20 Fun Finds from Chairish

20 Fun Finds from Chairish - roomfortuesday.com
hillary taylor for chairish

Chairish has been a constant source of inspiration and a good resource for vintage for me over the years… I actually used to have my own Chairish shop back in the day when I was collecting lots of vintage furniture. While those days are behind me, it’s still a design website I frequent, follow, and gain creativity from. Lately, I’ve spent a LOT of time on Chairish browsing for artwork (as I mentioned in this post), so I’ve been starring all of the cool furniture & decor that has crossed my path. I thought it would be fun to share 20 finds that caught my attention while browsing last weekend- of all styles & price points. Click through to see what I liked and saved! 

20 Fun Finds from Chairish - roomfortuesday.com
kemble interiors for chairish

We’ll get right to the vintage roundup… I love how objects can spark an idea for an entire room or design plan! I often design an entire space around a vintage or antique find.

Click directly on my finds in the collage to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below to shop…

01: glass plate // 02: white milk pottery // 03: nude figure drawing // 04: blue & white floral vase // 05: linen floral pillow // 06: antique cabinet with marble top // 07: plaster intaglio set // 08: down sofa // 09: scallop edge silver tray // 10: regency ottoman // 11: antelope pillow pair // 12: french plaster planter // 13: clay horse statue // 14: hickory chair // 15: bouillotte lamp // 16: plaster accent table // 17: wedgewood urn // 18: patterned wallpaper // 19: impressionist vintage art // 20: barley twist dining table

I’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup! It’s really tough for me to choose because I was gawking at many of these for quite awhile, imagining where they could exist in my house. I suppose if I had to play favorites, I choose… #5- I could see those cushions blending beautifully in our living room on the blue mohair sofa. Of course #7 is also high on my list- what’s not to love about sculptural intaglios in the form of a gallery wall? The vintage french plaster planter (#12) is also oddly appealing. If you’re looking for a horse similar to my own, #13 is a no brainer and much less expensive than mine. You know I love a bouillotte lamp (#15), and since I’ve been on a major art kick- I’m seriously contemplating that pretty impressionistic piece (#19)

20 Fun Finds from Chairish - roomfortuesday.com
chauncey boothby interiors for chairish

Did you know you can also discover new designers via Chairish? I just realized this over the weekend. They have a handy design directory packed full of portfolios and inspiration, if you’re looking to discover talented professionals in the interior or architecture industries.

20 Fun Finds from Chairish - roomfortuesday.com
meredith ellis for chairish

While Chairish isn’t normally a place I would look for design articles, blog posts, and interior news- I also discovered they do a good job keeping up with their “ideas tab”. It includes all of the aforementioned topics and I wasted a fair amount of time reading and browsing. Clearly it had been too long since I’d last visited their site. Anyway, I just wanted to share in case you’re looking for fresh inspiration or are also actively searching for vintage… Chairish is definitely back on my radar and bookmarked.

20 Fun Finds from Chairish - roomfortuesday.com
hillary taylor for chairish

While Facebook Marketplace, local shops, and thrift stores are easy, fun, and a bit more affordable for antique and vintage finds, Chairish is a great resource that can help you cast your net a bit wider… especially if you’re looking for something specific and are willing to spend a bit more on something exact. I also feel like it’s not as expensive as 1st dibs and is a good middle point that is fuss-free in comparison to FBMP. I’d love to hear your other favorite online resources for vintage and antiques. Of course I also frequent Etsy & Ebay.

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  1. Good morning! I do love searching Chairish. I think the images and items can be a notch or two higher than what I find on Etsy, and I enjoy the extra design features (articles, blog posts). I primarily ogle furniture that I’ll never buy; shipping costs always dampen my enthusiasm. When I’m really seeking something fantastical, I turn to 1st Dibs. They certainly have attainable items, but I inevitably end up pining for the $12k sofa or rare Italian sconces.😂 You absolutely unearthed some intriguing finds! I’m a forever fan of the antelope pattern, and I agree those pillows would look killer on your blue mohair! I’ve also been admiring Wedgewood lately; I think it was Jessica (@parkanddivision) who found some lavender pieces recently! The beefy barley twist legs on that table are fun, too. (BTW, there’s currently a barley twist desk on Boise fbmp.) Of course, I love the antique cabinet; I’m constantly on the hunt for the elusive marble-topped nightstands. Even though I rarely purchase (because decisions…), I so appreciate these sources for quality, interesting vintage! Happy midweek!💜

    1. I agree… it feels a bit more organized and requires less digging than places like Etsy or Ebay. I’m with you on oogling the furniture and things I’ll never buy. I do that far too often, but hey- it’s fun to dream! Chairish shipping tip… I’ve found that if you message the seller, you can usually arrange shipping for much much less (as opposed to the Chairish white glove delivery). When I used to sell on Chairish, I’d get lots of messages from people asking if they could arrange their own shipping or use a third party. I’ve really been loving lavender and chartreuse lately… and paired together! I immediately hopped on Boise FMBP to search for that desk- because if I could swap my desk for a vintage option, I’d be over the moon about that. I messaged and am waiting to hear back! There was only one image and I’m intrigued to see more. I’ll keep you posted :)

  2. Happy hump day from one exhausted mama! Is it Friday yet? Chairish is still a new to me resource, but when I’ve had the time, I’ve made it a top priority to peruse the site. I didn’t realize there was so much more than items to be found there so thank you for sharing that tidbit.
    You know my favorite already; the clay horse. How special is that gorgeous piece? It’s a bit steep for me, but not out of the question-these are the types of items I save and stalk. I always figure if the time comes when I can splurge, and one of my saved items is still available, it was meant to be. This one is just super cool (and would be great opposite my marble horse head).
    Those plaster Intaglios are super special too! These are completely and majorly out of my ballpark, but I’m drooling! I can’t even with how unique they would be gracing a bathroom wall. Who am I kidding? I can see them literally anywhere in my home. Also on my love list are the antelope chenille pillows; such a beautiful, neutral design with so much visual interest. You’re serving up vibes this morning, and it is definitely invigorating my soul. The barley twist table is the last piece I’d love. I envision a small dining table like this as a home office desk for my long legged husband…floating in the room with a stunning table lamp and a cognac leather chair. *Sigh*
    I hope your Wednesday is off to a great start! Have a good one Sarah! Xo

    1. Hang in there, lady!! We’re halfway to the well deserved weekend. They have lots of good stuff! I knew you’d love that horse :) and I love all of your ideas for styling all the pretty things. We’re still without power over here, so it’s going to be a late work night. I hope your Wednesday is going well! xox