need and ended up down a rabbit hole of outdoor shenanigans…. so I decided to make a roundup out of it!

21 Spring and Summer Finds

    • 01: Patterned Beach Paddles // I like to keep busy at the beach with activities, books, swimming, or snorkeling- I have trouble just sitting on a towel or in a chair. These chic paddles are coming along in my beach bag for sure!
    • 02: Citronella Votives // I’m not sure what makes my body chemistry so appealing to mosquitos, but they flock to me. I always have a bunch of these on hand, plus I like the minimal and modern container.
    • 03: Caramel Crossover Slides // These are my go-to, easy sandals this season!
    • 04: Salad Greens Seed Collection // I plant a big garden every spring and I’m counting on amazing salads later this summer (plus that packaging!).
    • 05: Palm Leaf Camera Bag // This camera bag is probably my favorite thing on the list.
    • 06: Tulum Circular Beach Blanket // Why is this towel so cool? I love the fringe, the pattern, the material, the size… it’s all so good, plus I like that it’s unique.
    • 07: Instax Mini Instant Camera // I’ve had my eye on one of these for about five years now. It goes on my Christmas list, birthday wish list, and any other holiday, but nobody ever buys it for me. Ha! This summer, I’m taking matters into my own hands and getting one to document fun summer adventures. I’d stick the mini images in memory books or in random places around my house and office.
    • 08: Herbivore After Sun Body Mist // This stuff is amazing- I usually don’t burn, but it helps to hydrate and sooth skin after being in the sun all day with cooling mint and calming lavender.
    • 09: Leather Hinda Sandals // My #2 pair of sandals… I like that they buckle and are super comfortable. They’re Dr. Scholls and have a good amount of support for a sandal.
    • 10: Crochet Canvas Weekender Bag // I’ve been on the hunt for a good weekender- this one is a great price, the right size, and I love the way it looks.
    • 11: Rope Hammock Chair // I have always wanted a hammock!! I like the chair hammock concept better than the traditional version. Plus, the size would be easier to install in a lot of places.
    • 12: Blue Pom Beach Blanket // I use outdoor blankets a ton in the spring and summertime- camping, at the beach, the drive in, or picnicking… they always come in handy.
    • 13: Outdoor Fire Pit // This is the perfect small fire pit for a patio or outdoor space. I haven’t seen this shape anywhere else, which I like!
    • 14: White Swell Water Bottle // These are my favorite water bottles and the white one is definitely the most versatile.
    • 15: Keen Women’s Hiking Shoes // I’ve taken these shoes a lot of places and they are so super comfy and sturdy, no matter the terrain! Kalyn also had 2 pairs in the men’s version. They’re easily our favorite hiking shoe, and between the two of us… we’ve tried a lot!
    • 16: Textured Floppy Straw Hat // This hat might not look like much in the photo, but on- it’s so stylish! The brim is sort of that in-between length… not too floppy, but not a fedora either. It looks great with any face shape.
    • 17: Chloe Nerine Sunglasses // These are my all-time dream sun glasses!! They’re round, chic, well-made, and neutral in color. Someday, some summer, I’m making it happen!
    • 18: Outdoor String Lights // Because what’s a patio or outdoor space without these?! I love the twinkle they put off under a summer sky. We spend a lot of time on Jacqueline’s patio enjoying these babies (see above image).
    • 19: Backyard Croquet Set // I have SO many good memories playing croquet growing up. I haven’t played a ton in my adult years, but I’m about to change that. Wouldn’t it be fun to host an outdoor barbecue complete with bocce and croquet?
    • 20: Wine & Cheese Picnic Basket // I’m imagining a little day adventure to a gorgeous spot, unpacking a picnic- complete with wine and cheese, and enjoying an afternoon soaking in the view. Plus, this thing is looks so good I’d probably carry it as a bag, ha!
    • 21: Supergoop Sunscreen // This is the best sunscreen I’ve found! Even though I’m not prone to burning, I’m trying to get into a better habit of applying it every time I’m outside so that my skin stays healthy.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Any items I should add to the list? Bring on the sunshine!!

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  1. amy smith says:

    oooo i am loving all of these finds!
    especially the rug & shoes! <3

    1. Yes!! Me too, Amy! I decided nothing helps a rainy Monday like a little shopping ;)